The PlayStation 3 Offerings: Surprised And Delighted

The first week of every month, Short Pause breaks down the games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Every week after that, they focus on one platform and discuss their experiences with just those games.

This week, the author writes about starting off disappointed in Vessel and being surprised by Dead Space 3. Find out why!

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TheDude791621d ago

I may end up giving Vessel a try after all! I thought Dead Space 3 was much better than what many people suggested, it still had a creepy atmosphere, jump scares, but with added action. I'm OK with that

kreate1621d ago

ppl in the industry blame dead space 3 for the failed sales of alien:colonial marines.

TheDude791621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Which sounds kind of silly because having played Alien: Colonial Marines, I can tell you it's because that game was just not very good. Dead Space 3 was leaps and bounds better than Alien: Colonial Marines, it's not even comparable. All of this stings me to say because I had such high hopes for A:CM, and if there is one thing I enjoyed about it was that it actually did a good job paying homage to the movies as far as references goes. But yeah, A:CM is the only one to blame (and Gearbox) for the poor sales of A:CM, IMHO.

kreate1621d ago


I agree colonial marines is not that great. but the sales were so bad, I guess they had to blame something.

the claim was that dead space 3 came out like a week or two before alien. so ppl who played dead space 3, played alien colonial marines and felt it was crappier than it should have been.

TheDude791621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


Keep in mind, there was a ton of negativity slowly seeping out prior to the launch of A:CM which may have deterred many from pre-ordering or going out an buying Day 1. Then when the floodgates opened and all the abysmal reviews and negative publicity (which probably was far worse than any that fell upon Dead Space 3) started pouring out, that probably impacted sales more than anything else. There is hope however for fans of the Alien franchise with Alien: Isolation looking better and better with each showing. Here's hoping its the Alien game fans have been waiting for!

kreate1621d ago

im hoping the aliens isolation's game pace wouldn't be too slow.

I know its not a action game but im hoping its not just running around not doing anything.

so far it looks ok. hoping to be better though.

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bmbnbs1621d ago

Yeah, Vessel had two surprises! Just a slow burn at the beginning.

Randostar1621d ago

Playing Dead Space 3 on Impossible on Coop is actually pretty fun.

bmbnbs1620d ago

I wouldn't mind giving co-op a whirl, but I don't know if I ever will.