EA and DICE Own Up To Battlefield 4’s Faults, Conveys Respect to the Community

"The official Battlefield account has addressed the faults of Battlefield 4 to a community of gamers unhappy with the product."

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Codewow926d ago

I feel bad for all of these developers that are pressured into releasing games when they aren't ready because the publishers want more money... It does nothing good for the industry and puts blame on the wrong people.

Koyes926d ago

EA deserve the C*nt of the year award

Tetsujin926d ago

The video alone should be included with the article.

UltraNova925d ago

Well deserved video. Next Activision...oh wait!

If Ubisoft gets their way with all that digital only, dlc on disc shit then they can complete the trio of 'Corporate blood sucking manipulative lying A-holes'

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sovietsoldier926d ago

and like many have said, if they don't like it then leave, which they wont and that's why i don't feel sorry for them.

dcj0524926d ago

How else will they support themselves?

sovietsoldier926d ago

i dont know maybe going to a different company? the cod guys seem to be doing fine since they are no longer with activision. maybe dice should go work for ubi or any other of the major company's.

Codewow925d ago

Last I heard the CoD Developers are still with Activision. And Ubisoft is no wonderland either.. The best thing a dev could do is self-publish.

sovietsoldier925d ago

@codewow i talking about the original cod guys not the new team. but i agree better to self publish

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Neonridr926d ago

Give us all Hardline free as a thank you then..

No? It was worth a shot.. ;)

Hellsvacancy926d ago

Or free dlc (lol same thing) i'm not planning on buying any of the map packs

JBSleek926d ago

I like how the apologies are coming right when it's time to start talking about Hardline....

GarrusVakarian926d ago

Lol, exactly.

Insincere con-men, that's all they are.

IrishSt0ner926d ago

Yup, it's so transparent. First BF console game that I will not buy day one.

Shakengandulf926d ago

Same here Mr stoner, infact.. Give me bad company 2, 1080p, improved effects anyday over this... Or bad company 3.

porkChop926d ago

EA does this every single year.

Majin-vegeta926d ago

People people pls..If you;re gonna give crap to DICE direct it towards Dice StockHolm not Dice L.A aka Danger close they;re the ones actually cleaning up all this mess.Hence the creation of CTE.

InTheLab926d ago

Yeah and they ruined Medal of Honor so that good will is shot.

Majin-vegeta926d ago

They didnt ruin it.EA did.They weren't ready to release it but EA forced them.

InTheLab926d ago

At some point you have to hold these developers responsible. We all have deadlines to meet. And think about this. Danger Close is an old studio. They are not new, green, or nubes. 2 years is plenty of time to produce a game of some quality.

How do you go from the outstanding MoH Airborne to the crap that was MoH reboot?

You go from large open maps with upgradeable weapons and stat tracking to following some dude around and kicking doors open.

And the killer part is that they only worked on the single player for the first game which makes you wonder why the entirety of Warfighter was crap. They had even longer to work on the second game because Dice dealt with the multiplayer.

EA is sh*) and I do blame them, but I can't brush off the trash that Danger close has been pumping out these last 4 years...

pompombrum926d ago

EA and respect don't belong in the same sentence. I can tolerate their milking, dlc pushing and all the other crap they try and pull but releasing a broken product is where I draw the line. It's also all to convenient that the apology comes around the time they will be starting a promotion drive for Hardline.

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