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EA and DICE Own Up To Battlefield 4’s Faults, Conveys Respect to the Community

"The official Battlefield account has addressed the faults of Battlefield 4 to a community of gamers unhappy with the product." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Codewow  +   502d ago
I feel bad for all of these developers that are pressured into releasing games when they aren't ready because the publishers want more money... It does nothing good for the industry and puts blame on the wrong people.
GarrusVakarian  +   502d ago
I'll just leave this here -

Neonridr  +   502d ago
too funny.
Koyes  +   502d ago
EA deserve the C*nt of the year award
HexxedAvenger  +   502d ago
Tetsujin  +   502d ago
The video alone should be included with the article.
UltraNova  +   501d ago
Well deserved video. Next Activision...oh wait!

If Ubisoft gets their way with all that digital only, dlc on disc shit then they can complete the trio of 'Corporate blood sucking manipulative lying A-holes'
sovietsoldier  +   502d ago
and like many have said, if they don't like it then leave, which they wont and that's why i don't feel sorry for them.
dcj0524  +   502d ago
How else will they support themselves?
sovietsoldier  +   502d ago
i dont know maybe going to a different company? the cod guys seem to be doing fine since they are no longer with activision. maybe dice should go work for ubi or any other of the major company's.
Codewow  +   502d ago
Last I heard the CoD Developers are still with Activision. And Ubisoft is no wonderland either.. The best thing a dev could do is self-publish.
sovietsoldier  +   502d ago
@codewow i talking about the original cod guys not the new team. but i agree better to self publish
Neonridr  +   502d ago
Give us all Hardline free as a thank you then..

No? It was worth a shot.. ;)
Hellsvacancy  +   502d ago
Or free dlc (lol same thing) i'm not planning on buying any of the map packs
JBSleek  +   502d ago
I like how the apologies are coming right when it's time to start talking about Hardline....
GarrusVakarian  +   502d ago
Lol, exactly.

Insincere con-men, that's all they are.
IrishSt0ner  +   502d ago
Yup, it's so transparent. First BF console game that I will not buy day one.
Shakengandulf  +   502d ago
Same here Mr stoner, infact.. Give me bad company 2, 1080p, improved effects anyday over this... Or bad company 3.
porkChop  +   502d ago
EA does this every single year.
Majin-vegeta  +   502d ago
People people pls..If you;re gonna give crap to DICE direct it towards Dice StockHolm not Dice L.A aka Danger close they;re the ones actually cleaning up all this mess.Hence the creation of CTE.
InTheLab  +   502d ago
Yeah and they ruined Medal of Honor so that good will is shot.
Majin-vegeta  +   502d ago
They didnt ruin it.EA did.They weren't ready to release it but EA forced them.
InTheLab  +   502d ago
At some point you have to hold these developers responsible. We all have deadlines to meet. And think about this. Danger Close is an old studio. They are not new, green, or nubes. 2 years is plenty of time to produce a game of some quality.

How do you go from the outstanding MoH Airborne to the crap that was MoH reboot?

You go from large open maps with upgradeable weapons and stat tracking to following some dude around and kicking doors open.

And the killer part is that they only worked on the single player for the first game which makes you wonder why the entirety of Warfighter was crap. They had even longer to work on the second game because Dice dealt with the multiplayer.

EA is sh*) and I do blame them, but I can't brush off the trash that Danger close has been pumping out these last 4 years...
aiBreeze  +   502d ago
EA and respect don't belong in the same sentence. I can tolerate their milking, dlc pushing and all the other crap they try and pull but releasing a broken product is where I draw the line. It's also all to convenient that the apology comes around the time they will be starting a promotion drive for Hardline.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   502d ago
I think DICE are great devs that work for a crappy publisher. Hopefully EA is smart enough to let DICE take their time on BF5.

I could care less about Hardline. Doesn't look promising.
frostypants  +   502d ago
One thing that concerned me is this comment from the Dice studio head: "what is it that the people really liked about Bad Company?"

How is this a mystery? It's easy: destructability and game stability. BFBC2 blows away everything in the series on both of those fronts.
TomahawkX  +   502d ago
Really people, stop buying their games, just Stop!
bomboclaat_gamer  +   502d ago
i love battlefield series
cant avoid em

except hardline
akaFullMetal  +   502d ago
EA you had a chance to try to take market share from COD, especially since Ghost was considered the worst of any of them. But what do you do, you release a broken game, that even 6 months after, still has some issues.
I hope you learn from this, but I doubt it, so the only way I see them learning, is seeing lower sales. I think EA has hurt the image of Battlefield, and will most likely see it in sales this season.
itisallaboutps  +   502d ago
Free dlc would be nice then i may consider buying bf hardline. You know taking care of the customer like a realy company does
realdeal  +   502d ago
I dont understand. BF3 released with very little glitches and by the time all the maps were out the game was running smooth. And bf4 gets released and is glitchy as hell. Rubberbanding, loadouts disappearing, getting kicked off servers for no reason. I just want to play a complete round! Is that too much to ask for!?
RedDeadLB  +   502d ago
Battlefield 4 is a reprise of Battlefield 3 in every way. Even most of the issues are the same. Rubberbanding caused by hyperthreading, game crashing, memory leaks, losing connection to servers, horrible vehicle balance and hit registration both on vehicles - which is still present even now (ie shooting a jet with a tank, hitting it and.. nothing - https://www.youtube.com/wat... and infantry etc.

The only difference between BF3 and BF4 is that BF3 got fixed up faster.

And you can play BF4 without an issue now. Just smaller nitpicks remain. If you're having problems, it's probably OS or hardware related.
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Godmars290  +   502d ago
Now what happens if their next game, which is suppose to be coming out and why they're apologizing now, has the exact same problem?
MajorGecko  +   502d ago
you will be commenting again on n4g asking if the next EA game u buy will be rushed.
Godmars290  +   502d ago
I don't buy EA games. Not a COD/FPS fan.
ExposingLames  +   502d ago
IMO you have to be an idiot with no standards to still support dice. After I picked up my release day pre order of BF3 and saw how crappy it was and stayed for months and months and months I said never again. and i meant it.
Soldierone  +   502d ago
Not listening. Prove it instead!

They do this every time for the past few BF releases. It's crap and unplayable, eventually gets fixed just before the next BF release, and they FINALLY go "oh we figured it out, we apologize!" And yet the following game goes through the same dang routine!

It's like they release the game then take all resources to go to the next game, then once that game is finished, they go back and fix the current one to "please" gamers and give them faith to buy a new broken mess.
frostypants  +   502d ago
You just described literally every Battlefield game other than the Bad Company releases.
Dudebro90  +   502d ago
Sorry but its too late.

I got battlefield 4 on launch for Xbox one, and it was unplayable, literally for days.

When I tried to simply get a refund from ea they kept trying to say it was fine and would not issue a refund. I even said give me a copy a need for speed and ill consider it even. Nope. They tried to say its something on my end crashing the game.

Almost 9 months later you want to finally say it wasn't my fault.

You can die in a fire by this point.
Soldierone  +   502d ago
Days? Geez Xbox One got the good stick then. I couldn't play it at all until just last month, and it still has problems here and there.

Heck I remember when EA said it was the PS4 update that ruined the game lmao..... every single other game functioned fine, but somehow this update totally destroyed BF4 and only BF4.....yep yep.
jnemesh  +   502d ago
"conveys respect"??? BWA HA HA HA HA HA <gasp!> BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Yeah, that's a good one, best laugh I had all day!
HumanatPlay  +   502d ago
Aaaw what's the matter EA? Pre-orders not looking good?
daBUSHwhaka  +   502d ago
Hit the nail on the head.Hardline will fail
HumanatPlay  +   502d ago
I would love to see them fail with Hardline only for them to rebuild from an honest foundation. If not I will love the sight of them crashing n filing for bankruptcy in a few years.
CyrusLemont  +   502d ago
Guys you need to embrace change, we should have actually paid twice as much for half of the content in Battlefield 4, then signed a contract to work for 6 months to get the second half of the game. I know it's really bugged, but don't worry, if you spend only $600000000 on microtransactions on top, you can get all the mini patches that makes the game functional.

Embrace change.
daBUSHwhaka  +   502d ago
It's alright owning up to the games faults now.You have made millions on this game.Your sorry excuses doesn't put something back in my pocket.100 sterling paid out on this trash.BF Hardline should be a free giveaway to compensate the gamers for there money and time wasted.It's been nothing but empty promises from DICE and EA.No doubt the new dlc will bring a list of new/old problems back to the table when it launches nxt week and then follows the piss poor apologies from the twats at DICE/EA for yet another mess up.This is just the norm unfortunately.
CorruptBoyd  +   502d ago
Dont buy hardline , simple as that. That game will be shit ! Anyone who pays $60 for it is sorry. They eill probably have $50 premium too to make sure they really get that extra buck outa everyone
frostypants  +   502d ago
Yeah. It should be a $20 DLC pack for BF4. Two years ago it would have been.
HumanatPlay  +   502d ago
I have a good feeling that people will stay away this time. I don't have this game on my list of 2015 games✊
ninjahunter  +   501d ago
"Ok you caught us, we F*cked you hard haha, nice eye there slick*

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