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Oh, You Like Bioware? Then Stop Complaining

Mike G from Twinfinite writes:

Being a BioWare fanboy isn’t always easy, especially since the mainstream opinion of them has been pretty negative, at least as of late. Despite the critical acclaim of their recent titles (read: almost all of them), their popularity isn’t exactly at an all-time high. And this is not the way it should be.

Baldur’s Gate. Kotor. Mass Effect. Dragon Age. Games that we here at Twinfinite and many others have fervently enjoyed. Games that have prompted almost shocking backlash from the “community” over things like Dragon Age 2′s lack of area variety or Mass Effect 3′s ending controversy. Events that, in light of BioWare’s incredible track record, shouldn’t dictate the company’s public image. (Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3, PC)

Blacklash93  +   389d ago
It kind of amazes (though doesn't surprise) me how intensely toxic and venomous the gaming community has become toward them. It's fine to be disappointed by a videogame, but people act bitter as if Bioware is their ex-wife or something and actively wish ill for their future projects.

Are gamers really this immature about being let down? It's like a child holding a grudge.
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anticlimax  +   389d ago
A lot of gamers loved Bioware.
Then EA came, and a lot of gamers were sceptical.

DA: Origins came and people thought: it's fine, they play to their audience and don't try to target a broader one.

Mass Effect 2 came, and RPG gamers were disappointed. Made for a broader audience, less RPG-elements.

DA2 came and RPG gamers were disappointed, made for a broader audience, less RPG-elements.

ME3 came and RPG gamers were disappointed, made for a broader audience, less RPG-elements.

People are angry because their favorite developer basically doesn't exist anymore. The core-RPG's that they used to make are now made by indie developers or people who quit Bioware a long time ago.
Blacklash93  +   389d ago
I understand the reasons and it's fine to be disappointed by Bioware. However, it still doesn't excuse the childish behavior about it.
Aleithian  +   389d ago
I guess it depends on what you mean by childish behavior. I won't be buying DA3 until it's significantly reduced in price, because I no longer trust Bioware. I don't think that's childish, but I've encountered people who do think that's the case.

Other behavior can be even more controversial though. For instance, many people almost *hate* Bioware. I - personally - don't blame them for their strong emotional response. The ME and DA franchises really gripped people's emotions - great characters, great plots, great concepts. And much of this was ripped away in the later games. That hurts people. It's not just an economic decision and not just a decision about how to spend one's time. It's about violating people's values.

I know many people see this industry as simply a source of entertainment, but I see it - and many others see it in the same way - as a place to invest values and dreams. RPGs, for instance, aren't just a place to wile away the hours, but can be a place where we retreat after a hard week, a place where we can explore choices and circumstances that the mundane paths of life rarely offer, a place where we can ask ourselves questions that we wouldn't otherwise ask. In short, they're an extension of lived experience as much as biking, camping, swimming, or whatever can be. Violating the trust built up in a franchise is therefore a serious thing.

This said, I don't support all the behavior of some gamers in the Bioware case. But I understand a lot of it.
Saryk  +   389d ago
dumahim  +   389d ago
Ding, Archer reference.
spartanlemur  +   389d ago
And so this author is complaining about people complaining.

dumahim  +   389d ago
I don't like Bioware, do I have a right to complain?
sungin  +   389d ago
we complain all the time,deal with it
sonicsidewinder  +   389d ago
They're not the same company they used to be.

Chapter11  +   389d ago
So... because we like them that means we can't criticize them? What kind of logic is that?
porkChop  +   389d ago
Yeah it's a pretty stupid idea. Just because you like something doesn't mean it isn't flawed. If you never complain or raise concerns about those flaws then that thing you like will never get better. Sorry, but this author doesn't appear to be very intelligent.
Douchebag696  +   389d ago
I don't understand why complaining about it is a bad thing. It is our money funding these companies after all. Shouldn't we be allowed to complain about the crappy job they did on a particular product or how disappointed we are with a recent game developed? As customers we're allowed to be angry about wasting our hard earned cash. In school you're graded on your assignments so why shouldn't these companies be graded by those that purchase their products and find them unsatisfactory. It's what helps people grow and change.
Anon1974  +   389d ago
I agree, but you have to admit the amount of criticism received has been disproportionate to the perceived slights to the gaming community. Dragon Age 2 wasn't as good as DA:Origins but was still a solid RPG and was able to hold it's own. You'd think Bioware had taken a big dump on players screens by the reaction if received from some.

Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game but, because of dissatisfaction with some regarding the ending you'd think the entire game was a write off instead of a game that scooped up game of the year awards.

There's nothing wrong with being critical and making your opinion known, but you can't possible condone the over-the-top backlash Bioware has received these past couple of years that's ranged from petitions to death threats. That's not criticism. That's just downright toxic.
JBSleek  +   389d ago
I feel like gamers are just way too entitled.
aiBreeze  +   389d ago
Yeah god forbid gamers complain that a company they used to love was bought by the devil and ruined.
JBSleek  +   389d ago
Why are you using a strawman to debate me. Nowhere in my statement did I say you had no right to complain.

All I said is some gamers are too entitled which is true. These companies don't owe you anything.
Nerdmaster  +   389d ago
I never liked BioWare games, with Dragon Age Origins being the sole exception. So can I complain that they destroyed their only great (in my opinion) franchise with Dragon Age 2?
Aleithian  +   389d ago
Off-topic: How come Bioware can do such a good job with the new Leliana but made Morrigan look like a crackhead?
Sketchy_Galore  +   389d ago
I can't believe the servile attitude of 'Stop complaining. Gamers are too entitled these days' that seems prevalent here recently. I can't think it comes from anyone who has been playing games for even five years.

You might not believe it people but games used to actually be exciting. They used to be made with passion by people interested in creating great experiences for others. I'm not just talking about cheap Indie games with retro 8bit graphics here either. I know it's hard to imagine now but games with decent production values actually had new and interesting ideas. You could look at the previews of a game and not know exactly how it was going to play. How the story was going to pan out etc.

Of course there are a few relics of that bygone era still around but mostly it's just Free to play cash grabs. Cheesy adolescent Michael Bay movie wannabes built around gimmicks. Sequels upon threequels upon quadricals. The real depressing part is that the second you lament this you get cries of 'Stop being so entitled, they're a business, what did you expect?'

Yes, I feel entitled as a paying customer to the work of artists using the medium of gaming to create real experiences with value. I feel I should be able to expect a company to take pride in their output and attempt to actually create a worthwhile product. I know it makes you feel wiser and more mature to accept that these companies are just gonna shaft you for money without caring about the experience they're providing you. I know it makes you feel smarter to think of that just being the way of the world but believe me it's not. There have been in the past companies and creators that actually took pride in their work and had an interest in providing a good service.
LAWSON72  +   389d ago
I don't hate them however I do not like the route they have taken when it comes to RPGs.

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