Hyrule Warriors – Skyward Sword Content Screenshots

The official Hyrule Warriors website was just updated with a whole heap of new screenshots in relation to the recent announcements regarding Skyward Sword and the additional DLC costumes.

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BattleN835d ago

Looks awesome or am I a blind fanboy?

Tiqila835d ago

yes it looks awesome. I am more concerned about the gameplay than about the visuals. This is dynasty warriors in a zelda costume and I have never really enjoyed DW.

thegent835d ago

Looking more and more like a full out cross over than a DW with a zelda skin. Seems the gameplay itself is influenced a lot ny zelda.

Tiqila835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

I sincerely hope that you are right. time will tell...

DryBoneKoopa85835d ago

I'm super stoked for this game more and more every day. This is going to be one of those games for me that I can throw on some Metal/Hardcore music and just go ham on Legend Of Zelda enemies lol. Can't wait!

Metallox835d ago

The Zelda of Skyward Sword is so beautiful, one of the few blondes I'd like to... you know :P

Ghirahim looks more fabulous.

MNGamer-N835d ago

It looks great! I am in love with the Zelda Universe of characters, objects, sounds, music and environments. Doesn't get much better.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory834d ago

Fabulous HD RAGE!!