Would You Buy The Sims 4 Pools And Toddlers As Post-Launch DLC?

One Angry Gamer "EA released an official public statement relating to the pools and toddlers not making the cut for The Sims 4. The post details how the team had to prioritize content based on all the new ground-up features they had to build for the latest sequel in the video game life simulator. The real question is: with basic features stripped to make a return at a later date, would die-hard fans still put money into EA’s coffers for basic features being resold as DLC?"

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Digital-Devil1445d ago

No one should support or defend this crap. We're already being nickeled and dimed with DLC. To get a full game now the cost is way over MSRP. Publishers don't need to raise the prices on games, they just cut chunks of it out charge you $40-$50 to make it seem cheap then price gouge you on the DLC effectively making a game that used to cost $60 cost $90 (if you purchase the season pass) or more.

aliengmr1445d ago

I admit I'm not that interested in The Sims, but the idea of cutting out pieces of a game (especially ones already in the franchise prior) then selling that off as DLC is wrong and applies to more games than just The Sims.

Regardless of their excuse (which I don't buy), the extra time and effort could be made to give customers a full and complete game at launch. There will be plenty of DLC to sell.

Besides, toddlers are the most interesting age when raising kids. Infants are mostly boring, but toddlers are freaking insane and completely random. How do you skip that in a life "sim"?

SegaGamer1444d ago

I won't be getting it. I'm sick of EA, they don't care about creating a good game, all they care about is filling their pockets.