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Guerrilla Games Improving its Animation Technology for Upcoming Unannounced Games

Guerrilla Games is currently working on a PS4 exclusive, heavily rumored to be an open world RPG, and good top-notch animation is pretty essential for that kind of game, especially in order to support the narrative. Looks like the studio is looking into improving its animation tech.

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Community1233d ago
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skydragoonity1233d ago

Can't wait for this game... My ps4 is ready

blusoops1233d ago

I hope they're improving their story telling abilities as well.

bloodybutcher1233d ago

Hehe, wanted to write the same thing...

GarrusVakarian1233d ago

Definitely. They have graphics down to a T, all they need now is some better writing.

alexkoepp1233d ago

How bout improve your fun technology, Killzone games are just a chore to play.

kaileb1233d ago

They did hire the guy who did the story on fallout.

Eyeco1233d ago

Fallout has a great lore, but the storytelling is pretty meh it's not really the main draw of the games, if anything i'm concerned about the gameplay, RPG's are easily one of the more complex gaming genres to make, GG are barely competent at developing a decent shooter.

UltraNova1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


Thats your opinion dude.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I see their new game.

Why? For the same reason when I was playing Crash B. all those years ago and never once thought that Naughty Dog would be remotely capable of making games like UC and TLoU.

Boy was I wrong back then...I wont be like that again.

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funkybudda1233d ago

meh, I dont really care about them, nothing they made has helped Sony in anyways. Kill Zone series still cant compete with 3rd party FPS series. Sony should just have Naughty Dog do the next KZ game, these guys are embarrassing themselves.

Majin-vegeta1233d ago

*Kill Zone series still cant compete with 3rd party FPS series.

Thats cuz they dont wanna do the same crap as every other shooter dev out there.Most of those are just stupid dudebro casual shooters.Where as KZ tries to do something different.

Eyeco1233d ago

I dunno if you noticed but Killzone is an exact clone of those repetitious dude bro shooters, what on earth are they doing so different from other shooters ? And please don't say the OWL or Ray traced bullets or any other gimmicks.
Theres a very good reason why Killzone Shadowfall is among the most returned PS4 games.

skoorydook1233d ago

How are they embarrassing themselves ?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1233d ago

The only people who hate on Killzone are people that are mad because it isn't easy like COD or BF. And they just jumped into the franchise without playing the 1st or 2nd game. And FYI they have the Fallout New Vegas guy to write their new RPG IP.

LOGICWINS1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Ignorant comment. I've seen primarily Killzone players on my friends list get destroyed in COD deathmatches. In works both ways.

The people desperate to prove that one type of gamer is "better" than another are elitists who have nothing going for them in real life. Thus, forcing them to place an irrational importance upon online multiplayer games to prove that they are worth something...when all it really proves is how stupid and petty they are.

There are PLENTY of reasons to hate on Killzone that has nothing to do with the COD franchise:

Poor Storytelling

Cheesy Dialogue

Killzone 3's abrupt ending

Shadowfall's campaign arguably being the worst in the franchise

Killzone 3 launching without a proper clan system

If you were an ACTUAL fan of the franchise like I am, ud acknowledge these faults and call GG out on them. You know, since you want the franchise to get better right?

Ultr1233d ago

Its just the pacing thats off. I mean KZ2 was absolutely brilliant. At least in my eyes. Then they wanted to make it more cinematic and uncharted-like and they went with many different locations, and the game broke apart(kz3/kzsf) while they are still topnotch games. Their storypacing could be waaaay better. But they are definately not embarassing themselfs

BABY-JEDI1233d ago

I found KZ3 & Shadow Fall more like a check list of exciting locations, without anything really pulling them together. The concepts are great but the execution is poor. I'm still playing Shadow Fall MP which I'm really enjoying though
; )

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guyman1233d ago

Nice to hear that GG is looking to bring in more expertise into their already extremely talented team involved with animations

O man i cannot wait for Gamescom. Guerrilla Games, I hope you're there to pound our faces with that new game! Also im interested to see who is developing a new killzone between GG and G Cambridge. We know Cambridge is making a Ps4 game and if this job posting is anything to go by, GG may have more than one game in the works. Interesting.

Ravenheartzero1233d ago

Enjoyed the killzone series, looking forward to seeing what they have in store, especially if it is an open world RPG :)

abc12331233d ago

Shocking news! A development studio is looking to improve their animations. Also, "upcoming games" hardly means that there are multiple games in development, they're not just going to stop with their next release and call it a day. There is literally nothing there to interpret.

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