The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf Review - Brilliantly Epic

The epic season finale to Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us is here at last. Bigby Wolf faces danger as he's never seen it before. It's time for Brilliantly Epic's Anna to take a look at Fabletown's troubles, and to see how it all plays out.

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xNomaD956d ago

Such a brilliant game, cannot wait for a second season to release! I grabbed the first comic after completing this episode for more!

WillGJ956d ago

I've still yet to get past Episode 2 because they took so long to come out. ALthough now they're all there I could just binge play it. Reckon it'll be the same for me without the waiting aspect?

fallout101956d ago

I only just starting reading the comics because of the game and dayymm are they good.

Ozmoses956d ago

Episode 5 of TWAU is the best Episode Telltale games has created to this day.

BillmadeAGate956d ago

Final Scene was written by M night Sham

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