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6 Terrible Simulator Games That Will Make You Want to Actually Go Outside

8CN: In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven't noticed, simulators have become all the rage lately. For example, with a grass simulator and rock simulator recently announced, you can now virtually simulate hiding under that rock of yours. But that's only the beginning. The depths of simulator madness go far, far deeper. (Desert Bus, hatoful boyfriend, PC, Toilet Tycoon, Train Simulator 2014)

ApolloAdams  +   55d ago
Go outside? You mean pick up VR. We are building a society of overweight fat people... Sad. Wall-E here we come.
wallis  +   54d ago
If only the world leaders could read your post and see the error of their ways. It helped change my life. It really did. I was locked into my special fat person sofa with a funnel of KFC gravy about to pour into my mouth when I realised... 'shit some guy on a gaming comments section thinks people should eat less' and it all became clear.

Thank you ApolloAdams - you've not only saved my life, you've quite possibly saved the world.

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