PS4 Could Have Launched Without Hard Drive and 4GB Ram

Speaking at today's Develop Conference in Brighton, PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny revealed discussions were had about including flash memory instead of a hard drive in a bid to cut costs. Though SCEI president Andrew House initially expressed reservations with the idea of including a hard drive as it would add an expense of around $1 billion to the project and said it caused him "sleepless nights", in the end it was felt there was no alternative.

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ApolloAdams1254d ago

And been the biggest joke ever.

svoulis1254d ago

Yes as funny as this all sounds you have to remember that when thinking of the system years ago it wasn't so common for anything to have 8GB of memory, so 2GB-4GB seemed ideal. The HDD thing could've been an idea simply cause it worked for Microsoft with the Xbox 360 (think of the core version) different product SKUs for different markets.

That being said, ya 2 Billion dollars later we got the PS4 the way it is. In business every option is discussed especially when it comes to that kind of money.

ApolloAdams1254d ago

What the hell are you talking about that 8GB wasn't ideal until recently... Huh.

People are running upwards of 32 GB of Ram now. Also PS4 has to share that memory so it's not 8GB dedicated to gaming.

The_Hero1253d ago

No HDD could have been a disaster, kinda lke the Wii U.
On the Plus side, we wouldn't have to deal with endless BS DLC.

sinspirit1253d ago


And even on PC 4GB's is the most people use even for some of the heaviest video games.

Take into account that a console has room for optimization and a light weight OS so you don't need as much RAM. The 4GB is extremely feasible.

Having 32GB's isn't necessary whatsoever, just because people have it doesn't mean it is being used for anything. It's only ever useful for heavy video editing and CGI work. Other than that it's pretty much a waste.

svoulis1253d ago


We aren't talking about computer enthusiast, we are talking on a consumer level, 4GB is common for most PCs these days to have. When they were in the beginning of the component process they probably thought 4GB would be fine, but talking to devs about it, they were told otherwise.

Also notice I said,

"Yes as funny as this all sounds you have to remember that when thinking of the system years ago it wasn't so common for anything to have 8GB of memory, so 2GB-4GB seemed ideal"

Notice the Years ago part.

Ya I didn't say recently.

Silly gameAr1253d ago

You guys don't see what ApolloAdams is yet? It could have 30 gigs of ram and he would still think it was a joke.

jXales1253d ago

4-8GB is pretty common on the consumer lever i agree. But then again so is a graphics processing unit with it's own 2GB dedicated graphics memory.

The Ps4 has 8GB combined for cpu and gpu.
which for a console is plenty

kayoss1253d ago

I agree. Most people might had more rams but how many of the software or games they have on that pc actually uses 8gb? I would say almost to none.

ramiuk11253d ago

i would of been happy if the price was asay £35 less and then i could of just put my 1tb drive in from day 1

Beastforlifenoob1253d ago

This is something similar to back during the ps3 era. Apparently Sony were considering NOT to have a GPU and just operate using the cell CPU for everything (including graphical computations) which would have turned developer's nightmares into absolute hell and would probably lead to the collapse of the PlayStation brand (eventually due to the money loss). phew close call, apparently the decided to change it just before the console came out (like 6 or so months which is ridiculously short amount of time for sony and devs to fix their stuff.)

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I can't believe this was even a discussion. No HDD and only 4GB Memory? Then again I can't believe adding a HDD and upping the memory to 8GB cost 2 billion.

Gamble201253d ago

I thought so also until I thought about the fact that 7 million consoles multiplied by a $399 price tag is already $2.8 billion dollars. Sony is said to be right at (now just under) break even on each console so I can see how the billions in component costs is accurate. Also, they probably had to make a purchase order for the scale and schedule of the components desired in advance. So 2 billion for two expensive components that will last for a few years isn't unexpected.

rambi801254d ago

i would buy a ps4 without a HDD if the price difference was, say $50 or so. Options are great

mushroomwig1254d ago

We've known about the RAM for over a year now, one devoloper was quoted saying something like "If You go With 4GB of GDDR5" RAM on PS4, "You Are Done".

ravinash1254d ago

It was fine if they just discussed it...just don't go down that path!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1253d ago

Which ow weird considering the fact that the PS3 only had 512mb of RAM and its games where unmatched. Gow 3, Uncharted, and TLOU.

Phene1254d ago

Yikes ..that would've been scary

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