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Play as Sigourney Weaver in the Alien: Isolation DLC

GameSpace: "As it has been announced today, the developers are working on an Alien: Isolation DLC, which recreates the scenes of the original movie in this extremely popular franchise. To play as Ellen Ripley or several other crew members, you just need to pre-order the game and wait until the 7th of October."

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-Foxtrot1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I don't understand they got Sigourney Weaver to voice Ripley but they didn't make a game with her as a main character. They could of done a game set after Aliens where the third and fourth film never happened.

I'd rather play as Ripley then Ripleys daughter who really, cannon wise if you've seen the directors cut of Aliens lived a peaceful, normal life on earth. It just seems they've forced a story in for the sake of it

Neonridr1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

true, but if this game is successful, then there's always the chance for a sequel..

-Foxtrot1195d ago

Well hopefully they'll do a new game altogether because as I've said I'd rather have a game without Ripleys daughter.

I'd like to see a game with Ripley and Hicks set after Aliens, telling us a new story where Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection never happened.

There was a rumored script years ago (one of many apparently) where months after Aliens Ripley and Hicks find out that a huge ship carrying surviving Alien eggs from LV-426 is heading towards Earth and they plan to meet it half way to destroy them. Anyway when they get there they find out everything has gone to shit and the whole ship has turned into an Alien "playground". They need to find a way to stop the ship from reaching Earth.

Make a game out of that and it would be like Dead Space.

Neonridr1195d ago

yeah, well I guess that's what Aliens: CM tried to do, ignoring films 3 and 4 since Hicks was still alive and kicking in that game.

but sounds like an interesting idea for a game.

huchonok1195d ago

and now you can play both - Ellen and her daughter. seems that the developers are trying to please everyone

-Foxtrot1195d ago

Please everyone? Who the hell has been crying out to play as Ripleys daughter when the majority of Alien fans know she's dead and lived a normal life on Earth. I think people would of preferred to play as a new character altogether then seeing something not cannon to the main franchise

MysticStrummer1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

@Foxtrot - My first reaction was to agree with you about Ripley's daughter living a normal life on Earth, but this is Weyland-Yutani we're talking about. When they told Ripley about her daughter they could have simply omitted all of this part of the story. Official records could have even been edited to fit their revised history. Corporate cover-up. Just saying it's not too hard to rationalize.

OT - I don't like hearing too many details about DLC before a game even releases. Just say there is or isn't going to be DLC eventually and leave it at that. Just my opinion.

gantarat1195d ago

trying to please everyone ?
- look RE 6

SaturdayNightBeaver1195d ago

Then they should have put it inside game , not gamestop exclusive DLC garbage. Thats not how you please everyone. How can people support this bullshit?

-Foxtrot1195d ago


But if they were going to do that, then they would of wrote it into Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection.

They didn't, therefore it never happened.

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Neonridr1195d ago

sweet deal, may have to preorder now for this bonus stuff.

Clown_Syndr0me1195d ago

Or just wait a few months, game will drop in price and preorder content will probably be free DLC by then.
Hate how these days were all talking about DLC for games that haven't even been released yet.

SteamPowered1195d ago

White panties and T or gtfo

weirdo1195d ago

hell YASSS!!! day one, this game captures the isolation vibe that i adore

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