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Insider: 'Wait Until You See Melting Snow/Ice In DriveClub', Lots of Gameplay Footage Incoming

"All of a sudden there is a renewed interesting in DriveClub, the upcoming racer from Evolution Studios. The developers revealed their awesome weather system in DriveClub which honestly deserves to be called next-gen but it seems we will see more of that in the coming weeks and months." (Driveclub, PS4)

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Xsilver  +   171d ago
BruuuuuuuuuuuuuH My Body isn't ready Goddammit Evolution will be the cause of my heart-attack.

Oh and We didn't need an insider to say this since Evolution said it yesterday sooooo realllllll good inside work Tidux-_-.
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NaughtyDogs  +   171d ago
Don't worry bro, I've got the Sarcophagus from Stargate, I'll use it to bring you back to life.
Xsilver  +   171d ago
and then what show me the game so it can kill me again with those visuals it's gonna be a constant loop lmao.
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abzdiine  +   171d ago
this game went from an outsider to an absolute must own in no time.
congrats to Evo for their efforts.
ThunderSpark  +   171d ago
"Wait Until You See Melting Snow/Ice In DriveClub', Lots of Gameplay Footage Incoming"

And on that day, there were mass casualties on both sides of the war.
R.I.P. Gamer's Eyes.
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Destrania  +   171d ago
I'm so stoked to see more amazing footage leading up to release. Can't get enough of this game.
NaughtyDogs  +   171d ago
So hyped up for this game! October can't come soon enough :D
snookiegamer  +   171d ago
The news for DC keeps on getting better and better each time.
Skankinruby  +   171d ago
God I hope they do another motorstorm, with how insane driveclub looks I can't even imagine what they could pull off
Steptoe  +   171d ago
It's sounding and looking better every time i hear about it.
Hopefully it's even better then we think.
ThunderSpark  +   171d ago
You're a glutton for punishment aren't you? I mean just how much more awesomeness can one man take??
Steptoe  +   171d ago
Yeah! I must be. :) I'm sure it will be great though. It's certainly looking that way.
SlapHappyJesus  +   171d ago
I came for the driving.
I stayed for the melting snow.
mogwaii  +   171d ago
And forza withered away in shame.
Lev1903  +   171d ago
Yeah. Cause DC has more content and bigger open world then Forza.

DC looks amazing, but in a driving game pyschics and cars are the most important part. DC is yet to prove themself. So just wait.
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Xsilver  +   171d ago
"Yeah. Cause DC has more content and bigger open world then Forza."

ForzaH2 may be open world but the races wont be open not like burnout paradise so keep acting like the open world adds to the racing experience because once your in a race your in A RACE so what makes it different from DC racing? well beside the point that DC tracks looks amazing.
Lev1903  +   171d ago
You know that you can go offtrack on forza horizon right? Didn't you see any of the gameplay?

And what makes a difference? Customization and like i said the pyshics. Forza has proved themself in both categories. And the point that Forza has more tracks ;)

And you just keep acting that the open world doesn't make the game more fun to race.
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objdadon  +   171d ago
Enough with all this open world crap when it comes to racing! Open world racers aren't for everyone. I just wanna race! I could care less about driving through cornfields! Lol! Besides, if I really cared for open world then it doesn't get more open than the crew!
Xsilver  +   171d ago
"You know that you can go offtrack on forza horizon right? Didn't you see any of the gameplay?"

Yeah i saw the gameplay it's not like they left the damn area their were racing like you could do in Burnout Paradise or THE CREW and find a different Route to win the Race :/.

"And what makes a difference? Customization and like i said the pyshics. Forza has proved themself in both categories. And the point that Forza has more tracks ;)"

and More tracks meannnnnns? DriveClub tracks are breath taking Forza H2 has yet to show one track that gives the wow effect and immersion as DC :/.
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mogwaii  +   171d ago
Cause Driving through miles of empty vineyards and distance fog never looked so good.
Lev1903  +   171d ago
Well guys. Open world means more racing, More goofing around with your friends and more fun. IF you just want to go from point A to B with gorgeus effects then that is your choice.

Just dont act like that Driveclub is THE game to race. So far from what ive seen the game is beautifull and great wetaher effect. But thats it there, is nothing more then that.

You all know like i do that Forza has more content then DC at this moment. But yeah i will wither away in shame for you :)
Haki1112  +   171d ago
You can basically race anywhere on the map in Horizon WITH CUSTOMIZATION. Drive Club wins in graphics but Horizon will win in gameplay if you played the first one you will know this and Why do you Sony fanboys keep bringing Forza up in these articles anyway?
Xsilver  +   171d ago
Their is a game for every type of gamer remember that when you ridicule another game for not doing something another game is doing :/.
Ausbo  +   171d ago
nope. no it did not. try again
PumpkinEater69   171d ago | Spam
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   171d ago
'Wait Until You See Melting Snow/Ice In DriveClub'

Lol...apparently, they have more than enough resources from GPU computing to make this kind of stuff happen at this level of quality in DC. Last I heard the devs are throwing ideas around the studio left and right trying to out due each other!

OT: A new Motorstorm, with the kind of resources being used in DC would be insane!
Sarcasm  +   171d ago
My god, a new motorstorm with that level of graphics will be insane!
ApolloAdams  +   171d ago
But it won't be ay launch so who cares... Lame
objdadon  +   171d ago
I don't mind waiting for perfection!
ApolloAdams  +   171d ago
They already delayed the damn game. It's lame that they can't simply get it on time.

Just give me GT7 instead of this crap.
EverydayGuy  +   171d ago
I wonder if I can go from winter to summer an back again, can't wait to make a Vivaldi track. I would say FH2 is competing against The Crew instead of DC, for being open world.
stripe814  +   171d ago
how i wish Evolution studio work with Polyphony to make the Ultimate Gran Turismo
S2Killinit  +   171d ago
the rain effects look phenomenal. That and the flipping over dynamics are what sold me on this game. I didn't even set out to get a racer for a while, but I guess I shall get one.
Sokol  +   171d ago
October is going to be busy month, Drive Club is looking better and better each day. It will do until I get my hands on Gran Turismo 7.

Then again, I'm keeping my eyes open for superb Project Cars as well.

It's good to have options :)
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D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   171d ago
Once i see the snow/ice melt in this game, i'll melt!
CuddlyREDRUM  +   171d ago
What happened to the PS Plus edition that was supposed to be "minus a few cars and tracks"?
Skylar  +   171d ago
So now we are getting excited about melting ice. I can't even put my feelings to words. This is just so....
Haki1112  +   170d ago
I know right? It's a damn shame when people buy a racing game for rain and melting ice lol

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