Sony: PS4’s Future Centered Around VR, Streaming, and Wearable Lifestyle Devices

GR: Sony is no stranger when it comes to bleeding-edge technology and the company has no intention of falling behind when it comes to the future of gaming. As such, the PlayStation manufacturer has three fundamental pillars that it is building its latest home console around: virtual reality, streaming technology, and wearable lifestyle/fitness devices.

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knifefight1499d ago

Yeah I'd wear a PS4 as a necklace if it wouldn't give me migraines.

acharlez1499d ago

Haha! That might give you a few back issues as well.

Wedge191499d ago

So like... fitbit PS4? The more steps you take, the more experience you earn to level up your Destiny character! lol

acharlez1499d ago

Just get a hip-clip for your DualShock 4. It's got a pedometer built in there somewhere, right? :)

crunchychocobo1499d ago

Oh man, I would gladly be part of the problem and buy into this. :D

ramiuk11499d ago

thye need to redo there smart band.
its great it tracks my ps4 use,everything else i do but it should of had a pulse detector etc for fitness games,training and general life

ftwrthtx1499d ago

It could use Skype for communication as well. It's already my streaming device of choice.

acharlez1499d ago

Haven't you heard? Xbox One is the ultimate Skype machine.

ftwrthtx1499d ago

I use my Vita for Skype often, as well as my laptop. The PS4 would make a great addition to the Skype family.

OldDude1499d ago

Considering MS owns Skype I would hope so.

Imalwaysright1499d ago

He is talking about streaming games as in PS now.

ftwrthtx1499d ago

He's also talking about other features as well. I use it for streaming movies through Netflix and Vudu and would love Skype on it.

ApolloAdams1499d ago

Sony only bright spot is the PS4.

acharlez1499d ago

Let's hope they don't inadvertently blow it out either.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1499d ago

Huh their movies ? their cameras ?

ApolloAdams1499d ago

You don't know what a commercial success is huh?

insomnium21499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


Bright spot means commercial success now?

dbjj120881499d ago

PS4 will be a huge investment for Sony. I hope it pays out for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.