No Man's Sky To Have "More Traditional Multiplayer" After All

Hello Games confirmed to be working on a plan for a "more traditional multiplayer experience" in No Man's Sky, for those players looking for it.

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GarrusVakarian1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

That sounds great. I'd love the ability to switch between tradition MP and SP exploring. Kinda like how Destiny works in the sense that at any time you can just go back into orbit and choose to play in the Crucible. That would be ideal.

Dogfights in space, make it happen guys!

Alexious1141d ago

I'd love to have something like Star Citizen, but with more arcade-like dogfighting.

The chance to create empires or pirates guild across the universe would be just amazing. Others could just dedicate themselves to crafting and gathering and exploring if they wish so.

Mega241141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Can't wait for No Man's Sky, I've been following Hello Games since their reveal. Game looks freakin' amazing, I love exploration in games, LOVE IT! I think I will sink 200 hours of gameplay in the first 2 weeks.

logan_izer101141d ago

I wish I had your kind of free time

TheUltimateGamer1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

When was the last time we saw dogfights in space? It's been forever... What? Rogue Squadron? That would be awesome to see!

@URNightmare Good call, man! Totally forgot about that game. I might have to boot that up tonight :)

URNightmare1141d ago

Last time I remember dogfights in space was in Starhawk maybe?

Alexious1141d ago

Well, there'll be a lot of dogfighting with Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen!

MasterCornholio1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )



I'm going to name my planet TPbunghole and the creatures on it Bungholians.

crazysammy1141d ago

You are trying too hard.

AgentSmithPS41141d ago

With all the randomly generated worlds there might be one where creatures have starfish of unusual size. It's your destiny to find it.

I hope some aliens that look like Robert Stack are there too so they can give them a cavity search.

Codewow1141d ago

Good. This is the only thing that solidifies the experience for me. I'll be glad to host my own server if they allow us to do so. I've managed hundreds of servers so far. Ranging from Ultima Online to World of Warcraft servers to Terraria, etc.

BigBosss1141d ago

I cannot believe this is an indie title! Looks damn impressive, cannot wait to play it!

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