Just another driving game? Driveclub's dynamic weather systems actually look rather impressive

Dealspwn: "We've tried our absolute best to muster some form of excitement about Driveclub, but have completely failed to do so.

Until now."

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The_Infected1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Best looking weather system I've ever seen. We haven't even see the snow yet or the weather at night. Can't wait to see more preferably on gamersyde.

URNightmare1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

This is the first time I see where weather effects actually make the game look MORE real and not the opposite!

VforVideogames1112d ago

A realistic weather on an arcade racer not a bad idea.

The_Infected1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Why don't you go comment in Xbox articles and talk about their games with your fan base? /s

n4gamingm1112d ago

the weather system is crazy good.

Codewow1112d ago

Just another driving game? - Yes that's exactly what it is. a linear course with some scenery and a realistic weather system. Not much more you could really do in a /realistic/ driving game.

And I do agree the weather looks great. Hopefully the controls are just as good as the visuals.

Irishguy951112d ago


It's an arcade Racer I hope you know...

Codewow1112d ago

That's why I added / / around realistic.

Bathyj1112d ago

Most people that have played it say the handling is a combination of arcade/sim.

If you were German/Irish calling you just Irish would not be an accurate description.

objdadon1112d ago

"Not much more you can do", what do I wanna do in a racing game? I don't know, maybe.........race?

Codewow1112d ago

That's why graphics matter in a racing game.

chrissx1112d ago

I'm so glad this game got delayed. I'm amazed by its beauty

medman1112d ago

I wouldn't say I'm happy about the delay, but if the delay means the best looking and playing racing game on the market, then it would have been worth it.

mogwaii1112d ago

Its gonna be an example of the PS4's power, just beautiful!

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The story is too old to be commented.