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User Made DriveClub Ad Is Absolutely Amazing, Receives Praise From Devs

GearNuke: "Check out this unofficial ad for DriveClub." (Driveclub, PS4)

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GarrusVakarian  +   505d ago
Haha, i saw this a few hours ago on GAF, incredible. That robotic voice cracks me up.

Even with that crappy quality gif, those visuals still blow me away. Looks so real!
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Darkstares  +   505d ago
Glad they took the extra time. Looks amazing. Let's hope they market the game well.
Xsilver  +   505d ago
Looking at my PS4 right now like I didn't even know you was about that Life you beast you http://blog.chron.com/tubul...
ThunderSpark  +   505d ago
Even in 240p this game still looks better than most games out. Go figure!
PumpkinEater69   505d ago | Spam
Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   505d ago
Lol please tell me u r joking otherwise there is something wrong with u
FamilyGuy  +   505d ago
Stunt drivers are going to lose work, movie studios could just use DriveClub to preform the scenes instead.

Everyone will be looking in Evolution Studios direction now. Hopefully the Dynamic Weather Patch isn't too far after launch.

Also, Via Twitter:

@Rushy33 Hey Rushy hate to make you confirm things like this but since adding weather is the game still true 1080p? Or is it a dynamic res?

Paul Rustchynsky ‏@Rushy33 3h
@TheBruceLeeRoy Native 1080p

Chris Robley ‏@TheBruceLeeRoy 3h
@Rushy33 Excellent thanks

I was curious about this question as well, seeing as they weren't releasing 1080p footage. It's a great thing to see confirmation that even with the game looking this incredible it's still being done in native 1080p resolution.
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-Alpha  +   505d ago
Lol! Well, if this gets made it's not supposed to be so robotic/fast.

The idea is that the focus is on the visuals and sound. There's also a second half to the ad that would make this fanmade ad feel fuller, but it was put together really fast.

IMO, this is what Driveclub needs to do over the traditional ads most games have. A lot of people had a hard time believing the rain gameplay was from a videogame, so they should use that to their advantage.
Neonridr  +   505d ago
hmmm.. was hoping for a little bit more from that video.
Chuk5  +   505d ago
That is crazy.
Eonjay  +   505d ago
Stunning. Yeah, hopefully we are getting to the point where gameplay footage looks so good, no one would dare consider live action.
BigBosss  +   505d ago
Man...October can't come soon enough! Game looks so real. Look how far we've come.
KuroKazuma  +   505d ago
haha that voice
Visiblemarc  +   505d ago
Yeah, this game looks so damn good.
Visualift  +   505d ago
As trailers go this is horrible. The footage looks great.. but we saw that already.
ThunderSpark  +   505d ago
What part of user made don't you understand? For a "user made" trailer, this is awesome.
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liquidhalos  +   505d ago
No it really isnt, the stock footage that driveclub devs released is awesome, for a fan made commercial its terrible. There are hundreds of awesome fan made commercials on youtube for comparison.
Visualift  +   499d ago
It's probably the worst user made trailer I've seen... for any game. Just being honest.
DragonKnight  +   505d ago
Why did this receive praise?
thisismyaccount  +   505d ago
Because we all knew, you would be against it.
DragonKnight  +   505d ago
Your comment makes literally no sense. But not surprising considering...
CrazedFiend  +   505d ago
What didn't make sense about that comment? I understood it completely.

I also understand that denial's a bitch ;p
larrysdirtydrawss  +   505d ago
well,HAVE YOU SEEN IT?.... titanfall should never have gotten that catch phrase,didnt deserve it,it always looked like pig shit... this though,looks like jesus was the head coder AND director...
WeAreLegion  +   505d ago
The concept is great, but the execution could use some work.
_LarZen_  +   505d ago
Anyone know if the devs have talked about adding VR support to the game at some point?
URNightmare  +   505d ago
I hope they do. And a picture mode too! They added picture mode to one of the Motorstorm games I remember. This game is definitely worthy of such feature.
thisismyaccount  +   505d ago
We´re very close to a release fo the game. We do not know anything about Sony´s VR at all, most likely it will have no support what-so-ever, at least not this year.

They might consider it down the road, dunno though how the PS4 will render the same frame twice with that fidelity, unless they drop it to a 720p resolution or use any form of magic, don´t see that happening.
Mexxan  +   505d ago
That is one shit ad.
heisenberguk  +   505d ago
stubee34  +   505d ago
This is actually a tragedy.That voice.Hahahah.
Codewow  +   505d ago
Where have our "amazing" standards gone...
XtraTrstrL  +   505d ago
I'm not even into driving games like that anymore, but goodness, this game looks ridiculous!
CervantesPR  +   505d ago
Man this game looks insane, cant wait for gran turismo 7 or a new motorstorm tho
Puppy_Farts  +   505d ago
Driving games are NOT my thing, but this looks gorgeous. The extra time really paid off. Nice to see developers not rushing their product.
shadyiswin  +   505d ago
Would make for a horrible commercial seeing as the weather patch is still TBA. Pushed back a year and you still have to wait for weather efects? But lets graze through this comment section and read nothing but praise after praise about drive club. This game will fail. I know a racing game launching this fall that has weather effect included,ill go with that game.
Flames76  +   505d ago
To bad the game will flop
PS4FEVER  +   505d ago
sometimes things seem more real when blurry and low res. Does it look real in 1080p full screen?
Legendary-Status  +   505d ago
this Game Graphic's & Tech are on another level..
zero_gamer  +   505d ago
I am not much of a driving game player, but this game sets me in the mood of playing one.
oasdada  +   505d ago
Same here.. thinking of getting the driveclub bundle
HumanatPlay  +   505d ago
I love how its just the game audio & the monotone voice. Too many game trailers use classic wubstep, grungy wubstep, pop wubstep etc-step. In our society simplicity is gold!

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