WoW Wednesday: Arthas is Dead!?

Excerpt: "Whether you like it or not, Warcraft’s selection of characters and personalities have always garnered the love and admiration of those who willingly exposed themselves to the series. The last part of the last sentence means just that; a lot of people could care less about World of Warcraft’s lore and how arguably absurd it has become through the years.

With Warlords of Draenor in the horizon, it can be expected, as it has been revealed, the return of many beloved characters in the series such as Gromm Hellscream, father of that orc-bastard Garrosh, and many others during the old Draenor era. This is by no means a discussion on the how’s and what’s of the lore, but simply the viewpoint of a filthy commoner who enjoys the world of Azeroth at the shallowest level."

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