DriveClub vs Forza Horizon 2 Raindrops Comparison: Which One Is More Realistic?

DriveClub and Forza Horizon 2 are two notable exclusives on the rival platforms. Forza Horizon 2 is exclusive to the Xbox One while DriveClub is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Both of these games look great but in term of realism, which one takes the crown home?

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Majin-vegeta1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

DC hands down.

@2pac.I'm sure it looks way better now since it's post E3 weather.

LackTrue4K1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

haha, the rain dropps on FH2 are just lamelessly sitting on the hood of the car, and on DC the look to be shifting when the car hits hard turns.

we all know its DriveClub....if any thing
i do give credit on
Forza horizon 2 has the best cardboard cut out

Magicite1229d ago

Theres only so much X1 can do.

guitarded771229d ago

I can't believe how it goes from a discussion in one n4g thread to an article. I thought we resolved this in the previous story. DC looks better, and Horizon is an open world driving game, so it obviously wouldn't be on the same level.

AngelicIceDiamond1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

@Dimitri yeah it can do 200+ cars open world that's 3x as bigger than the first one, Drivetars, Siri like AI assistant Dedicated cloud servers and fully tunable and customizable cars.

Its obviously doing plenty your gonna troll at least try to make sense.

Christopher1229d ago

@onyoursistersback: I don't see that at all about the shifting rainfall. What it looks like is a dynamic droplet animation overlay on the car and windshield. But, with the turns I've seen on the video, they don't change direction but continue going from the front of the car towards the windshield.

It's definitely more lifelike, but it definitely doesn't look like it's taking on the physical aspect of the car's motion from what I've seen.

deepio1229d ago

Whilst I think DC looks better in the comparison shots, I don't think we've seen the same level of rain in FH2. In other words we're talking about heavy rain (DC) vs light rain (FH2). I don't think we've seen heavier rain in FH2 yet.

If you look at the IGN article the dev said "if it’s just light rain the tarmac will just darken slightly" - as we've seen. You'd also expect the rain drops to remain static on the car once the rain has stopped.

Who knows, maybe DC will still look better once we do see the same level of rain, but I'm just saying at the moment, this comparison isn't quite fair.

MattE1229d ago

Its not even raining in the forza shot? Lol

Its a farce.. lets see how far the visuals take Driveclub when released. I for one will be enjoying forza whilst you guys play ur demonstration :)

Goku7811229d ago

Cardboard cutout, thats funny, but true.

calis1229d ago

"Theres only so much X1 can do."

Needs more cloud.

PONTIAC08G8GT1229d ago

Instead of racing other cars and worrying about the upcoming turn, I'm going to stop on the road and admire the more realistic rain drops. I'd def buy a racing game based on which has more realistic rain. Racing? Please, that's just stupid. Hopefully we can compare which has more detailed clouds or possibly grass on the side of the road. I'd love a comparison of which game has better tire tread detail.

Braid1229d ago

I'm looking forward to rocks on mountains and tree leaves comparison, completed with a compherensive, side-by-side dirt on tracks analysis. We're geologists after all, not gamers.

gamertk4211229d ago

Lamelessly??? Hahaha, congrats on inventing a new terrible word.

r2oB1229d ago

@ Pontiac

You should take time to admire the realistic rain, since it effects the way you race... I.e. handling, visability, and AI. Those are important aspects of a racing game, right?

Darkstares1229d ago

This is where the console wars come into full effect and the losers are really all of them. That's because instead of wanting to enjoy both games they'd rather support one hardware company. That sounds like that company has turned them into slaves by design.

DriveClub looks better, there really is no argument but each game is different in its approach. One is wide open drive anywhere so of course there is going to be some trade-offs that comes with that.

Sarcasm1229d ago

Forza Horizon looks like a racing video game.

Driveclub looks like CGI with more photorealistic lighting and field of view.

You decide.


Yeah, DC does look better, some really cool filtering they use! Forza Horizon 2 does not have cardboard cut outs like F5 did lol.
I can't believe how good DC looks though, Beautiful!

Bobby Kotex1229d ago

@guitarded77 don't be surprised. This is the armpit of the gaming world.

PONTIAC08G8GT1229d ago


I don't know, but is there varying degrees of weather in Driveclub? Meaning, you have a downpour, light drizzle, hurricane, etc etc. And the topic is "comparing rain drops" not "comparing the strength of the rain." Obviously if it's a downpour your going to drive differently then a drizzle, but the topic was comparing how the drops of rain look.

FamilyGuy1229d ago

The audio in DriveClub is a beast as well as the visuals aaaaand on a technical aspect the handling in the rain looks incredibly realistic.

It's a beast from all angles and still made to be more arcade/casual so anyone can enjoy the game.

This is how you set a bar!

MorePowerOfGreen1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

"Theres only so much X1 can do"

Like the environmental simulations and almost full simulation of cars handling and physics in a open world plus destructible objects with online multi player?

If drive club was doing what Forza Horizon was doing it would look like a PS3 game. Despite your opinions of visuals DC isn't close to the technical level of FH2. Tuning, painting all parts handling and performing different.

Yes DC looks good for a basic arcade racer. Hell XB1 isn't even using all of its hardware yet, 100% of the Xb1 GPU is just now available for devs but only one CPU core is still being used.

BallsEye1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

So now we are comparing rainstorm to a sunny day with tiny tiny wetness. Again we're comparing an open world game to a closed tracks racer...and again the only thing that matters on n4g is graphics, unless winning console is not ps4.

Since we have dedicated article comparing raindrops (WTF!):

I'm waiting for the article comparing things that matter which is:

- numbers of cars druing the race (DC - 4 (YES, ONLY FOUR), FH2 - 12 + traffic)
- number of cars (DC-50, FH2 200)
- size of drivable area (DC - small closed tracks, FH2 huge open world)
- customization (DC-NONE, FH2-full customization, tuning, custom decals)
- car damage (DC-NONE, FH2 - costmetic and performance)
- online (DC- standard few players races, FH2 - seamless open world multiplayer exploration, 1000 players car clubs, 700+ events, Drivatars that learn and drive online, when you're offline)
- physics (DC - almost none, cars bouce of the walls, not affected by sings etc, FH2 - full physics with possibility to do barrel roll etc.

I guess this all does not matter if you can get some post-release, better raindrops. Need to start petition to turn10 to remove 18 cars from screen so it will be on par with DCs 4 cars as a tradeoff for raindrops upgrade. Totally worth it.

Infamazdre1229d ago Show
DLConspiracy1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Yeah DC wins this match, partially because it's not even raining in the FH2 gif.

Tune in for next hour, for an article on 30fps vs 60fps from the same author.

TheFanboySlayer1229d ago

@BallsEye fail

"- numbers of cars druing the race (DC - 4 (YES, ONLY FOUR), FH2 - 12 + traffic)
- number of cars (DC-50, FH2 200)
- size of drivable area (DC - small closed tracks, FH2 huge open world)
- customization (DC-NONE, FH2-full customization, tuning, custom decals)
- car damage (DC-NONE, FH2 - costmetic and performance)
- online (DC- standard few players races, FH2 - seamless open world multiplayer exploration, 1000 players car clubs, 700+ events, Drivatars that learn and drive online, when you're offline)
- physics (DC - almost none, cars bouce of the walls, not affected by sings etc, FH2 - full physics with possibility to do barrel roll etc. "

Obviously you have not done any research on get 2 facts right Customization and number of cars, and club sizebut everything else is wrong.....



You would need a really tight turn course (hard drifting or actually spinning out of control) to make droplets travel noticeably perdicular over the hood and windshield and even so it would only last a second or so... Afterall on pretty much any curve technique you are still going much faster forward than sideways.


Just because the rain stopped, doesn't mean droplets stand still on your car. You are still moving forward, creating friction with air that pushs the water back. In fact, this is very visible, didn't you ever drove in the rain?

Hercules1891229d ago

So when Ryse looked lots better than Killzone, it was because Killzone is a little bit more open. but when we're comparing a traditional racer that is basically a last gen racing game made for next gen compared to a completely wide open game that lets you drive between two different coutries and when Drive Club looks better its because the xbox one cant handle more, lol nice try trolls.

BallsEye1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


oh my ... I did my research right, you better do yours.

You said I got 2 facts right, customization and number of cars and clubs...that's already 3 facts, you fail at counting.

So I guess DC is also open world since you said closed tracks is not a fact? Damn you need to get your poopers straight.

TheFanboySlayer1229d ago


Sorry bud I typed too quickly I meant to put 3

but whatever I didnt wanna have to review our comment....but I will.

- numbers of cars druing the race (DC - 4 (YES, ONLY FOUR), FH2 - 12 + traffic) clearly says 12 on the top left for DC...for FH2 there is 8 + traffic

- number of cars (DC-50, FH2 200)

Good job you got this almost right...50 for DC but 200+ for [email protected]

- size of drivable area (DC - small closed tracks, FH2 huge open world)

DC races can last up to 25 mins long
FH has a huge drivable area

- customization (DC-NONE, FH2-full customization, tuning, custom decals)

You are right...none besides your club logo

- car damage (DC-NONE, FH2 - costmetic and performance)

There is cosmetic damage -__- but there are invisible walls to keep you on course in DC

- online (DC- standard few players races, FH2 - seamless open world multiplayer exploration, 1000 players car clubs, 700+ events, Drivatars that learn and drive online, when you're offline)

DC is online game with clubs...pretty standard FH2 is Openworld online racing as you would expect *claps*

- physics (DC - almost none, cars bouce of the walls, not affected by sings etc, FH2 - full physics with possibility to do barrel roll etc.

more physics based calculations than FH2 -__-
besides the ability to do a barrel roll lol

and yess cars can flip

ShinMaster1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Is this what gaming has come down to? Comparing raindrops?

@ AngelicIceDiamond

- 200 cars? The number of cars a game contains has nothing to do with system performance. GT2 on PS1 had more cars. And it's not like they're being rendered simultaneously on screen for your point to even make sense.

- The first FH's world map wasn't all that dense in the first place. It was mostly made up of long winding roads. And while a 3x larger map is great, we've seen games like GTA San Andreas be 3x bigger than GTA3(both on PS2) and have quite a bit of wasted space.

- Cloud servers are external.
That has nothing to do with the Xbox One hardware itself.

- Tunable and customizable cars?
Yeah, because Forza Horizon is obviously so unique in that regard. Therefore games like NFSU couldn't have retroactively existed because it's only possible on Xbox One... right?

But don't get me wrong, I think the game is gonna be great.

marcofdeath1229d ago

So FH2 is open world, and DriverClub is not.

DC has to use all it's GPU power no rain, XB1 has to do it all...

GameNameFame1229d ago

Angelica that's special how? Lol.

3x bigger than Xbox 360 game. Is x1 so uniressive you have to compare to last gen?

alexkoepp1229d ago

Neither are more realistic, no rain on the windshield?

Giul_Xainx1229d ago

Drive club vs Forza 2. Which one am I going to buy? Drive club.

I don't care that much about graphics. I care more about which game looks like MORE FUN.

morganfell1229d ago

I'm sorry but this is the next generation with new hardware. You do not get to play the open world card.

"My game doesn't look as good because it's open world."

Sorry (not) but that isn't an excuse when you are asking which one looks better.

It either does...or it does not. There is no try there yoda.

Destrania1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


DriveClub does/will have rain on the windshield. The cam Evolution used for these videos are hood cams though, not cockpit cams. Pay attention to what you say before you say it.


Killzone is widely regarded as having better visual fidelity than Ryse AND just so happens to be far more open. And don't even get me started on Infamous, because that game pretty much owns anything we've seen released so far on next-gen consoles, and also just so happens to be another PS4 exclusive.

DriveClub is set to take the visual crown for racing games upon release, and most likely the rest of this year. Above that however, it is immersive, unique, exciting, and fun. Winning combination.

This right here shows how dedicated Evolution is to DriveClub and the experience. No other racing game can touch it as far as overall attention to detail by a long shot.

memots1229d ago

wow this made top the page !? .. SAD

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AngelicIceDiamond1229d ago

Oh boy I didn't see this comparison coming.

I'd have to say DC it was very impressive looking.

Septic1229d ago

Yeah DC wins rather easily.

Mind you, FH2 is an open world game so there's that. Still, visually, DC looks like what a next gen driving game should look like. It seems to have come a LONG way from last year.

lfc_4eva1229d ago

There'll be a next gen comparison of the bird crap on the windscreen coming shortly.

pedrof931229d ago


I'm not sure how much of the track world/track both consoles could render, but If you put into perpective, I believe that what X1 and Ps4 renders must be around the same size despite solely being a track (on Ps4) or open-world on X1. See the Open-world here have 2d static crownd models and the world is not filled with moving things apart from the cars. It not like a real Open-world like Infamous or Prototype if know what I mean !

Mega241229d ago

I was disappointed with the "no customization" though, Polyphony Digital takes a hint and allows at least custom paintjobs and some level of customization in GT7, I love circuit racing but I like my cars to be unique to me.

aragon1229d ago

Silly comparison since we know do will look better, even tho the comparison gifs were unfair with dc heavy rain vs fh2 light rain

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Clover9041229d ago

lol at Forza's immovable droplets.

lifeisgamesok1229d ago

With narrow tracks, 50 cars, and less objects in the background Driveclub should look better

Forza has to render grass and other objects

Taislin1229d ago

@lifeisgamesok Your comment is all kinds of wrong. DC has just as many if not more objects in the background, it not only renders the croud,the trees, the grass, the dust and water particles,windmills, baloons, etc, all kinds of stuff, you name it, it also renders real time 3d clouds, an after the patch even puddles of water will be fully 3d rendered with real time drying conditions.No excuses, seeing as even the draw distance for rendering should be similar in both games.

Sarcasm1229d ago

Sweet delicious bitter salty grimey tears from lifeisgamesok, I love it!

THC CELL1229d ago

Power of cloud will make rain on xbox amazing, u can almost feel it.

Ra30301229d ago

And don't forget the cloud will allow them to have more cardboard cutout people and cardboard cutout rain drops for Forza 2H. That's the "powa of da cloud" and so next gen and only on Xbox One.

gapecanpie1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Graphics DC win ... Content, customization and open world FH2 win...

Weather, content, customization, graphics and being playable at 60fps... Project cars on PC wins overall


One is linear straight forward sandbox racing and the other is open world and have to render a whole open world... This comparison is re**rded.

This comparison and most of the comments here make both fanboys of X1 and ps4 (especially Sony fans) look childish and insecure about their purchase.

lfc_4eva1229d ago

A well balanced post dude. Shame you are getting so many disagrees for being a voice of reason and not a blinkered fanboy.

Taislin1229d ago

Except that´s not how things work. Never at any point during gameplay will the whole world be rendered in FH, it´s only a set distance that is, and from what we´ve seen, Driveclubs backgroundds, which sport a huge draw distance,might even be as big as the ones being rendered in FH, and guess what, they´re more detailed, and every single cloud, wind draft, weather condition is calculated real time, with an actual to scale atmosphere between the tracks and the sky( clouds are full-on 3d models by the way).

TheRedButterfly1229d ago


Welcome to N4G - where sensible levelheadedness takes a back seat to the majority's blind loyalty. (But I'm sure you're aware of this. Even your comment is getting the flack, simply by agreeing.)

showtimefolks1229d ago

DC will look much better its a true next gen racer. Both will be fun to play. FH2 is an open world while DC is a my kind of dedicated racer

I am just stunned how amazing DC looks, in a way it reminds me of PGR series(and the developers from PGR are at evolution studios now)

IrishSt0ner1229d ago

Drive Club looks insane good and wins in practically every visual aspect.

I'm happy with 2 racing games in the same timeframe though.

stuna11229d ago

^^^This is the balanced comment that's unbiased! No racing game will be perfect! If you like what FH2 is offering buy it when it releases even if you have to drop the cash for a Xbox1 or upgrade your PC.

If you like what DC is offering buy it when it releases even if you have to drop the cash for a PS4. Both will offer value to racing enthusiast on both consoles and both look good.

Kribwalker1229d ago

From the videos I saw yesterday I'd say DC looks better, but I'd also say the physics look like crap. You bounce off of everything. Other cars, side rails, hitting the signs do nothing either. Maybe in looks DC is better, but the physics looks like junk. Don't believe me, what the video again, with an open mind, then get back to me

acdramon1229d ago

Well, since it's an arcade racer by design, DriveClub doesn't make cars completely break down from too much damage. The damage effects will still be there (layers of paint chipping off, deformation etc.) but this is one of the many ways Evo tackled evening the playing field among all people.

VforVideogames1229d ago

Well lets see:
DC has 50 cars
FH2 has 200+ cars
DC can't customize cars
FH2 can customize cars
DC on road only racer
FH2 open world racer
DC has no damage on cars
FH2 has full mechanical and cosmetic damage
DC has no drivatars
FH2 drivatars
DC has no car clubs
FH2 has a 1000 car club members
DC no split screen
FH2 split screen
Both games are locked at 1080p and 30fps
so which one looks better on screen? DriveClub
gameplay and value? Forza Horizon 2
so which one to get?

KinjoTakemura1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

DriveClub does have damage. As for being able to drive where ever you want to, who in the world would want to drive a super car off road like you can in FH2? It just adds unrealistic gameplay to it's unrealistic looks.

Would you want to drive this car off road? For what?

Godmars2901229d ago

"so which one to get?"

The one you own the system for, since neither is worth the sole reason to buy an XB1 or PS4.

Likewise this "discussion" is pointless with both sides acting on misinformed bias.

TheFanboySlayer1229d ago

"DC has no car clubs"

-_____- the game is called DriveCLUB

you fail....

LogicStomper1229d ago


"who in the world would want to drive a super car off road like you can in FH2?"

Firstly for this argument, you have to take into account that there are more people that play racing games than people who drive super cars.

Also, just to add 'realism' to the argument:

So in actual fact, there are people who want to drive super cars off-road for your information.

" It just adds unrealistic gameplay to it's unrealistic looks."

Absolutely flawed. You're saying that it's unrealistic to have super cars off-road. Well if you look back at the first two videos, it clearly shows two 'real' super cars off-road. Also to add, lets just assume that having super-cars off-road is unrealistic, how do you combat the situation? Invisible walls at off-road areas? Barricades that miraculously show up every time you drive in a super cars? Invisible walls and barricades that show up every time you're in a super car sounds pretty realistic. /s

I actually don't know why people agreed with you. If you (as a reader) did agree with Kinjo, I'm actually keen to know why.

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hiredhelp1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Seen it all now 3 pages of people battling it out on witch game has better Raindrops?.. Lol

Elit3Nick1229d ago

You forget which site this is right?

Ninver1229d ago

"people?" their mindless puppets

DoubleM701229d ago

You dummies it's not even raining in Forza2. Don't you all see the sun is about to come back out. You all do know you going to see rainbow coming out in the Forza2 footage.

dkgaby691228d ago

Always remember Watchdogs

assdan1228d ago

It's hard to tell because of the fact that neither gif is in 1080p, which annoys the crap out of me when an article tries to compare graphics. I will say though that the water definitely looks far better on the hood of the car in DC, considering it's treated like a fluid and not a static marble. I'd say reflections are more realistic in DC, considering that the hood of a car isn't a mirror like it is in FH2. Lighting is hard to compare because the gifs are at different times of day. DC's environment appears to be more detailed as well. What I'll say is this. While looking at the DC gif, I could see how someone would mistaken it for an actual video, where as FH2 still has the video gamey look to its textures. Can't wait to see full res gifs and screenshots. That will make the differences very apparent.
Also just from a shear power perspective, we know that DC has to look better.

The Shadow1228d ago

DC is more dynamic and much beautiful and realistic

Also the water droplets in FH2 stick on the hood surface doesn't react that way in real.