Capcom's Confusion Has Killed Mega Man

Hardcore Gamer: Mega Man is dying with every passing month. Even compared to the scatterbrained Resident Evil, Mega Man is in a colossal danger zone.

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ValKilmer1256d ago

What a shame -- this is one of gaming's icons for christ's sake.

Summons751256d ago

So was Devil May Cry and Resident Evil but they had no problem letting those games get ruined.

Honestly I'd rather MM stay at a peaceful rest than than risk them making a new game and it being god-awful.

ValKilmer1256d ago

DmC was the best game in the series.

GrandpaSnake1256d ago

i always thought he was like a for sure fan favorite but yeah they killed mega man i still think hes cooler than mario. imagine if nintendo would release mega man legends 3!

Godmars2901256d ago

Well, look what they did with him. After things like X, ZX, the Battle net series or MML, the best that they could consider was returning to the very original origin.

3-4-51256d ago

Nintendo is keeping Mega man Relevant by putting him in Smash Brothers. They do more for Mega man than Capcom. kind of sad really.

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randomass1711256d ago

Don't forget their greed. A lot of this has to do just as much with greed.

-Foxtrot1256d ago

Honestly their IP's would do better without Capcom. I'd rather see Nintendo get the Megaman IP from them like I would like to see Sony get the Resident Evil IP.

The IP's are either wasted or ruined.

Summons751256d ago

I agree Nintendo gets Megaman, Sony gets Resident Evil, and Platinum Games gets Devil May Cry. Sony and Nintendo can duke it out for Dragon's Dogma (because I just want another one, I don't care what system it comes out on).

gantarat1256d ago

Guarantee 100 % Sony make RE Game like RE Movies

Geekman1256d ago

The gaming industry sure does like the words "Kill, Killing, Killed, and dead."

Battlefieldlover1256d ago

When was the last Mega Man game released?

crusf1256d ago

Mega Man 10(March 1, 2010)
Not too long ago for it to be considered dead.

Battlefieldlover1256d ago

ya 8bit in 2010. You got me man, alive and kicking...

luis_spartano1256d ago

Out of all my favorites franchises, Capcom owns three, and one of them is MegaMan X.

Capcom killed Resident Evil, Breath of Fire, MegaMan X. Since 2008, I promised to myself that Capcom would NEVER see a dollar from my wallet again, and so I did.

To me, Capcom could be purchased by Microsoft, 'cause being purchased by Microsoft is worse than going bankrupt.

Capcom is dead. It just need a grave.

hkgamer1256d ago

its such a shame. totally forgot about breath of fire.

does capcom hate money?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1256d ago

they made a new one .... for mobile that is

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The story is too old to be commented.