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Capcom's Confusion Has Killed Mega Man

Hardcore Gamer: Mega Man is dying with every passing month. Even compared to the scatterbrained Resident Evil, Mega Man is in a colossal danger zone. (3DS, Mega Man 10, Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man Universe, Mighty No. 9, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Retro, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ValKilmer  +   507d ago
What a shame -- this is one of gaming's icons for christ's sake.
Summons75  +   507d ago
So was Devil May Cry and Resident Evil but they had no problem letting those games get ruined.

Honestly I'd rather MM stay at a peaceful rest than than risk them making a new game and it being god-awful.
ValKilmer  +   506d ago
DmC was the best game in the series.
GrandpaSnake  +   507d ago
i always thought he was like a for sure fan favorite but yeah they killed mega man i still think hes cooler than mario. imagine if nintendo would release mega man legends 3!
Godmars290  +   507d ago
Well, look what they did with him. After things like X, ZX, the Battle net series or MML, the best that they could consider was returning to the very original origin.
3-4-5  +   507d ago
Nintendo is keeping Mega man Relevant by putting him in Smash Brothers. They do more for Mega man than Capcom. kind of sad really.
randomass171  +   507d ago
Don't forget their greed. A lot of this has to do just as much with greed.
-Foxtrot  +   507d ago
Honestly their IP's would do better without Capcom. I'd rather see Nintendo get the Megaman IP from them like I would like to see Sony get the Resident Evil IP.

The IP's are either wasted or ruined.
Summons75  +   507d ago
I agree Nintendo gets Megaman, Sony gets Resident Evil, and Platinum Games gets Devil May Cry. Sony and Nintendo can duke it out for Dragon's Dogma (because I just want another one, I don't care what system it comes out on).
gantarat  +   507d ago
Guarantee 100 % Sony make RE Game like RE Movies
Geekman  +   507d ago
The gaming industry sure does like the words "Kill, Killing, Killed, and dead."
Battlefieldlover  +   507d ago
When was the last Mega Man game released?
crusf  +   507d ago
Mega Man 10(March 1, 2010)
Not too long ago for it to be considered dead.
Battlefieldlover  +   506d ago
ya 8bit in 2010. You got me man, alive and kicking...
luis_spartano  +   507d ago
Out of all my favorites franchises, Capcom owns three, and one of them is MegaMan X.

Capcom killed Resident Evil, Breath of Fire, MegaMan X. Since 2008, I promised to myself that Capcom would NEVER see a dollar from my wallet again, and so I did.

To me, Capcom could be purchased by Microsoft, 'cause being purchased by Microsoft is worse than going bankrupt.

Capcom is dead. It just need a grave.
hkgamer  +   507d ago
its such a shame. totally forgot about breath of fire.

does capcom hate money?
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   506d ago
they made a new one .... for mobile that is
XtraTrstrL  +   507d ago
Well it is Crapcom, the only company with so many amazing IPs and no vision on where to go with them or even what genre they should be in anymore. There's hardly anything left under Crapcom that isn't completely trash now, and what's left - they are destroying by $$$ DLC and pay-for-advantage systems like 'gems' in SF x Tekken. Yes, they've added pay-2-win to fighting games. With that COO announcing SF5 along with a pay-for-advantage system to go along with it - just killed the hype for the game for me. Then people wonder how Crapcom can be broke. They're ran by oldschool morons that haven't adapted, and only think in $$$$$.
EarthDevil  +   507d ago
DualWielding  +   507d ago
If I was Capcom I'll do Ducktales style remakes of the whole classic series and the X series...easy money
hkgamer  +   507d ago
megaman has died in a sense. but i guess if someone buys capcom they will definitely push for megaman games.

i mean they have 2d megaman, 3 d megaman, battle network. sub characters it is such a waste.

mighty no.9 seems cool, will porbably play very well. cartoon will boost the characters brand image. but megaman would just kick his ass anyday. its such a shame capcom screwed up.
DVAcme  +   507d ago
My dream scenario is that Capcom goes the way of THQ and Keiji Inafune (with the help of investors or even crowdfunding) manages to secure the Megaman IP. Have Megaman's daddy rescue his son and bring him back in epic fashion.

But of course, this would mean there's justice and love in the universe, and I think I'm much too cynical to believe that :(
Jyndal  +   507d ago
Why is everyone saying Capcom killed RE? Revelations was excellent. Sure 6 wasn't that great, but I'm not going to call the series dead over it.
SpiralTear  +   507d ago
As decent as Revelations was, aside from that, Capcom has done nothing for the Resident Evil series since RE4. RE5 had shoehorned co-op with no horror, RE6 was "Michael Bay with quote-on-quote 'zombies'", and Operation Raccoon City? Garbage.

I expect the next Resident Evil game to follow in the same trend of RE6: all action, no horror. That's not what Resident Evil's about.
gantarat  +   507d ago
action it's sell That Why
RE 5 6.6 millions - xbox 360 ps3 DL
RE 6 5.8 millions - xbox 360 ps3 DL
RE Revelations 1.1 millions - xbox 360 ps3 wii u pc dl
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DVAcme  +   507d ago
What pisses me off is that RE's shift to action is what led to Dead Space's shift to action with Dead Space 3. That fucking killed the best modern survival horror series :(
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   507d ago
I wish Capcom the best.


I hope all of this somehow leads to a "Nintendo vs. Capcom" game.
seraphym88  +   506d ago
YES, ive thought many times about 'Nintendo Vs Capcom', both as a hyper-action arcade fighter, and smash bros clone.

Ryu vs Link. I need that.
gantarat  +   507d ago
Capcom don't make Megaman because the series declining sales. The best selling Mega Man game EVER was Mega Man 2, which sold 1.51 million copies, and it came out in 1988! So no Mega Man game in the many years after that could top 1.5 million copies.
As a franchise it has sold over 30 million, but when you factor that it took 120 titles to hit that mark, that's only an average of 250K.
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Alinea  +   507d ago
Well Megaman may be dead, but his spirit lives on as Mighty 9
TuxedoMoon  +   506d ago
Capcom is the one confusing people with their wacky business decisions and practices. Remember their infamous Disc locked content stuff to them moving over to mobile? They knew people wanted certain things but they ignore fans. ESPECIALLY megaman fans. Fans, even casual megaman fans, begged Capcom for a megaman game for years and they respond by...releasing a pretty good Strider game! Everything they did do to show off megaman has been costumes and stupid stuff like box art megaman, all which are insults to fans. Boxart megaman would've been funny if all those megaman games were coming out. BUT NO! Capcom canned all those games and the release of boxart megaman in SFxTK instead pissed off a lot of people. The joke character went from being a fun joke to an insult towards fans, as if this is how they see their fans. Fat slobs who live in their basements. Remember The Capcom Europe thing where Capcom BLAMED FANS FOR NOT SHOWING ENOUGH INTEREST IN THEIR STUPID ONLINE THING FROM MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3?

I stopped buying Capcom games ever since they killed megaman and cancelled all his games. So I think that was a little before Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I would've bought it if it had Megaman, not going to lie. He wasn't even in Ultimate MVC3...well he was there as a SKIN OVER ZERO. Reason why megaman wasn't in MVC3? He wasn't a fighting game character. NOPE! He can't fight, yet Phoenix Wright and Arthur are on the list. There was also that BS about MVC3 having a ROBUST STORY.

And NO! Don't say they did a huge service to the fans by allowing Megaman in Smash or ProjectXzone. They did allow it, but they didn't do much in terms of contributions. Namco and Nintendo both gave more respect to the character and franchise way more than what Capcom would've ever done. They're the ones that made fans happy, NOT Capcom. I'm pretty sure Capcom had no input on Megaman's final smash either.

There were a few stories too about how bad working conditions were at Capcom (JPN) as well. Understaffed and over worked to the point of some employee's wanting to kill themselves or the work load almost killing them.

I'm glad that this company is finally going under. Just hope those caught in the middle, the hard workers, manage to keep their jobs after a merge or find someplace better.
Illusive_Man  +   506d ago
I always wanted a game that explains what happened between Megaman and Megaman X.

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