New Battlefield 4 Game Update Introduces Competitive Obliteration and Much More, Patch Notes

MP1st - Today, all versions of Battlefield 4 were updated, except for the Xbox One version which is expected to receive a patch tomorrow, July 9.

We’ve rounded up all the notes into one change log with specific platform tweaks highlighted in corresponding colors. But, for the most part, the update is relatively similar across all platforms. Players will find a new competitive Obliteration game mode, increased aim-down-sight customization options, and a ton of other fixes and improvements.

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OmegaShen1257d ago

Weak patch, what are they doing? Let me know when its worth the money I wasted on it.

liquidhalos1257d ago

It's great fun now, if you haven't tried it recently, I highly recommend it

OmegaShen1257d ago

No its not, crash six times on my friend and froze up me two times.

The game remains trash.

1256d ago
liquidhalos1256d ago

Ii respect your opinion, though i still find it great fun and so do many other people, I enjoy the scale, tactics in a good squad, both vehicle and infantry gameplay and the funny quirky moments it's brings. Sometimes you just need to enjoy fun things for what they are. I appreciate it's not for everyone but for those of us who play it regularly, it's great.

It might be worth noting that I waited a few months after release before buying it so I missed all the really bad bugs. I'm sure that helped in my overall enjoyment of bf4.

liquidhalos1257d ago

That's weird, I haven't had a single freeze or crash in weeks now, and none of the people I play with have dropped out either. What version do you have? Mines PS4

sovietsoldier1257d ago

i agree total weak patch. mantling over objects still broken, major net code issues linger,major balance issues,major map exploits, tons of things still need fixing not to mention all the things broke from patch like knifes,camos locked weak patch very weak but hey when you trying to milk a franchise who has time to worry about a failing product like bf4 when you can shovel out another piece of shit and call it hardline.

Mike_D821257d ago

Wow, still so much wrong with his game. How about fixing weapon pickups and loadouts? I still can't pick up weapons and have to change my loadouts every time. Golf clap is right.

ScottyHoss1257d ago

Can't help you with loadouts (honestly never heard of your problem), but the trick to picking up in map weapons is to hold reload first, then try it, works every time for me :)

Squeaky_door1257d ago

They've seemingly given up on the fact that sound doesn't work for the first minute while in vehicles. Also, a "AAA" release has a "squad join beta"....really

BlingBlaine1257d ago

Squad join beta launches your geoup into some 3rd world country, then a blue screen crash, yup its better all right.


Pandamobile1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

It becomes easier to forgive BF4's sins if you know a thing or two about how games work.

Would you rather play in a vehicle with no sound for 30 seconds or would you rather spend that other 30 seconds behind the loading screen?

Mikeyy1257d ago

I personally haven't had any issues with BF4 besides the single player saves getting deleted, and that was fixed with the network tickrate patch.

It sucks people are still running into issues, I have a friend who's knife keeps coming out after he shoots and it stays out. He shoots 1 round then it switches to knife and he has to press triangle to get his weapon back out. Anybody know anything about this issue? I've never witnessed it personally

liquidhalos1257d ago

It's strange how some people have problems and others never do. I personally haven't had any issues since the big patch a few weeks back. I'm loving battlefield again.

frostypants1257d ago

Sounds more like his controller is jacked up to me.

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