Battlefield 4 PS3 Patch 1.12, New PS4 Update Add New Mode & More

A hefty patch launched for Battlefield 4 today on PlayStation 3 (1.12) and PlayStation 4, bringing along the Obliteration game mode on both systems, and fixing bugs, server issues, user interface issues, and more.

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ftwrthtx1198d ago

Haven't tried out this Obliteration yet, but it sounds interesting.

zeee1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I say to hell with the new mode. They can't even fix the glitches in the current modes! Lesson learned. ALWAYS buy Battlefield games at least after a few months of release. When the prices drop and the bugs have been fixed. I am so pissed at Dice that I think that I am not even gonna buy brand new copy of future BF games.

60+tax for the game and then 50 for premium and we still get shafted like never before.

They can't even fix SMALL issues let alone big ones. They are adding news modes. What about Conquest Small that many console players have been begging for since launch? It's there and all they have to do is simply switch it ON but noooooo!!!

I still love BF games. There is absolutely nothing quite like it out there but fact is that they screwed gamers and screwed us big time. A double XP event or a free pistol scope or crappy free battle packs just won't cut it.


SpitFireAce851197d ago

Thank good I bought BF4 and KZ:shadow fall + CoD:Ghost for $113 from target when they had the Buy 2 get one free right when the PS4 came out..

audiophile1011197d ago

actually your better to wait and buy them a year after launch that way you can get a deal on premium and the majority of glitches are fixed. oh and balancing is done as well

zeee1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I just checked guys. They have also added 32 player conquest as well. Too bad nobody is playing. Perhaps when more have downloaded the patch?

HaydoThePotato1197d ago

Hold back on buying Battlefield for a few months? This game has been out for 9 months buddy, so your logic is out of the question.

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elhebbo161197d ago

wait obliteration wasn't originally on PS3/4?

Hk85karlsson1197d ago

Yes it was. I´m not sure what mode they put in yet.

ThatHappyGamer1197d ago

From the article,

* Added a competitive Obliteration game mode

Wedge191198d ago

Glad to see they are at least still supporting the game instead of giving it up for dead.

dbjj120881198d ago

Are people still having a lot of issues with this one?

Majin-vegeta1198d ago

The soldier movement now feels like you're on the ground and not in mid air.

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The story is too old to be commented.