Mighty No. 9 Doesn't Need More Money

CCC Says: "No. Back off Comcept. Get your hands out of my pocket, Keiji Inafune. I... I gave at the office. You got my money 10 months ago. Mighty No. 9 already raised $3,845,170, so don't come asking for more.

Stop with the puppy dog eyes. That won't get you anywhere. I'm immune to those measures. In fact, we all are. Gamers have been innundated with crowdfunding efforts and we're wiser with our investiments. Especially since it's come to pass that enough never seems like enough."

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randomass1711448d ago

This author is extremely bitter, that much is for sure. I'm still not understanding what people are so upset about. You don't have to donate if you don't want those extra features. They're not asking for more to get the game made with the original stretch goals. This is pretty much them adding more stretch goals to provide incentive for an option to donate further if you so wish. Shantae did it and so did A Hat in Time. Why is this one so vile and greedy and evil in comparison?

EcoSos31447d ago

I think is because they made 4 million in kickstarter and they knew most of the donations where from western players, so why didn't they have a English cast from the beginning.

randomass1711447d ago

I would go look at the original stretch goals for that answer. It was never planned, probably because they did not anticipate the fan desire for voice acting at all. Voice acting as one of the original stretch goals and then being used as an incentive for more donations would definitely warrant a lot more outrage. But it simply wasn't in the pipeline at the time. It's hard for me to fault them simply for offering more stuff that wasn't offered before if more stretch goals are met.

thehobbyist1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

*Western player gives Japanese developer money, expects English game*

That's like if I made my game's first language Spanish just because most of my donators were Spaniards. I wouldn't.

THamm1447d ago

Wonder how he feels about the 30 thousand dollar potato salad on kick starter? Yes but if the goal was surpassed by that much, more should have been added to the game, other than that I see this a money grab, shame as it was an exciting thing in the beginning

randomass1711447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

For kicks, I went to the main Kickstarter page to check whether or not they actually had any extra money after the last stretch goal. Turns out they did not. In fact the Kickstarter donations was just under the last revealed stretch goal and only after Paypal donations were initiated did they meet it. So as far as we know, they really did not have a lot of extra money after what was offered. I still don't see it as a money grab but more like an offer for extra features.

^Check out this link. Yeah, they went way past the goal, but this covered the game and all of its original stretch goals. You're STILL getting this. This hasn't changed. So I really can't understand what is so upsetting about them opening up the window for more donations and basically newer stretch goals.

THamm1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I see, thanks, bubbles up. I also heard a lot of the backlash has to do with the game not being exactly as everyone expected and infafune"s past history.

Tiqila1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I think that no matter how they set their stretch-goals 3.8 mio should be enough to include voice acting and if that was not the case, they should have included it in the first kickstarter campaign as another stretch goal. This is money grabbing and very uncool regarding all the support they got on kickstarter.

They will make so much money with this game, releasing on almost every platform and at a proud price. The kickstarter supporters made it possible and they should be thankful and include this for their fans and supporters that already made them rich, instead of asking for more. I can understand the authors bitterness.

Blacklash931447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I don't understand why people are acting like victims of injustice, here. They aren't stealing from your wallet. If you give them money, it's your perogative and it's your risk.

hellothere19771447d ago

The concern comes from the issue that it appears they are abusing the "spirit" of the kickstarter program.

When you have people abuse something designed as a goodwill type model, it will begin to degrade the whole program. This in turn may lead to people shunning the program and less people will have faith in this.

As it is now, arbitrary numbers are put up as stretch goals. Money donated is not accounted for and then, even when people know the project has elicit more than enough, these guys come back with their hands stretched out for more.

Don't be naive enough to think the numbers they put up for stretch goals are minimum amounts they need to do something. More than not, those goal intervals are PADDED with at least 100% for profit and miscellaneous things.

Cha0tik1447d ago

i think people are failing to see that this is not needed to finish the game. Just don't donate.

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Th3o1447d ago

Yeah...good idea Editor, sell voice acting as a DLC...That won't piss ppl off at ALL after 3m$ fundraiser.

Unless the Dlc is free, this is a situation where you're trapped between a rock and hard spot.

I personally do not need any voice acting for the game, i'd just be glad to have the game.

I do think the writer is a bit too bitter, I mean it is an optional donation, but I can see where the greed comes in.

I mean we know he will get the 200,000. People are so desperate for a good megaman game I'm sure many ppl would cough up another 200,000 and get a complete game in the image of the creator.