Your first look at DRIVECLUB’s dynamic weather in action

PSBlog :

"Evolution Studios took the wraps off DRIVECLUB’s dynamic weather system at E3 in Los Angeles this month and we were there to see it demoed live. Today we’ve got some new direct feed gameplay clips of it in action and an interview with the game’s Art Director Alex Perkins.

The clips are all taken from an early demo of the game’s realistic – and fully customisable – weather system, which will be available for DRIVECLUB as a free update for all players shortly after launch.

We’re really excited to give you an early look at how wind, rain, snow and everything in between can affect your races and how you can customise it in your challenges. Take a look at the new videos and then keep reading for more from Alex."

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Majin-vegeta1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Awww I was expecting a car pile up on the second video :(.Cant wait for this.

Xsilver1173d ago


GarrusVakarian1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Lmao, that was more or less my reaction when i first saw it.

It's simply unreal what Evo has managed to pull off with the PS4 so soon in it's cycle.

Take away the HUD from that 2nd video and i guarantee people would mistake it for a real video.


Xsilver1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

"because we’ve designed it to be just like real weather systems. Spots of rain can become torrential downpours or transition into blizzards, quickly or slowly, and when the clouds clear up the tracks will dry out too."

It's not even a Game no more it's a fxxking Experience

Edit: looking at the stealth Disagrees like mad or nah.

ThunderSpark1173d ago

I am reporting this video for being to F-ing Awesome!!! Moderators, please remove this article for melting my eyes!!

- Now Blind Gamer

MrSec841173d ago

Agreed, nothing touches this game graphically & the way the cars react to the rain in those videos looks so believable.

It's becoming more & more apparent that Evolution made the right choices in making this game.

I can't wait to see more!!

tuglu_pati1173d ago

WOW! PS4 is a beast. This game looks outstanding.

FernGully1173d ago Show
Sevir1173d ago

This game looks fantastic... I'm really shocked that they can manage all this and still keep a solid 30fps.

Kribwalker1173d ago

It looks like it plays like Ridge Racer. RIDGE RACER!!!

pyramidshead1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

It genuinely looks a whole lot photo realistic in comparison to other racers coming out on consoles this year. The exception being Project Cars but that doesn't count as the definitive edition of that will be on PC anyway

But holy damn, I prefer Driveclub's aesthetics to FMS5/FH2's kinda cartoony video-gamey look.

I remember reading they looked into what filters they use for the TV program Top Gear here in the UK to get a sense of realism into the IQ. Fantastic stuff.

edit: Also inb4 marcofdeath(aka marcberry of misterx's blog) comes in to tell everyone that this won't be possible on PS4.

ABizzel11173d ago

All I have to say is wow. First Party PS devs, aren't playing. Drive Club, The Order, and Uncharted are all setting BARZ.

I wanted customization, and a few other other things, but I see why some things were sacrificed when you game looks like this. Thankfully Evolution said they're adding updates and plan on supporting DC for a long time so we might still get all those extras.

-Alpha1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

This is truly the first time this generation (outside of Uncharted) that I'm said to myself "this is next gen"

Every other game so far has felt okay, but this truly feels next gen.

Destrania1173d ago

This is so f'n incredible. I need this game so f'n bad. Absolutely amazing stuff. Can't wait to experience whey car and every location in different ways with weather and time-of-day transitions and everything.

NatureOfLogic_1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Wow I would have never guess that Evolution Studios would be setting the visual standards for racers. Much talent. Also, this was well worth the delay.

Nine_Thousaaandd1173d ago



Yeah man, Driveclub is gonna be amazing...can't wait!

amiga-man1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

simply stunning a visual feast for racing fans, I knew this game would look good but that video has blown me away.

Looks like the wait was worth it.

Sarcasm1173d ago

wow, holy sh*t alright. that was some insane graphics

BallsEye1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


Forza looks like a cartoon compared to this? Are you serious?

Also it's sad where gaming fell these days. Only pixels count for people on this site, totally neglecting game depth. Driveclub is way overhyped game. Delayed twice, 50 cars WITHOUT modifications, few tracks, weather system on closed tracks AFTER release date and you sh!t your pants over a short video with rain. Somehow turn 10 manages to release another nex-gen racer this year with 200+ cars, huge open world, lots of cars on screen/traffic, seamless online 1000000 cars clubs, 700+ events, fully customizable cars (can even draw your ugly butt on a car if you wish) trading between players, selling cars, open world drivatars and more.

Driveclub can even have meteor rain and dinosaurs in the background for all I care, but it does not add depth, it does not add gameplay, it does not add value. We need more content these days, less fqin around with raindrops. So far driveclub is just a pretty game and doesn't have much to offer. If I'd only care about pixels I'd stick to my monster PC cause from that perspective,we console gamers look like idiots fighting over who's tube tv ( ) is more powerful and has more pixels, pretending it's cutting edge technology and there is nothing beyond it.

pyramidshead1172d ago

It looks overly colour saturated and vibrant. It's cartoony. **No-one said this was a bad thing**, it's clearly down to what kinda of image quality you like. Driveclub is going for the more real aesthetic which they've stated before in info blowouts and magazine interviews and features whereas Forza has always been a lot more 'colourful'.

GribbleGrunger1172d ago


It's odd that you chose that video when there are actual gameplay videos to choose from. Now why would that be?

Aceman181172d ago

sweet baby jesus this looks freaking insane.

guitarded771172d ago

Say what you will about the Forza/DriceClub comparisons. All I know is that in the last turn in the 1st/3rd (same video) video, you see the paths taken by the precious cars on the wet road, and that's pretty impressive looking. I don't recall ever seeing anything that detailed in another driving game before.

Skips1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

LMFAO @ BallsEye! ... His entire paragraph rant reeks of butt hurt!

Just one track we've seen from DriveClub curbstomps anything we've seen from Forza's entire cartoony map. XD

Xsilver1172d ago

DriveClub is DriveClub
ForzaH2 is FH2

And frankly i'm more interested in DC But that's my Business if you want FH2 buy Fh2 don't come talking about FH2 on a Driveclub article makes you sound like these videos anger you :/ Evolution is achieving their vision for DC and turn 10 is achieving their vision with FH2 so why are you comparing them -_-.

egidem1172d ago

I keep on rewatching these clips... and every single time, I'm completely stunned by the sheer amount of quality that is inside the game.

ramiuk11172d ago

that looks real,i think i can honestly say i have never seen weather look so good.

infact i dont believe its really a game it looks so good.

MysticStrummer1172d ago


55 tracks is "few"?

I stopped reading your comment at that point, but as for the small amount of comment I made it through before then...

Pixels are not all that matters. If DC doesn't handle well, it won't do well.

Delays aren't a bad thing, in and of themselves. DC appears to have benefited from the delay, and a certain other racing game would have benefited from a delay as well instead of being rushed for launch.

It's not a sim, so having no engine/parts tweaking isn't that big a deal. They want people to race according to skill, not time spent tweaking and tweaking. It's just not that kind of game.

I want to know how many people feel like they drive most of the cars in games where hundreds are available. I know I don't. I'm more interested in the number of tracks and the variable time of day and soon to be added weather.

The game looks and sounds outstanding, but as I said the final and most important test will be getting behind the wheel.

KinjoTakemura1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


fernguly is right dude...
Forza Horizon 2 does look cartoonish compared to Drive Club

DriveClub Dynamic Weather

Forza Horizon 2 Weather

Screen Shots


Forza Horizon 2

And the final, compare wet blacks...

Which one looks real

Number one?

Number two?

DigitalRaptor1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

@ BallsEye


You're so knowledgable about the games you are talking about that you don't even know that Turn 10 aren't even making Horizon 2.

YES. Both FM5 and Horizon 2 looks cartoonish compared to DRIVECLUB. You could remove the HUD of DRIVECLUB, and it would look real to the majority of people. Even gamers who are used to seeing car racing gameplay. It looks phenomenal and it plays great, as confirmed by recent hands-on at E3.

You are so insecure that you went on a tirade comparing 2 completely different kinds of games, knowing that they're not the same kind of game.

55 circuits being "few" to you, proves your strange way of thinking.

"So far driveclub is just a pretty game and doesn't have much to offer."

You've proven you don't really have a leg to stand on as far as describing the game. What else other than graphics and insane atmosphere and immersion does it offer? It has rock solid, immersive and thrilling gameplay with fantastic sense of speed and competitiveness. It has plenty of online modes and social interactivity as expected from modern arcade racing games.

No car customization? BOO HOO! /s

It's not a sim racer. It has plenty of content that would not dare be criticised in ANY OTHER arcade racing game. For some reason, this PS4 exclusive gets the criticism that Xbox exclusives like Project Gotham Racing didn't get whilst being a great arcade racing series and following the same criteria of DRIVECLUB has done, whilst adding its own flavour.

Septic1172d ago

Looks absolutely stunning. Easily the best looking racer on consoles.

UltraNova1172d ago

Ok that footage was something else. Easily the most impressive racer (graphics-wise) at the moment.

Out of topic: I can only wonder what Polyphony will have to do to surpass that...not to mention Project cars on the ps4 will be another benchmark to surpass.

I mean GT7 has to be the best of the best in everything after all... well good luck with that Polyphony!

bouzebbal1172d ago

you FLOP hard!
i don't have interest in FH2 but i still know Turn 10 isn't developing FH2.

Evolution blew us away with every Motorstorm game and the trend continues on PS4. Best racer i've ever seen... and you know the best thing? you get PS+ edition for Free!

vishmarx1172d ago


holy freaking god!
that last screenshot(RUF)
,that is fkin real

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TheTwelve1173d ago

I was actually on the fence on this but now I'm officially buying this without a doubt.

memots1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

i was always going to buy it. The game has been under attack constantly by Fanboy and its good that a video like that shows without a doubt that this is not only next gen but doing some visual effect that never were done before in a racing game.

i an a huge gearhead and racing is my favorite type of games. This is definitely raising the bar and give me hope for this gen.

Like you i had some friend that were going to wait for the ps+ edition and decide, but after seeing those video they are all in.

liquidhalos1173d ago

Wow, just wow. I lost interest in this game recently, but now. Wow, i can't wait to show this off to my mates when I get it

imt5581173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Holy sh*t!!!

What a beautiful looking weather. Comparing to other racing games... The best for sure. Remove the HUD and people might think that's a real life.

And look what MISTERX thinks about Driveclub ( hilarious ):

Quotes :

"...You was right about FH2. New footage destroys DC in power and things it renders on screen. Looks better now for me. Looks like real life..."

"...Looks great.

But don't care as FH2 will not that far worse for their open world.

( the best )
Could be PC version as smoke and mirror and will be downgraded. SONY ALWAYS LIES..."


You can notice forming ice on trees and how rain drops crawling on hood : ( or check the same video @HD )

Quote from article :

Q : What’s the scale of the weather types in the game?

Is it just rain or snow, or can we expect drizzle, sleet, downpours, blizzards and so forth?
Alex Perkins: You can expect every one of those and you can expect it to change DYNAMICALLY and UNPREDICABLLY while you race – because we’ve designed it to be just like real weather systems. Spots of rain can become torrential downpours or transition into blizzards, quickly or slowly, and when the clouds clear up the tracks will dry out too.

AndrewLB1172d ago

^^^^ HD? Huh? That clip you posted is 539px × 300px.

I still don't know what they were thinking when they decided to not include vehicle damage in this game...

btw... why on earth would they release a 720p clip from this game if it's native resolution is 1080p?

CryofSilence1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Andrew, not only is there damage, there are several layers of damage. You can scrape off 1 layer of paint of the many coats to severe body deformation that is realistically calculated.

#27 and #28 (read all)

3-4-51173d ago

I was honestly impressed by that gameplay clip.

The lighting is amazing and it seems to be as close to realistic as we've seen in game yet in a driving game.


jwatt1172d ago

This makes me want a ps4 even more now

MEsoJD1172d ago

My god, I cant believe the level of detail in this game.

MysticStrummer1172d ago

Great goggly moogly that looks amazing…


Flutterby1172d ago

I have been saying that since watching that evolution movie lol googly moogly I love oogly words

otherZinc1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


I'm right here.

1st, Destiny is releasing on PS4 & XBOX relax.
Halo is exclusive to XBOX. I'll play Destiny, it's developed by Bungie. I knew Bungie was great 14years ago...glad you'll know this in September.

I'll be here to pick-up the pieces when Drive Club doesn't release this weather dlc. And or, when this video is proven to be CG (they'll say it's in engine) & not gameplay.

SONY wants you to buy an unfinished game & promise you dlc weather later.

I'll be back when they have a real demo to show us.

Xsilver1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

"Drive Club is 1080p...look at how bad it sucks next to Forza Horizon 2."

Lmao your previous comment says everything we need to know your account was created 4 days ago do you trolls ever stop :/.

FernGully1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


This OTHERZINC really is an EMOTIONAL woman! CG? Did you Really try to heal your Hemroids by calling these videos "CG?" You are Undoubtedly on your PERIOD mate! It must be that time of the month for you huh?! Do you realize that you are 6 hours late to this party? Like a bloody coward, You took the bate and came to this bloody (Drive Club) board to get you butthurt A$$ handed to you! You're alooone out here because you choose to bloody FANBOY instead of GAME! CG? Lets used the words "unfinished", "LATER" and "DLC!" Can any of those be associated with FORZA! We caught you red-handed you maggot! You are still...monthly downloading not only cars but also TRACKS too! Tell us if you can mate about that favorite track of yours thats in EVERY racing game that wasn't in FORZA 5 from launch!!!! Tell us! See I will admit, Forza 5 is a REAL GOOD game mate, but you pretend its bloody flawless and use words like "Garbage" and "Shi#" to describe DriveClub! That pisses me off! So guess what this DriveClub "demo" you speak of took a BIG SHI_ on your only game, Forza 5! One day you'll have a bowel movement and admit Microsoft is NOT perfect mate! Until then, you can sit at home and stew over why you aren't a real gamer, having all this fun, who unbiasedly plays All the good games! Your disagrees are currently being shipped to you now mate.

DigitalRaptor1172d ago

"I'll be here to pick-up the pieces when Drive Club doesn't release this weather dlc."

You SO don't want this to be real do you?

"when this video is proven to be CG (they'll say it's in engine) & not gameplay."

Yup, you REALLY don't want this to be real. Damn son… that some real delusional butthurt going on there. I'm not quite sure if you're being serious here, but based on your comment history, you probably are and that is very troubling indeed.

"SONY wants you to buy an unfinished game & promise you dlc weather later."

Sony wants us to buy a game that was delayed to improve its quality, and people will buy it cause it has become a worthy racing game from the extra work that's been put into it. They've clearly worked tirelessly to make this an excellent and gorgeous arcade racer worthy of the next-gen label.

Microsoft wanted you to buy a rushed, downgraded sim racer with an absolute joke of content compared to Forza 4 for $60, and then STILL spend an extra $50 on more content that should have been in the game in the first place. I think I know which company has made the better moves.

Face it. EVERYTHING you have said about DriveClub to try and downplay it has been factually inaccurate. I remember when you were trolling on the early gameplay footage which had ghost cars, saying that the PS4 couldn't handle the number of cars on the track being the reason. You are nothing short of an absolute joke.

EVO has proven you wrong time and time again, and they will continue to show why.

Sarcasm1172d ago

lol I can almost taste the salty tears coming from this guy

its_JEFF1172d ago

I sometimes wish there was a bubble down title "sad"... Because, that was sad. I just cannot fathom where this is coming from, like... I am just so confused by your post @otherZinc idk if it comes from a place of delusion, or maybe hatred, or loyalty. I'm even more baffled that you got 2 agrees! LoL

otherZinc1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


Like I said, we'll see what Drive Club is like at Games Con, when someone has a controller in their hands.

We'll see what Drive Club is like "at launch".

We'll see if the weather has any effect on driving.

We'll see if Drive Club can offer any scenery other than mountains.

We'll see if Drive Club can launch with more than 55 cars.

We'll see if Drive Club isn't pulling a Killlzone 2 @ E3:remember that?

Drive Club is nothing compared to what they were saying it was going to be in the beginning, Drive Club isn't open world like was touted against Forza Motorsport 5.

What are the features of Drive Club? If any of these new graphics of Drive Club are true, you can only play graphics for so long before it gets as tired as watching grass grow.

Games Con is around the corner, we'll see what happens there...

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Aceman181172d ago

this is Illusive man comment

"It looks nice but the weather is baked, you can tell by closely looking at the water beading and streaking down the window. The water appears to loop, as if it is a looping gif. Again, the game looks beautiful but I'm not sure if I'd call it dynamic weather."

personally i think he's out of his mind lol.

DigitalRaptor1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Are these people really upset that Sony fans can be virulent when talking about their hobby, after all the bulls**t that was pitched against the PS3 last-gen when it had great games every year, and clearly wasn't doomed?

These Xbox fanboys are literally delusional, and I don't know any group that has been as fiercely delusional as the Xbox fanboys over the past few years. Most of the Xbox trolls on here ARE out of their mind. You see people like NextLevel posting actual FACTS. They might be trolling, but they're still posting facts.

Illusive_Man, Truefan1, Corvusmd, Edonus, otherZinc - these people are actually delusional. It's sad to assume, but I think they all subscribe to Mrxmedia. They think that the Xbox One is doing amazingly well, when its sales have been declining month-by-month since January, and somehow they insist that Xbone has a chance of overtaking the PS4 in sales, when it clearly will never happen. They still think the power difference between the two consoles are not significant. Like I said, delusional. They are all still stuck in stage one and that's not healthy.

MikeGdaGod1172d ago

that third video is really great to look at

CaptainObvious8781172d ago

I'm officially hyped for this game again.

Did anyone else jizz in their pants?

Knushwood Butt1172d ago

Funny how a couple of days ago, moaners were bitching about lack of customization. Now this..

kenshiro1001172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

...I am freaking stunned. o_o

I am getting a PS4 and this will be my first game. Oh my goodness.

The Shadow1172d ago

i wouldnt mine if its 30fps if it looks that good :)

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The_Infected1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Wow this look impossibly real!

Kayant1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Now imagine it again with gamersyde quality or in front of you if you own a PS4 ;)

So good.gif

Btw added another one which I missed.

The_Infected1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Yea this definitely needs to be on gamersyde or something better to see this amazing weather.

ramiuk11172d ago

with gamersyde i would need a jumbo pack of tissues

GarrusVakarian1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

That second video looks so real! I'm freaking out at how real that footage looks. Hands down the best graphics on any racer.

*Watches footage for 10th time*

Neonridr1173d ago

damn you Drive Club for making me want a simulation style racing game. I don't even like your types of games normally!!!

*shakes fist violently*

GarrusVakarian1173d ago

If it's any consolation, it's not completely sim. I think you will enjoy it if you usually only enjoy arcade racers. that the Driveclub PS4 bundle i see your cursor moving towards, Neonridr?

Neonridr1173d ago

lol, I just mean games like PGR, Forza, Gran Turismo. I usually never gave them any time of day. Stuck with more "arcadey" racers like Need for Speed.

But after watching these videos, I will definitely be putting in a preorder very soon. Not for the bundle though, already have the PS4.. :P

zeuanimals1173d ago

PGR was actually fairly arcade, and this game really reminds me of it. I mean, it wasn't fully NFS arcade, but the mechanics weren't super realistic.