In Defense of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I understand that the graphics and atmosphere were not the things that irked players of TFUII on its release. Complaints came about its brevity and the clearly recycled sections. The most insulting part comes about half way through where, after battling through a level the player is tasked with doing it again, only this time in reverse with minor changes to the backgrounds and enemies. That’s the only part that stands out to me as a particularly poor section though, and I have no problem with brevity. Why make a game artificially long? Is there a length at which a Star Wars game becomes acceptable? I’d happily take a well put together four hour experience over a poorly constructed eight hour one, but hearing the reaction to TFUII certainly makes me feel like I’m in the minority there.

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pixelsword1441d ago

The Force Unleashed 2 is The Episode I of the Star Wars games with Jar-Jar and all.