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Kingdom Hearts 3 Co-director wants to tackle Frozen in next game

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts 3 Co-director Tai Yasue wants to use Frozen in the next Kingdom Hearts game. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

GeofferyPeterson  +   262d ago
SMH...well as long as that song isn't in it, I guess. Sigh.
PSNintyGamer  +   262d ago
You just need to Let It Gooo
GeofferyPeterson  +   262d ago
Now youv'e done it...
Zero-One  +   261d ago
Not funny. Besides, Frozen ripped off the Lion King.
sinncross  +   262d ago
Considering how popular the song is here in Japan I'm pretty sure it will be in the game in some form.
RichardDawkins  +   261d ago
Do you want to build a snowman??
Magicite  +   261d ago
frozen everywhere
3-4-5  +   261d ago
* What are some of the Best Disney Movies that HAVE YET to be used in Kingdom Hearts ?

I've never played any of these yet.
HexxedAvenger  +   262d ago
Nope, I didn't see this coming. Lol
Sharius  +   262d ago
F frozen, make star war and marvel world, gotta make this happen before disney turn them into musical BS
KonsoruMasuta  +   262d ago
I can *probably* see Star Wars in there, but not Marvel. Marvel superheroes would not fit in.
millerj2740  +   261d ago
I refuse to believe that. Personally, if I don't at least get the Incredible Hulk as a summon I will cry a little on the inside. I wouldn't mind fighting alongside Wolverine or Colossus with a Fastball Special move either. Or how about combining with Iron Man's armor as another form change?

Think about those and pretend not to smile a little bit lol
Sharius  +   261d ago
i don't see how they don't fit in, especially avenger, captain's shield for goofy, chitauri scepter of loki's staff for donald must be f***ing awesome

as for sora i'm yet to think about any keyblade would fit in avenger theme

for the story, in the movie loki call a freaking alien to help him invade earth, so in game, maybe instead of alien he will call heartless, nobody or whatever be the enemy in KH3 to aid him
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Omar91  +   262d ago
Well... so far so good!! :D
Sheed  +   262d ago
I sure hope a princess in the frog inclusion will be in there!
Imagine how beautiful New Orleans' Madi Gras would look on the PS4
dangerdude321  +   261d ago
It's too many worlds to choose from. But i hope they don't ruin the game.
SaintAlpha101  +   261d ago
I'd rather have a Wreck-It Ralph and Star Wars world instead of Frozen.
The chance to fight heartless alongside Wreck-It Ralph/Fix-It Felix or getting a lightsaber keyblade and fighting Darth Vader or something sounds much more awesome than anything Frozen could offer.

Frozen was incredibly overhyped and was kinda lackluster compared to Disney's other films IMO, but seeing how it is overhyped and for some reason adored by millions, it'll be put in Kingdom Hearts to appease the slobbering imbeciles who constantly screech the films songs in public and annoy the heck out of everyone else.
Alinea  +   261d ago
oh come on, use wreck it ralph instead.
matrixman92  +   261d ago
god, this movie was so bad. Bring on a Tangled world...you know, an actual good movie
dcj0524  +   261d ago
Whay was so bad about it? Simple plot with a nice twist, good visuals and catchy songs.
SugarSoSweet  +   257d ago
agreed Frozen is so overrated Tangled was actually pretty good

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