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12 Best Video Game Stories Ever

GamingSoFar: Here we came with the list of 12 best Stories of video games. The Gameplay with out good Game Story is like a Bread with out egg or something else. So in the game story is the most important thing. Check out the list and tell us if we miss some thing. (Culture)

Physco  +   385d ago
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on number 10 and Alan Wake on number 1 its amazing.
alexkoepp  +   385d ago
No Halo 1, Dead Space, or Bioshock original? Fail... Alan Wake was awesome though
Tiqila  +   385d ago
lol dead space...
though I like the game, the story is very generic and not that special.
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prince5  +   385d ago
I Have Played just 3 from 12
Assassin Creed
Grand theft Auto
Spec ops the line
For me Spec ops on number 1
oasdada  +   385d ago
Spec ops was pretty badass story wise... cant say much abt gplay
oasdada  +   385d ago
Gone home on no1
oasdada  +   385d ago
Though agree with silent hill 2 on no1 but in all honesty alan wake in all its glory is still no.3 and last of us if not no.1 is still atleast no.2 imho
LightDiego  +   385d ago
I liked the list, another game stories that i really liked: To The Moon, Lone Survivor, Bioshock, Ni no Kuni, The Unfinished Swan, Beyond Good & Evil, GTA IV (i really liked), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Catherine, Transistor, Okami, Broken Age (until now), Chrono Trigger, and much, much more. :3
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Hanuman  +   385d ago
I could not finish Spec ops so I never saw the end credits. Bad gameplay can ruin a good story!
TheDevKit  +   385d ago
I don't know why people entertain the idea that Bioshock: Infinite's story is anything more than pretentious crap.
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Roshanish  +   385d ago
My opinion silent hill 2 deserve position 1
Genova84  +   384d ago
Not a single JRPG made cut? Really? No Chrono Trigger or Suikoden? Come on!
CaptainFaisal  +   384d ago
Call of duty has a good story ^^ not trolling here im serius! Black ops 2 ,CoD Ghosts etc... Im talking about story here and nothing else, if you disagree please explain why, they pay a lot of money for some of the best writers in the industry and we cant deny that. Even CoD AW from what i have seen will be amazing especially because of (Kevin Spacy).

From the list i have seen TLOU should have been #1 the only game that truly put me to tears :P

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