Is DLC A Good Thing?

Is it a good thing that DLC has become increasingly popular among studios? Jamie Richards gives his thoughts on the matter.

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randomass1711415d ago

You can't say all DLC is bad. That's a generalization. Not every company is EA and Capcom.

guitarded771415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

DLC is good when it adds something worth wild without fragmenting a community. DLC is best when it's something that can be stand alone like Undead Nightmare or Super Luigi U... or when it's something that adds to a long term game like an MMO or RPG. Games with long term play value which don't release every year can offer DLC as something to keep fans busy while they work through a long development cycle.

DLC is bad (IMO) when it's either clearly a cash if (bonus mission often fall under this type); or map packs that fragment a community, and are also in development with the game itself (so they're held back just to get money), or just stupid ass costumes to nickle and dime (even though the costumes aren't helping anyone). It's just sad to dig through 5,000 pieces of DLC to see if there are any serious add-ons.

Naga1415d ago

Like it or not, the existence of DLC is what has kept game retail prices from going up.

TankCrossing1415d ago

@Naga, that isn't entirely true. The only thing that stops game prices going up is that consumers will not bite.

DLC and other post-sale revenue is becoming necessary to sustain game development because of the silly budgets behind games, but if EA and Activision could get away with it we would definitely get increases game prices AND DLC and micro-transactions. It isn't a case of one or the other.

Chrischi19881415d ago

Yes you can, DLC is very bad. Expansion packs back in the days, were a totally different thing, it was like getting an old game, but heavily changed for the better, with many improvements, maps, new stuff all over the place, DLC is nothing like that, it will only give you a normal map, or a skin, it is ridiculious to even want money for that stuff.

kreate1415d ago

I remember the days when u get dlc as a reward for beating the game. like u unlock new costumes as u progress through the game.

now u get to buy them from the digital market.

the dlc should be part of the game as a whole package. instead they take bits and pieces and sell it to u for a few bucks.

also the dlc doesn't keep the game prices low. the reason why the game prices are low (if u think $60 is really low), is becuz more ppl are buying the games.

u compensate the lower cost by selling it to more people.

if the game cost $70 bucks... less ppl will buy. if u keep it at $60, more ppl will buy. its just market pricing.

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ramiuk11415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

hate DLC with a passion.

reason is that developers are leaving parts of a game out to sell after.
infact its so much of a kick in teeth now that they announce the stuff before releasing game yhet the game disc is only half full.

I believe the reason we have DLC was part against piracy last gen.
I didnt buy it last gen but with some preorders i got free DLC.

This gen on ps4 i will buy DLC which ads extra to games like the planets in destiny or the expansions in division etc,but i will never buy stupid stuff like weapons,camo,clothing and in game coins

JBSleek1415d ago

Not as cut and dry as yes and no.

M3TR01DFANBOY1415d ago

I will always think that most dlc content should have been in the standard game release.

BobBelcher1415d ago

yes. Full packaged DLC... Not 'new costumes/weapons.'
DLC provides longevity to the game.

DFogz1415d ago

Only if it's done right.

Expansions and add-ons weeks/months after a game comes out is perfectly fine. Gameplay missions and content cut out only to be sold as pre-order content or paid week1 DLC is a big no-no.

Also, I believe costumes should be unlockable. We shouldn't have to pay $5 to change the color of our character.

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