EliteGamer (Spain) reviews MGS4 (9/10)

Spanish website writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"Mr Hideo Kojima, as almost always, it was the bar very high, but once again, has done what was promised. We find ourselves with a new Metal Gear Solid superb, you look where you look, with one of those stories that trap us from start to finish, our emotions, with enormous possibilities playable, with the great online mode and, above all, capable of offering sensations that few games can achieve.

Perhaps his only weakness is that, basically, it's really just a new Metal Gear Solid, an (great) evolution of what we had not seen so far, but not a revolution as was once the Metal Gear Solid of PSX.

The feeling that you have left once you've finished it played something big, very big, you can be engraved on the retina, but that if it were not for all their previous releases, maybe it would not have gone from being "a title most outstanding ". If you have not played any of the above, might not have just discovered all his greatness."

They have also a video-reviw (at 10:55) ->

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Telmarine3636d ago

I just hope this review saw past the hype.

Batusai3636d ago

I understand spanish and is a great review. They aren't fanatics of MGS and they aren't pro-xbox.

SUP3R3636d ago

It's a good review, after reading it. It's fair and honest.

Hydrolex3636d ago

that means

Graphics 10/10 --------> LOL u gotta be kidding me


MGS4 9/10 ?

I believe MGS4 is bigger than GTA IV

Telmarine3636d ago

Ok, how did I get 5 disagrees?

ISA_Scum3636d ago

Well, you're up to 6 now (wasn't me!).

Anyways, more great reviews. But don't worry folks, no matter what anyone else says we still all get to look forward to 1up and Gamespot's underscoring this week! *rolls eyes*

Can't wait to pick this up. Limited Edition pre-ordered in full for quite some time already!

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BulletToothtony3636d ago

Since he is in spain is fair that his review mentions it, being that he's reviewing the game for spanish people..

Still good score for not being able to play it in his native language, even thou the subtitles helped...

Game seems very promising

sonarus3636d ago

Yea. Funny how 50Gb can't hold different sound tracks. MGS being a game based largly on story it sucks to not play in your language of choice

Batusai3636d ago

If you read the review, they explain the why of this note, and they don't quit the point for the language of the game.

Bonsai12143636d ago

because every language would be in 7.1, which would take several gb per track, and at 50gb, there's no room for more.

Breakfast3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

"Perhaps his only weakness is that, basically, it's really just a new Metal Gear Solid, an (great) evolution of what we had not seen so far, but not a revolution as was once the Metal Gear Solid of PSX."

Why do people always expect revolution in one of the final parts of the series.

I dont wanna play MGS4 Revolution - Half FPS half RTS and half (i know it doesnt add up)

I just wanna see improvements.

Halo 3 didnt Revolutionize
MGS 4 didnt Revolutionize (at least that what he says)

...But, they both did with there first games. Dont change whats all im saying.

Fernando Rocker3636d ago

Then why do you guys complain that Mario and Nintendo games are always the same?

If is not broken, dont fix it.

Breakfast3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

First of all...that was talk about a systems games. Not a single game. And i was saying Nintendo doesnt make new IPs anymore...Sony and MS seem to be doing just fine, at balancing the new and the old.

lol...and nowhere did i say Mario was a bad game, although his name is included in some bad games, to make it sell.


MGS doesnt have half assed spin-offs.
Halo doesnt have half assed spin-offs....that account for your systems game sales.

You gonna give me another link or are you done your arguement?

CrazzyMan3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

You PLAYED MGS4 and didn`t liked or WHAT?
I mean, you just comment so much in MGS4 related topics, you are obsessed kinda or WHAT?
You just don`t know how to spend your free time or WHAT?
You want, that people would hear your opinion, but WHY you are so persistent?
You can`t deal with MGS4 HYPE or WHAT?

All i know, MANY people were dissapointed with Halo3, nto to mentio GTA4, let`s wait and see how many mgs fans there will be. Or one week is too much for you?
WHY you are doing all this???
Just let it GO.

Breakfast3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

What are you stupid, too. Im just as excited as you are. Read my comment again, buddy.

I said that i hate when people take points off, because a game is not "revolutionary". This guy said its not revolutionary...but what did you expect from the 4th part of a series?

lol....reading your comment again, I dont even know where you coming from.

And when was the last time i commented on a MGS 4 are crazy.

LastDance3636d ago

the thing is....change is GOOD if whats on offer is stale...

Halo 1 2 and 3 alllllll look the same..same weapons same locale same character same everything............

metal gear solid games are always completely different (except mgs2's concious similarities to mgs1). But they all look like completely different and mgs4 is no exception....I mean..look at 1 picure of mgs4 compared to mgs 1 2 or 3 - Nothing alike.

the world went from where we are - to utter chaos in a barren world...that is growth(all the growth it needs).....they can stik that reason.

I didnt even talk about the weapons, camoflage and other innovative ideas..

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fenderputty3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

that rhymed and it wasn't intentional ... I almost want to edit that ... almost

i3EY3636d ago

MGS4 is better than GTA4.

GTA4 is so freaking boring and metal gear will kick ass so bring it.

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