You don’t need great voice acting to have a great story

Many people feel that voice acting gives their virtual avatars more personality. While this might be true, good voice work is not necessary to create a fully fleshed out, emotive character.

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randomass171931d ago

Absolutely not, but depending on your narrative it can definitely help. The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite would be quite different in feeling without the voice of Troy Baker.

3-4-5931d ago

A Great story is always a plus & the pic is perfect for this.

Wind Waker has a cool story, without using very many words.

It's all the small details in that game that help bring the story to life.

randomass171931d ago

Wind Waker's narrative worked quite well for what it was and didn't need a lot of spoken dialogue. They were able to convey a lot of emotions in that game, so you see a lot of cutscenes where it's just characters emotionally reacting to certain situations at least in HD, I dunno if the GCN game is any different.

ColManischewitz931d ago

I prefer my games without voice acting. I just read the text, and I read quicker than someone speaks.

MurDocINC931d ago

I prefer reading cause I can give the characters my extra charm.

Good-Smurf931d ago

ํYeah a DIY voice acting is a lot of fun especially last night with The Wind Waker!

thehobbyist931d ago

I prefer games that has voice acting as an audio que. Games like Persona where a character audibly says "What?!" and the text reads "What the hell?!"
I like that. It allows for some voicing to give some life to the game but allows me to read it as well.

Ksar931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Final Fantasy XII Thread.

Metallox931d ago

Wind Waker is not a good example, Skyward Sword is.

locomorales931d ago

The best exemple is "Journey".

Geekman931d ago

I had no idea what was going on in Journey until near the end of the game.

linkenski931d ago

In Skyward Sword the characters constantly flap their jaws and make annoying groans. It detracts a lot from the charm you get when most is just text IMO.

Metallox931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

@icomorales Because Journey it's a great Zelda game, you know.

Summons75931d ago


Wind Waker's story was way better and darker.

Metallox931d ago

Here's why I think Skyward Sword story is way better, this guy really knows:

What do you need to do in Wind Waker? Get these random spheres so you can get the Master Sword or whatever in order to beat Ganondorf. Oh, and Tetra is Zelda. That's Wind Waker's story for me.

Skyward Sword expresses more and it's only about Link in his journey to find Zelda, but Nintendo knew how to attach both characters in a good way, they need each other and it was an overwhelming way to start all the stories that happen after Skyward Sword.

Summons75931d ago

@ Metallox

Getting those "Random orbs" is only half the game. Skyward Sword was go here, lose your items, gather them, do other long tedious pieces, repeat. Skyward Sword was not a very strong title. Navi got a rival in annoying (Fi), they put a lot of things in that made the game needlessly long. Windwaker was straight to the point and a much darker story.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory930d ago

So Demise revival wasn't Dark or Ghirahim rage.

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