I Hate How the Mighty No 9 Animated Series’ Trailer Looks

From the article, "[Jenni Lada] knows the Mighty No 9 story would make for a decent series. One robot with a human heart, heading out to save the world from his kin that have been infected by a virus. It has so much potential. But the second I saw Digital Frontier’s preview trailer, I wanted to opt out."

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Geobros1230d ago

The truth is that it could be better but I dont hate it.

Metallox1230d ago

Is there any CG show that you actually like? I personally don't have anyone aside from Tiny Planets, and that was a kids show lol

But yeah, once I see a computer generated animated series, I lose excitement...

George Sears1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I used to watch ReBoot back in the days. Johnny Quest used to be pretty good as well (although it wasn't completely CG)

Oh and I almost forgot, I really liked SD Gundam Force.

NovusTerminus1230d ago

Reboot was good, got much better in season 2. Roughnecks was not bad.

And RWBY is awesome!

gantarat1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Inafune : More Western !

Ultr1229d ago

You guys just grew up with drawn series and movies, thats why you like them more. Kids these days are way more into 3D and the animated series, in my opinion looks really cool and made for kids