Bungie discusses player maximums in upcoming Xbox One and PS4 shooter ‘Destiny’

Destiny’s Character, Cinematic, and Technical Art Lead Tom Sanocki spoke to about player maxes and how they are still tweaking them.

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UltimateMaster1232d ago

“The largest team size is 6v6 and that’s an intentional design decision,” said Destiny’s Character, Cinematic, and Technical Art Lead Tom Sanocki, “We decided to do that because that is the best way [we can demonstrate] the style of competitive multiplayer [we want]. This way everyone has a role and feels they can contribute.”


CocoWolfie1231d ago

i honestly thought a whole load of players would of been perfect, like this gen they could experiment and expand beyond the 8 v 8, but i guess we'll see :c

805Junior8051231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I had a lot of fun with 6v6 on destiny and it played well.

joab7771231d ago

Who knows right now. They say Destiny isnt a finished product yet. It will never be will continue to evolve. If ppl ask for a large scale PvP mode, u may see it.

Toxic-zombie1231d ago

I some how can't imagine 30 v 30 battles going well when you could have. 60 warlocks nova bombing each other. Would it be fun at first, yes. But after that the fun would ware off.

TankCrossing1231d ago

There is nothing experimental about upping the player count. There were numerous examples this gen and last gen of games with higher player counts.

As with Titanfall, it really is a design decision. Personally I much prefer my twitch shooters to have less players.

If you want all-out large scale warfare then give Planetside 2 a go when it comes out, or Battlefield 4 for something in between.

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CervantesPR1231d ago

More like "we did 6 vs 6 and 30 FPS cuz last gen consoles cant handle more and we have to hold back next gen consoles cuz we have to have this stupid thing called console parity for no reason that defeats the purpose of owning a next gen console"

HeavenlySnipes1231d ago

Have you played Crucible?

The PVP portion of the game would have to be entirely restructured to add more people in it

It was already tough managing to fend off 6 super powered individuals (who all are capped at level 8 mind you, level 20 players in the retail game will be even more powerful) that could OHK people with shotguns or special attacks

Having large numbers of them would turn the game into a clusterfuck

1231d ago
Parapraxis1231d ago

I don't think you saw much of the feedback about the Destiny Alpha on PS4.

Overall, players loved the game.
I think graphics and framerate had very little to do with this.
Heck Titanfall Beta players love that as well, yet this game imo will be a fair bit "bigger".

TheSaint1231d ago

6v6 is lame, where are they 32 v 32 or 64 v 64?

I thought this was next gen??

KingKelloggTheWH1230d ago

When I played the alpha the maps felt empty. 6 vs 6 is Not enough.

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corvusmd1231d ago

Oh no, watch out for moving goal posts.

SuperBlunt1231d ago

Way to show you arent bitter. Nobody is crap talking halo or cod for not having it. Titanfall was accused for using the cloud and only attaining a small player count. Though of course there were others who were immature in their arguements

MRMagoo1231231d ago

What goal posts will be moved?

To all the people trolling this thread about it being the same as titanfall, explain how this is anything the same?

titanfall: small map 6v6 pvp cod style game, (honestly speaking which every one can agree) severely lacking in content.

Destiny: Open world pve adventure shooter with a campaign, 6v6 pvp, raids, dungeons. Content galore.

Anyone thinking these are the same kinda game to compare player count are just trolling.

OT I cant wait for this game and will be playing mostly pve anyway so the lower player count for pvp doesnt bother me much. If I where to pvp tho, I would prefer it was of massive scale than 6v6, because I like massive battles like BF games.

Parapraxis1231d ago

The games aren't really the same at all, but c'mon, let the kids have their notions that Destiny will fail, and it's just like Titanfall....which means they also believe Titanfall failed itself.

Really these games aren't even alike.
But to bitter fangirls, it's all the same.
It's just big game vs big game.
Hell, most of them probably don't even actually play them!

zeuanimals1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Yeah... Because a certain other game's problem totally wasn't that it had huge maps and instead of populating it with more players, it opted for dumb bots instead.

The smaller, non-vehicle map from the Destiny Alpha is perfect for 6v6. The bigger moon map? Not very good for 6v6. The vehicles were also way overpowered and there weren't many ways to deal with them other than running away or getting lucky and killing the driver.

And competitive MP isn't even the main focus of this game. That was Titanfall's only focus, there was literally nothing else to do in the game but play competitive online matches. If you're buying Destiny, you don't ever have to touch the MP and you can still get plenty of hours out of it.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

No moving goal posts needed.

PvP isn't the only mode, and it's not the main attraction.

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Dlacy13g1231d ago

Not that I really care about the "amount" of players but where are all the "gamers" who ran around screaming Titanfall was a fail cause they only had 6v6? Is now Destiny rubbish because of this? Yeah didn't think so.... gameplay is and always will be #1.

rdgneoz31231d ago

Actually, it would have been very sad if Destiny only had 1 gameplay mode that was 6v6. Luckily it has open world content, 3 man dungeons, and 6 man raids, in addition to the 6v6 competitive MP.

MikeLowrey1231d ago

Because Titanfall is only competitive whereas Destiny has a story with co op in an open world... Can't compare the 2.

Dlacy13g1231d ago

You certainly can compare the competitive modes of the two games. I am also not trying to say Destiny wont be a better game just how suddenly 6v6 will be fine once again.

MikeLowrey1231d ago

Competitive modes yeah.. But I think the issue with Titanfall was that's all it had. 6v6 multiplayer and nothing else. Unless I misunderstood alot of people's opinions, that's what I thought they were on about.

More players would be sweet though. I probably won't be touching the competitive as much since co op is where it's at

FamilyGuy1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Destiny is nothing like titanfall,you're comparing co-operative MMOesq shooter to a standard FPS that just excluded an offline campaign mode, has parkour with jetpacks and walking tanks.

The main focus of TitanFall is competitive game play, Destiny's main focus is co-operative game play. It's not an MMO so you don't need 30-50 engaging an enemy.

Which game do you think will have more staying power as far as having a thriving community of players is concerned?

Dlacy13g1231d ago

I have no hesitation in saying I think Destiny will have more to offer and ultimately probably the better game. This is not a comparison of the overall games but a comment on the competitive aspect and both offering 6v6 in the competition mp sets and how many who said 6v6 was last gen will now sing the praises of 6v6.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

There's no need for "screaming" about this because PvP isn't the only thing to do in Destiny. It's not what I'm buying the game for at all.

spacecat50501231d ago

Yes, but like others have said the competitive feature in Destiny IS 6v6 just like Titanfall.

So if titanfall offered a single player mode, then we could compare the two? No, we are comparing the two online versus mode which again only offers 6v6.

and once again the sony fanboys have shown their true trollish ways as they stay far and clear from these types of articles.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

You're missing the point, or ignoring it.

Even if people don't like the idea of 6v6 PvP, there's still lots to do in Destiny besides that. Those people wouldn't necessarily say "Oh well forget it then", especially when PvP isn't the main focus of Destiny anyway.

You're presenting a false argument. It's pretty funny though.

Madderz1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


I think you missed the point.

If Destiny had solely focused on competitive multiplayer and done 6v6 then yes, you could easily compare it to Titanfall.


Destinys main focus is co-op online, so it has a campaign so to speak. It also has a competitive PvP mode added on, but is by no means at all what the game is focused on.

Titanfall is ONLY a competitive PvP with 6v6 and NO campaign mode or co op online exploration etc.

The 2 games are completely different.

They aren't even comparable. People seem to be picking and choosing the *EXTRA* mode that you can choose to play in Destiny and comparing it with the *ONLY* thing you can do in Titanfall.

How the hell does that work?

That's like me saying the driving in Watchdogs handles no where near as good as the driving in Forza. NO SH*T they are two different games with two different focuses. You dont HAVE to drive in Watchdogs but it is Forzas main focus. (Probably not the best comparison but you get my drift)

Mystic Strummer beat me to it above.

MasterCornholio1231d ago

The only thing I'll say about this is of people want to play games with massive player counts, they have Planetside 2 on the PS4.

So they really shouldn't complain because they have other games on the PS4 that will suit their needs.

If the developers designed the maps for 6v6 then it will work well.

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TRD4L1fe1231d ago

Well let's see what all the titanfall haters have to say about this 6v6

Nitrowolf21231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I never understood the hate for small player count in some games. I find that those are some of the best Multiplayers experiences. Anything large IMO just feels like a kill-fest, a game with no real objectives. I enjoy the smaller count because it feels a bit more paced, and a lot of thinking can go into them, least IMO.

TBH, I think a lot more people were angry about TF player count because of the AI padding that came along with it, as in it made people think that it should do a higher number than have AI's.

Either way, I am sick of seeing people make it out as if they are last-gen titles because of the low count. Numbers isn't always everything

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MRMagoo1231231d ago

I would direct you to my comment above as to why titanfall is irrelevant, but you wouldnt read it, so ill copypast.

To all the people trolling this thread about it being the same as titanfall, explain how this is anything the same?

titanfall: small map 6v6 pvp cod style game, (honestly speaking which every one can agree) severely lacking in content.

Destiny: Open world pve adventure shooter with a campaign, 6v6 pvp, raids, dungeons. Content galore.

Anyone thinking these are the same kinda game to compare player count are just trolling.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

You guys really don't see how this is a different situation from Titanfall?

PvP has never been the focus of Destiny. I don't know about most people but I'm not buying Destiny for PvP at all.

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