5 PS Vita games to play during the summer drought

GameZone: "Summer is here, which can mean one of two things: you're either traveling to awesome vacation destinations, or you're enjoying a satisfying stay-cation right in the comforts of your home. Whatever the case may be, there will be times when you'll want to break out your PS Vita and escape into an alternate world of mythical beasts, high school dramas and epic journeys to save the world. Here are five games that should help you through your summer drought, whether you're stuck on a plane for hours on end, or just lounging away beside the pool."

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1537d ago

Did you not see the games that where listed ?

3-4-51537d ago

* Just started Disgaea 2 finally, and liking it a lot so far.

* Still have D3&D4 to play so it will be a while before there aren't any Vita games for me to play.

I just wish there were more games that appealed to me.

sanosukegtr1231537d ago

The people who say that the vita doesn't have games are blind as a bat.

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danny8181537d ago

Tear away is an awesome game. Im gonna save this game for when I have a kid, I would my kid to play this game, possibly to be his/her first game

Inception1537d ago

Agreed. Your kid can learn how to do a papercraft too.

But i still confused why a lot of vita owners / gamer skip this awesome game...

SonyStyled1537d ago

no advertising. none, nada, zilch. not even an ad in gamestop that i remember when i bought it the week after it came out

danny8181537d ago

its a niche title tbh... its possible that many people weren't aware of the title because of advertising :(

dcj05241537d ago

Ys: Memories of Cecleta is freaking incredible,it's long too, good for road trips. Project Diva F is only good when you have focus. It's hard and you're gonna be mad when your friend breaks your concentration but it's fun.

SaffronCurse1537d ago

Silent hill book of memories is such an underrated Gem! Go get it if you haven't played it. I think there's even a demo in the store.

Inception1537d ago

I though i'm the only one who enjoy Book of Memories

But i wonder though if Blizzard will put a Diablo spin-off for vita. It would be cool though.

gamingisnotacrime1537d ago

Ys celceta is awesome!
should be on that list

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The story is too old to be commented.