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Submitted by Raiz 585d ago | news

No 1080p on Xbox One Due To Memory Bandwidth/ESRAM/RAM, No Definite To DX12 Resolution Benefit

"Resolution-gate has been one of the hottest topic of discussion of new generation consoles war, many developers have openly admitted that due to ESRAM, they were unable to lock their games in native 1080p resolution on Xbox One as compared to the Playstation 4, where almost all games run at 1080p. Recently, Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell spoke about why developers are unable to hit 1080p on Xbox One, benefits of DirectX 12 and a lot of more things." (Xbox One)

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Geobros  +   585d ago | Well said
Bad news for xbox one owners....
The_Infected  +   585d ago | Well said
Not really. As long as the games are great and fun to play it's not a big deal.

In reference to the article.

Forza 5 1080p/60
Halo 5 1080p/60
Halo: MCC 1080/60
Outlast 1080p/60
Diablo 3 1080p/60
Wolfenstein 1080p/60
Forza Horizon 2 1080p/30

They are games that aren't 1080p but don't say 1080p isn't possible on Xb1 because it is.
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sam_job  +   585d ago | Well said
Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, even exclusive like Titanfall... and many more at lower resolution, some at 792p.. Upcoming games: PES 2015, Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor, Battlefield: Hardline and many more confirmed to be running at 1080p on PS4 but developers still not sure about Xbox One
The_Infected  +   585d ago | Well said

Was I comparing it to PS4? No. I said in reference to the article saying no 1080p on Xbox One was bull. I named plenty of 1080p games and more to come.
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NextLevel  +   585d ago | Well said
Xbox One exclusives
Dead Rising 3 720p @ 30fps
Forza Motorsport 5 1080p @ 60fps (Downgraded)
Killer Instinct 720p @ 60fps
Kinect Sports Rivals 1080p @ 30fps 
Ryse: Son of Rome 900p @ 30fps
Sunset Overdrive 900p @ 30fps
Halo 5 - The E3 trailer mentions 60FPS, not 1080p

Cross gen

NFS - Cross gen
FIFA - Cross gen
Halo CA - Mobile port
Dying Light - Cross gen
NBA - Cross gen
TombRaider - Cross gen
Rayman - Cross gen
Wolfenstein - Cross gen
Murdered Soul Suspect - Cross gen
Child of Light - Cross gen
The Lego Movie Videogame - Cross gen
Forza Horizon - Cross gen
Destiny - Cross gen
Alien Isolation - Cross gen
Titanfall - 792p 60FPS

Most of the cross gen games are 1080p. Aside from Forza 5 which was downgraded, Kinect Sports Rivals is the only Xbox One exclusive in 1080p. So yeah, the Xbox One does have 1080p problems, no matter how badly you don't want to think it doesn't. Most of those games have frame rate problems aswell.
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Xsilver  +   585d ago | Well said
Forza 5 1080p/60 we all know how it achieved that :/.

Halo 5 1080p/60 can we wait til the game is close or to release before putting anything in stone.

Halo:MCC im just saying if a remastered collection isn't 1080p/60 then that's a problem tbh.

Diablo3 1080p/60 seems reaper of souls might not be.

Wolfenstein 1080p/60 awesome game but graphically doesn't look that demanding since the PS3/360 veriosn are very close to the Xone/PS4 version.

Outlast 1080p/60 i find this funny since xbox fans don't count indie games because apparently their so easy to make -_-.

Forza Horizon2 1080p/60 after what they did to forza 5 ill wait to see the retail version before final judgment.

but hey that's not my Business http://theshadesofsuccess.c... this Tea Tho
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kurruptor  +   585d ago | Well said
Diablo 3 is only 900p.
Racing games are easy to hit 1080p.
An indie title.
Wolfenstein isn't fully 1080p.

Why even release new systems if graphics don't matter. You wouldn't mind if games were still 480 or 640 resolution?
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Volkama  +   585d ago
Diablo 3 is 900p on XBox One, and Wolfenstein has a variable resolution on both consoles (but dips lower on the One).

But it is a bit of a falacy that the ESRAM makes it hard to hit 1080p. It is the DDR3 that it is trying to compensate for that causes the problem.

At a recent techy event MS and AMD hosted Microsoft listed their 4 steps that are key to using ESRAM well, and also noted that pretty much nobody has got as far as using the 4th step yet. It was to do with asynchronsously moving data in and out of ESRAM. If it is true that nobody is doing this yet then there is potentially room for improvement, but really I haven't got the slightest idea how much it will help.

The other obvious way to up the resolution is to reduce the frame buffer, which can be achieved by using forward rendering rather than deferred rendering for lighting and shaders. But I am fairly sure Unreal Engine 4 only natively supports deferred rendering for lighting.

It will be interesting to see how the first wave of UE4 games perform across both consoles, since it looks like Epic's baby will be a very common choice as this gen matures.
DanzoSAMA  +   585d ago
Destiny 1080p/30fps
FIFA 15 1080p/60fps
battlefield HL 1080/60fps

and many games targeting 1080p on Xbox ONE:

Assassins CU 1080p/60fps
Call of Duty AW 1080/1080p/60fps
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   585d ago | Well said
I know I buy games based on resolution. Gameplay is useless. If it's not pretty, it's garbage. When I am playing a game, like BF for instance, I generally stand in one place and stare at a wall, tree, rock, and think "wow, that doesn't look as good as if it was in 1080p" and then I get shot in the head because I'm not playing the game. Same thing in Titanfall, when stuff is blowing up all around me and it's hectic and frantic, I like to take a break to really get close to the enemies titan and look at the detail. I don't battle, I just look at it and think "wow, 1080p would make this game 100X better."

Get over it people, stop crapping your pants about which games are/aren't 1080p. If it's fun to play, that's what matters. Seeing the extra detail in a stick shouldn't determine which system you buy. Buy based on the games since that's why your purchasing a system.
Nekroo91  +   585d ago
You dont know the resolution of Halo 5 or the fps. During the MS presentation the 1080p/60p statement was for the Halo Collection xbox and xbox 360 games.

Outlast doesent run at 60fps because it constratly drops

And Wolfenstein changes resolution
morganfell  +   585d ago | Well said

Why did you list Diablo 3 at 1080p on the X1 when it is 900p?

And have you had a change of heart about the importance of resolution? According to your post history it matters...a lot.

Remember your posts about Forza? God of War III? Do you really want me to start listing these? Apparently you went and bought an X1 this gen and now are singing a different song. Well, singing but out of tune.
pyramidshead  +   585d ago | Intelligent
No-one mentioned anything about whether the games would be fun to play or not. That's not the discussion at hand. Although it is a very popular line when certain users don't want to address the matter, or at least fully admit the Xbone's short comings in the hardware area.
Jumper09  +   585d ago | Well said
Diablo 3 is 900p on Xbone.
Halo 5 is not confirmed 1080p, only 60fps. So most likely 900p or lower.
Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign probably wont reach 1080p and that 1080p claim got deleted in silence on the official Site. So MCC stuff unconfirmed until its out.

Outlast is UE3, so lol
Wolfenstein drops Resolution a lot on Xbone.

Battlefield Hardline is not confirmed 1080p on Xbone and it wont be 1080p on Xbone. Closed Beta was 900p on PS4 and had a worse performance than BF4.

Destiny probably has less good looking stuff in the Xbone Version.

CoD AW is not targeting 1080p on Xbone, most likely will be 900p (E3 footage is 882p)

AssCreed unity wont be 1080p AND 60fps, not on Xbone. Dont believe in Ubisoft claims.
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ramiuk1  +   585d ago
it matters to me.
im playing on a 106" screen and ps4 games look amazing in 1080p native but when bro-inlaw poped round with xbone titanfall was a mess,graphics was horrible and hurt the eyes.
ryse looked decent but had better textures.

but at end of day as people have bigger tvs,resolution DOES matter alot
HighResHero  +   585d ago
I agree The_infected and I'm not even sure I'll be buying one yet(Halo collection looks tempting though!).
Granted fanboys from both sides seem to need something to argue about, so why not argue about which console has the best or most fun games.
Arguing/focusing on technical perfection has done a lot to stifle creativity, while quality devs have shown that there can be a balance between the two. Devs should consider this before they end up like Crytek.
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kayoss  +   585d ago
Some of those games havent even been released yet.
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TheWatercooler  +   584d ago
Microsoft claimed that Halo 5 will be 1080p /60fps at E3 2013. I expect that to be the next Microsoft lie.
RosweeSon  +   584d ago
But most of those are either launch games, or ports of old games wait until the new Next Gen games come xbox won't be able to do it, sorry new tomb raider and games like that are gonna struggle, I notice the tomb raider definitive edition wasn't in the list and if that port of a previous (admittedly amazing game) can't hit 1080p what hope is there of the new game achieving it and even if they do at what cost? Enjoy it all you like and yeah games aren't all about the graphics it's about the games hence why I'm more than happy to own a Wii U and 3DS both since launch as it's not all about the graphics hence why I waited til just before Christmas for a vita well worth the wait cheaper and loads of free games but back to the point it's about the games hence why not interested in xbox at the moment, games aren't up to scratch and the multiplatforms are being made better elsewhere, the whole idea of xbox1 and ps4 was it was meant to be the next step, Next gen not backwards, ps4 has been doing great just needs a few of those games now but xbox one, pffft I'll stick with the xbox 360 for now even that can do 1080p so why can't the revolutionary next iteration of the xbox consoles keep up? I don't know I don't really care I won't be buying one anytime soon, why would I? There still tinkering around with the price and what you get with the console, I'm sure there will be some new coloured xbox ones soon as we all know it's not about what the console can do it's all about what colour it is?!! But if they think that'll help them all the best to them, I'll get it once there's at least 3 games that are 9/10 and exclusive to the system, I'd struggle to think of more than 1 at the moment personally, maybe in a year or 2 sure but all the multiplatform games will be purchased on ps4 so Microsoft need some amazing exclusives to make me buy their console and it won't be all 4 halo' s on one disc, get Rare back to doing what they did best making good games not kinect crap.
bennissimo  +   584d ago
OP, all correct.

I own both consoles and happily bounce back and forth between them. Right now, it's a nix of Transistor and Titanfall.

The only thing that could make me happier is an expanded PS4 AAA library.
UltimateMaster  +   584d ago
I'll go on record and say the PS3 and Xbox 360 were also capable of 1080p. Devs decided to go another route, have better quality visuals over resolution.
ipach  +   584d ago
Diablo 3 is 900p:

Wolfy is fancy, but not always 1080p:
(fancy dynamic horizontal scaling utilized more aggressively on X1, though I think these technologies are brilliantly efficient)

NFS was 1080p, as was Tomb Raider. You're right that 1080p is possible. But unfortunately, it doesn't look like it comes easily or without some trade-offs. In the end, it may not matter (no one complained about COD being sub 720p all those years on 360 after all).
Mouseketool  +   584d ago
4 of those games havent released yet.
D-riders  +   584d ago
Some of these games aren't even SAS titles or even confirmed resolution or even launched yet. Wow Xbox fanboy will do anything to make the system look better. 1080p 6th was achieved last Gen for a racer. So wth
assdan  +   584d ago
Good job, you can name a few games that are in 1080p. It's attainable, you just have to sacrifice a lot more to do it. Also, there's some speculation that Halo 2's campaign won't be 1080p. On their website, as of a couple days ago, at least, no resolution is being offered. For microsoft, this is quite weird if the game is in 1080p. I say this because microsoft is shouting from the rooftops every time a game is 1080p and/or 60fps. Seriously watch e3, it's kind of hilarious. If a game isn't 60fps, they didn't mention the framerate. If a game isn't 1080p, they didn't mention the resolution. Which brings me to halo 5, which I don't believe will be 1080p either. At the e3 event, all they said was 60fps, which leads me to believe that they're hiding the resoluton. Also, I'm pretty sure the ps4 has a shorter list of games not in 1080p so...
FayZ_  +   584d ago
what is stardock and why should we care for his opinion when he has not made a good game & your list clearly discredits his statements.
ZodTheRipper  +   584d ago
It's a big deal no matter how you look at it. I've bought a Full HD TV 7 years ago and my PS3 already used the full resolution with Wipeout or Gran Turismo. Xbox One makes it look like it's hardly achieveable while even the WiiU can handle 1080p@60fps easily (see Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros.)
Docknoss  +   584d ago
Lolz at the disagrees infected. This article is just nonses. It's too early in the game to say what it can't do
GodGinrai  +   584d ago

"You dont know the resolution of Halo 5 or the fps"

ey confirmed t last years E3, that halo 5 will run @60FPS...Try again.
Godmars290  +   584d ago
Why is that in a "discussion" concerning 1080p, sub-1080p titles are being brought up in defense?
FanboyKilla  +   584d ago
i think its embarrassing for a dev to blame a system for their own shortcomings. i mean why are others doing it then? shows your lack of talent, or laziness. finger pointing is for bitc*es and snitches. xbox 399. dont be that guy. its sad. l own wii u, xone, and ps4. im blessed thank god. my point is what in the hell can a article do for me? its someones opinion. my opinion trumps anything on n4g. my opinion is lmfao at playstation nation. you guys dont even seem to be talking about games these days. bla bla res bla bla fps bla bla bs. where your games at? do they suck? are they fun? will they ever be released? you know, the things that actually matter.

like i said before, i own a ps4. and you saying its the best isnt getting me off. i dont seem to care that the game is 1080p 60fps, i dont enjoy them. no matter how much i force feed myself. what good is a system capable of 1080p 60fps when there is no reason to turn it on. all it does is play games and any honest man who owns a ps4 will tell you its slim pickens. the best games on it you can play in other places. if im wrong help me. maybe there is a greatness awaits button on my ps4 i dont know about.
MichaelLito79  +   584d ago
@infected don't forget Assassins creed, Destiny, Alien Isolation, TombRaider, NBA 2K15, Wolfenstein. Xbox One just starting to unlock potential. We not even out a full year. Lol
bicfitness  +   584d ago
Only on N4G can you get a "well said" for posting something that is utterly, factually incorrect. As many have stated, 2 of those games are known to be sub-1080p, and Halo 5 isn't even out yet, so any speculation on its resolution is just that: speculation.

@ MichaelLito79. I hope you're doing satire. Or is this an Xbox fanboy-brain-swelling-thing? Where their reason centers are damaged by the love they feel for their plastic machines?

Wolfenstein and Tomb Raider both use variable resolutions and drop effects to hit *at times* 1080p. They are not native.
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alexkoepp  +   584d ago
"I believe it's to do with memory bandwidth and not utilizing the ESram efficiently."

Efficiently. There you have it folks, more time and experience will yield better results. No mention of a bottleneck, just inefficiency seems to be the problem right now.

Even that aside, Xbox has the best games, best interface, and best online service. I'd be willing to sacrifice a few pixels here and there for those benefits. Best franchises alone is reason enough.
marcofdeath  +   584d ago
Some time ago i told you that the PS4 will not match Forza motorsports 5, I didn't say this based upon a fantasy or biased. I based upon the numbers. Xbox one will overtake PS4 BASED UPON THE NUMBERS. Not your PR laden BS but the cold hard facts.

The only first party game from a Microsoft owned developeri Forza motorsports 5. There is a reason technically why no other game second party or third-party can match its graphic fidelity. I'm not talking about artistic influence, I'm talking about purely on a technical level, the game is unmatched by any.

First party studios get the best SDKs 1st, that is what you are seeing now pass to developers. Turn 10 and 343 Studios are now working on games from the new SDK. The full DX12.

Here's a fact some idiots here like Nextlevel quoted as saying FMS5 is a downgrade, but Driver Club a first party studio and over two in year development, without whether, without any type of simulation physics,and without dynamic light still cannot render at 1080P 60fps. Why? Nextlevel.

As I have told you the numbers show this. That's why he must say it's a downgrade at the end of the day we know this is shit as well because FH2 is doing everything Driver Club is supposed to do and it's open world.

Add no DOWNGRADES, so now what?
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Rimeskeem  +   584d ago
Forza 5 jot majorly downgraded

Halo: MCC is not actually 1080p
Metfanant  +   584d ago
Oh they said Halo 5 was 1080p?....yeah didn't think so...
ziggurcat  +   584d ago

"'I believe it's to do with memory bandwidth and not utilizing the ESram efficiently.'

Efficiently. There you have it folks, more time and experience will yield better results. No mention of a bottleneck, just inefficiency seems to be the problem right now."

you misunderstood the quote. he's saying it has to do with memory bandwidth, *and* not utilizing esram efficiently. so even if they start efficiently utilizing the esram (which we all know they will because that's just common sense), there's still the issue of memory bandwidth.
Pogmathoin  +   584d ago
Who the fck cares about how it looks, judging by here, it seems no one has the time to play them anyway.... Developers will learn how to use and optimize X1 over time, just like it took time to figure PS3, or is this another one of those were its only true if it suits Sony fanboys.....????
aftershock  +   584d ago
Ummmmm what?

Forza 5-Super downgrade to get to 1080p
Halo 5-60fps confirmed..1080p is not so you're assuming
Diablo 3-900p
mcstorm  +   584d ago
All I can say to the comments above is wow this has become one of the saddest websites ever bickering over resolution and FPS.

I play games for how they make me feel when playing them always have and always will. Speedball 2 on my Amiga is not 1080p but it is one of the most fun games I have ever played even by today's game standards.
pixelsword  +   584d ago
Yeah, there were rumbles to things like this before this article broke out. I wrote in my blog last week some things Microsoft could do to combat their bad image this gen, but the truth is that Microsoft has to get their head out of the sand and address some of these issues with tangible results using the cloud, not just demonstrations of things that may or may not be a game or in a game. Showing cloud demos are impressive in terms of showboating raw power, but when a real game is running, that raw power converts into practical power, and things that were impressive can quickly become trite/hackneyed when coupled with having to compensate for any hardware shortcomings.

A new gen means that more power opens up new possibilities for both programmers and gamers, so hopefully Microsoft will make the cloud part of their console useable before the end of this year; technically, a third of a gen would have passed-by without any games using the cloud like Microsoft said they would, and that's hard to take for some people looking forward to having a game that used the cloud in the manner Microsoft said they would.
SlyFoxC  +   584d ago
Side Note

Halo: MCC campign is not 1080p only the new redesigned maps are
gigoran  +   584d ago
It's funny when guys like this infected guy start off by saying that 1080p isn't important and the only important thing is gameplay, then they proceed to list a bunch of titles that they think are native 1080p without and downgrading or sacrificing to get it there. They just contradict themselves.
marcofdeath  +   584d ago
Again For every downgrade you name for FMS5 i can list a feature not in DRIVERCLUB and you still can't get to 60fps. Downgrades or Turn 10 did not have time before launch?

when will you listen to me.
ME v,s, NEO GAF/gamepur/gamerbolt
1. PS4 has a better memery systems.
Right: ME. 200GB/s (XB1) V.S. 135GB/s. Here just for you FANBOYS 176GB/S PEAK V.S. 286GB/s PEAK
I still win.
2. You cam't add DDR3 to ESRAM.
Right: ME.
3. XB1 bandwidth is not 1024bits + 256bits V.S. 256bits PS4.
4.ESRAM is not a bottleneck.
Right: ME.
5.Driverclub will not out power FMS5.
6.Overtime XB1 will get more powerful.

Now for a look at the future:
From easiest to hardest to prove.
1.In the near future Xbox ones games will overtake PS4 in all aspects.
2.Xbox one has a next generation GPU future AMD roadmap.
3.Xbox ones theoretical teraflops is closer to 2.6. ALL MS said is 768ops/GPUs.
4.Xbox ones ESRAM/GPU can run at a even higher clock speed than the rest of the SOC.
Masterman280  +   584d ago
Forza 5: Ok
- Halo: MCC: ports
- Outlast: Doesn't look like it pushes graphically capabilities
- Diablo 3: Cross gen
- Walfenstien: Cross gen
- Foeza Horizon 2: Cross gen
larrysdirtydrawss  +   584d ago
what do these games have in common?? they all look like the inside of a pigs asshole.. they took a massive graphics hit..... ps4 can have high res along with every other graphics effect cranked up....
kreate  +   584d ago
@the infected

"Not really. As long as the games are great and fun to play it's not a big deal"

that is partially correct.
otherwise why do we even need a xbox one?
lets continue to play on the 360.. cuz u know...
as long as the games are great and fun to play, who cares?
otherZinc  +   584d ago
Drive Club is 1080p...look at how bad it sucks next to Forza Horizon 2.

Did these clowns don't open their eyes to see the games that are 1080p 60fps on the XBOX ONE?

They keep saying that lie, hoping the XBOX ONE doesn't have 1080p games, when they clearly do.
grassyknoll  +   584d ago
A. Halo 5 was announced as having 60fps, there was no mention of resolution.

B. Diablo 3 is 900p

C. Wolfenstein uses a dynamic frame buffer, it drops to 1440 x 1080p regularly.
Parapraxis   584d ago | Trolling | show
Software_Lover  +   585d ago
Not really because if you are a gamer who wants the higher resolution then you probably don't own an XBone to begin with.

I always say a good game is a good game. Titan Fall plays at a much higher resolution on the PC, but people still say it sucks.
snookiegamer  +   585d ago

NextLevel is NOT indicative of every PS4 owner.

Please Believe That ;)
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NextLevel  +   585d ago | Well said
When listing the native resolutions of Xbox One exclusives is trolling, you know the Xbox One has some resolution issues. Feel free to correct me if you'd like I'll say it again. Forza 5 which was downgraded and Kinect Sports Rivals are the only Xbox One exclusives at 1080p. The rest are cross gen games that are available on the 360. All PS4 exclusives are displayed in 1080p, even The Order 1886.

Instead joining the Xbox fan created bandwagon of insultin me and not replying to my comment, prove me wrong.

Hey, feel free to keep the dream alive!!
#1.3.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(49) | Disagree(38) | Report
jebabcock  +   585d ago
Despite that... He does make a valid point... Can a game be made to run at 1080p 60fps on the x1. Sure it can, but will there be significant sacrifices in other places? So far the answer seems to have always been yes. That being said some of my favorite games this gen are coming from the Wii U...

Are Games on the X1 struggling to hit the mark? Yes they are... It does get old to see these poor retorts.. What is even older is to see people continue to post these Flame bait articles that just frenzy up fanboys, because their misguided passion bleeds over into every other articles so that when I go and read an article that is purely talking about one console or the other, I start seeing this Garbage come up.

Its not tricky and its not a secret... its not even really a debate.. The ps4 has more powerful hardware.. We all know its true... But powerful hardware on its own doesn't make a winner... We all know that as well. This bickering over resolution and framerate only matters to a small fraction of people who will buy games..
Fluchtpunkt  +   585d ago
well im sorry snookiegamer, but ppl like next level are the reason fanboy-wars will never stop and click bait articles will rise and rise...
marlinfan10  +   585d ago
Its not trolling to talk about it. It turns into trolling when you post the same crap over and over in every article. You know what kind of reaction youre gonna get and thats exactly why you do it. You can try and play the victim once people start calling you a troll, but you know damn well what youre doing.
ZodTheRipper  +   584d ago
Still he's more reasonable than many Xbox fans here...
TheRealHeisenberg  +   584d ago

Of course a Playstation fanboy would say that NextLevel is more reasonable than many Xbox fans here. I need some of what you are smoking.
doolin_dalton  +   584d ago
NextLevel is part of a pretty large group of trolls around here.

Notice how he uses spin and misdirection to try to make his points. It's a FACT that there are many 1080p games on Xbox One, but he dismisses many of them by using the term "cross-gen". That way, he can bury his head in the sand and pretend those games don't exist.

It's as if a game doesn't count because of what OTHER consoles it's also on. Sorry, but 1080p is 1080p - you can't invent your own terminology to make some games disappear. Also, when it comes to Forza 5, which is 1080p AND 60FPS, he always makes sure he includes the word "downgraded" because it must pain him to have to admit that the Xbox One has had a AAA exclusive run at 1080p and 60FPS since day one.

Not to mention, Forza 5 holds an 80 rating on Metacritic, so his use of the word "downgrade" is nothing more than his way of attacking a game and a company he clearly hates when the FACTS become an inconvenience for him.

You may say that he doesn't represent all PS4 owners around here, but it's quite disturbing that so many people agree with his lies. He's completely incapable of sticking to the facts - it's in his DNA to troll Xbox relentlessly.
#1.3.7 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(14) | Report
DrJones  +   584d ago
He uses the word "downgraded" when an xbox game hits 1080p 60fps. You could say that about any game with 1080p 60fps, as compromises on other fields comes along with heightened res and fps. This apply to any game on any platform. It's an angled statement that shows his bias, fanboyism and lack of objectivity.
#1.3.8 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
Prime157  +   584d ago
@drjones, "You may say that he doesn't represent all PS4 owners around here, but it's quite disturbing that so many people agree with his lies. He's completely incapable of sticking to the facts - it's in his DNA to troll Xbox relentlessly."

The way I view nextlevel is that he mirrors the tactics that truefan, alexkoep, georgenoob, mpog, and a few other xbots... until nextlevel most ps fanboys were just annoying writhe dismissive sayings while most xbots have been pure liars and spinners with no respect for the topic at hand, and ESPECIALLY no respect for other's opinions.

Also, with as much "well said" comments as truefan, georgenoob, alex, nextlevel and the like are getting I'm starting to worry for any ability to discuss. So much misinformation and bending the points... and articles like this...

It's scaring away the people who used to bring ACTUAL VALID points to the comments section... VALID points and respect for opposite opinions...
#1.3.9 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
shorty74a  +   584d ago
I believe NextLevel is a female first off. And is the only Sony fanboy/girl on this website to get as many agrees to disagrees. Most other Sony Fanboys always get 2 to 1 more agrees on Xbox One articles. Maria (I mean) Next Level post articles that shed the Xbox One in a negative way, and then comments on those articles with the same links she uses on all the articles. I do not read the news she post anymore. This is the exact type of news she would post about the Xbone. This time someone beat her to the punch.
pompous  +   585d ago
Too bad it's not bad news for Xbox One owners. A bit of disappointing news maybe, but as long as the games come and they are enjoyable then who cares if they aren't 1080p as they will still be HD. Look as last gen for example, we had sub-hd, unstable frame rate on ps3/xbox360 and guess what? We all enjoyed the games didn't we.. I don't own an Xbox One yet, but once more games that I'm interested in start popping up I will be all over it and will enjoy them just as much as I enjoy my PS4 games while all offering different experiences.
Jumper09  +   585d ago
Why even buy a new Xbone if it cant reach the newest standard aka 1080p?
n4rc  +   585d ago
Ps4 isn't hitting 1080 in all games.. And the x1 has 1080 games...

Soooo..... ?
marlinfan10  +   585d ago

Sorry are you playing resolutions? Did sub 1080p take away from bf4 or watch dogs on ps4? No, it doesnt change anything. The games look great on both consoles. If they really wanted to they could use more resources to hit 1080p but they choose not too because in the end, resolution really isnt that important.
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
@Jumper - Except it has hit 1080p, so your comment and the headline make no sense.

I'm a confirmed PS guy who will most likely never own an XB, because of MS not the consoles, and even I can acknowledge the flame bait in that headline.
MRMagoo123  +   584d ago

Actually watch dogs is sh!t and so is BF4 so maybe thats why.
lifeisgamesok  +   585d ago
1080peeeee is not the greatest thing in the world

900p looks just as good to the naked eye
pyramidshead  +   585d ago
Is that what you tell yourself?
MrUnfamiler  +   585d ago
Not on my 60' tv it doesn't. you might not see a difference on a 21' or something like that, but on larger displays its a big difference.
ramiuk1  +   585d ago
maybe on a 40" screen sat at 10ft away.
but not for people with bigger screens.
i play on 106" 1080p and about 15/16ft away with ps4 games they look great and even 900p bf4 looks good but the difference is easily noticable
fattyuk  +   584d ago
gotta agree with the above I own a 60inch tv and again .... you can tell the diffrence.

this conversation makes me laugh....

.... as if the boot had been on the other foot and ps4 wasn't capable of 1080p/60 and Xbox one was I have a feeling all the Xbox media would be banging on about it - actual tv adverts, sticking the knife in at e3/ fanboys all over the Internet going berserk,

but where as the boot is on the other foot the attitude all of a sudden is "it's all about the gameplay, graphics don't matter" - if this really was the truth Xbox would be going out all indie! and smashing all the new IPs out to the public because ya know "graphics don't matter it's all about the game"
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   584d ago
If it helps you sleep at night.
MRMagoo123  +   584d ago
I have a 40 inch tv and I sit about a meter away from the screen , I notice every little change there is.
Malphite  +   584d ago
Download a wallpaper or a screenshot that is availiable in both 1080p and 900p and view both of them on your TV alternately.

If you can't see a difference you're either sitting too far away from the TV / your TV is too small for your viewing distance or you don't have a 1080p TV.

Of course the difference isn't huge but it definately is visible to "the naked eye".
IcarusOne  +   584d ago
I've got a 55" screen. Ryse might not be 1080p, but it still looks beautiful in a way that I don't care about it's resolution. As long as the games are fun, who gives a shit? This is the lamest controversy in the history of gaming.
AD705  +   585d ago
Anyone here find it annoying how the xbox fanboys will one day say resolutions and framerates don't matter. But the next day they're hyping the shit out of cloud processing, directx12, kinect removal, or some other secret sauce nonsense that they think will magically bolster the xbox ones power to rival or even surpass the ps4?
Immorals  +   585d ago
In all fairness, I see Sony fanboys bring dx12, cloud and secret sauce FAR more than the one or two idiots that follow Mr x or whatever his name is
Prime157  +   584d ago

It's probably because all of those tend to fall under the same blanket as secret sauce...

Optimization, yes, but the amount of faith is unrealistic and typically derived from PR, which is why many falsely accused ps fanboys hate Microsoft. Not that they hate Xbox, just the parent company Microsoft
lelo  +   585d ago
These articles are quite stupid... made by stupid fanboys "gaming journalists".

Author lost all credibility with this...
"What exactly is the reason behind developers being unable to hit 1080p/60 FPS on Xbox One whereas on PS4 it's a cakewalk"

There are a lot of games on the X1 that are 1080p and there are a lot games on the PS4 that aren't 1080p. Author lied two times in one sentence... shame on him.
#1.7 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(32) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   584d ago
Quote :

There are a lot of games on the X1 that are 1080p and there are a lot games on the PS4 that aren't 1080p

List me a 10 games with sub1080p on PS4
Borma  +   584d ago
@ imt558 I don't think there's even 5, let alone 10, that have not hit 1080p.
BitbyDeath  +   584d ago
'there are a lot games on the PS4 that aren't 1080p'

2 games does not equal a lot.
lelo  +   584d ago
I see in that list at least 5 games that aren't 1080p in the PS4 and I see 10+ PS4 games that are only 30fps... that's quite a lot of PS4 games that aren't 1080p/60fps.
The author did say it's a cakewalk to achieve 1080p/60fps on the PS4... need I say more?

Honestly I would prefer if the developers went with 900p/60fps or 800p/60fps on their PS4 games instead of 1080p/30fps. The ideal would be 1080p/60fps, but since it can't be achieved with all games, I wouldn't mind a lower resolution and have 60fps.
#1.7.4 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
BitbyDeath  +   584d ago
@lelo, only two of those are final.
The others are unfinished games and yet to be released.

Battlefield 4 (out now)
Battlefield: Hardline (not out yet)
EA Sports UFC (out now)
Watch Dogs (out now)

EDIT: Make that 3, didn't realise UFC was out.
#1.7.5 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Sarcasm  +   585d ago
When are people going to learn that it's the HARDWARE of the Xbox One that simply is the defining factor of why it underperforms compared to the PS4. It's getting out of control.
silvacrest  +   584d ago
i thought everyone knew this..seriously

what other reason could it be? its not like devs want to release inferior games
PR0X1  +   585d ago
Killzone on PS4 was not 1080p at least the online part was smoke and mirrors.
BitbyDeath  +   584d ago
It was 1920x1080 if that isn't 1080p then what is it?
fermcr  +   584d ago

Killzone's multiplayer was ~960x1080. That's not 1080p.
#1.9.2 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
BitbyDeath  +   584d ago
@fermcr, it runs native 1920x1080 not 960x1080.
It processes multiple images of 960x1080 to make the 1920x1080p image hence your confusion.

Here's the link which explains it all in detail.
TRD4L1fe  +   585d ago
you do know it is still possible to have fun with a game even if it isnt 1080p.....shocking i know
Spotie  +   584d ago
Fun factor is not being debated. Convenient straw man.
silvacrest  +   584d ago
true but thats not the point, why even upgrade from a 360 to a xbone if all you care about is fun?

for your $400 to $500 shouldn't you have superior or at the very least equal performance to your competitor?
gedapeleda  +   584d ago
Last gen everyone defended 720p saying that's enough
Flutterby  +   584d ago
You got your answer in your own comment , last gen started over 7 years ago people expect more now considering the massive gap between gens.
gedapeleda  +   584d ago
@Flutterby well yeah but you know just within a year everything changed upside down.
Content was the most important part and even sub 720p and 30fps was good enough.
Magicite  +   584d ago
Those are a regular news for them.
BallsEye  +   584d ago
There is plenty of 1080p xbox one games. Article is just stupid. The very title is already giving false information.
AO1JMM  +   584d ago
I'm a PS4 owner and I'm at a loss on exactly how this is bad for X1 owners. The games all look great and are extremely fun to play.
gapecanpie  +   584d ago
I'll take 900@60fps over 1080p@30fps any day (especially for a racing game..cough..Drive Club..) but thank god for gaming on PC so I can have both and more.
#1.15 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
fr0sty  +   584d ago
Dev re-confirms Xbone limitations.

Xbone fans rush to justify by throwing together lists of games (mostly cross gen, remake, or downgraded) that run at 1080p. The rest of them assume the "so I guess it's all about graphics and not gameplay" arguments, ignoring that in many cases the same gameplay is on other consoles... with better graphics.

Ps4 fans rush to correct their mistakes, over and over again. post war reaches critical mass, story rockets to the top...

All because a dev said something devs have been saying for months.
ALLWRONG  +   584d ago
LOL people bored with nothing to play, so they play the internet.
TAURUS-555  +   584d ago
not 1080p...i feel bad for the xbox1 owners
kamakaz3md  +   584d ago
they really thought after telling everyone they would unlock more power that it would work out... well, atleast you can soon buy kinect 2.0 for 200 bucks, LMAO bahahaha, thats 600 bucks... can you say rip up and no love for their fans!
Zombro  +   584d ago
Xbox 1 exclusives 0 p on ps4 and vice versa so get what you want.
DoubleM70  +   584d ago
Uhmmm no did you read NDA's ARE IN PLACE. They really can't talk about it yet. I bet you think ICE team is going to be a big benefit to the PS4 though.
marcofdeath  +   584d ago
how is Forza Horizon 2: cross gen?
kenshiro100  +   584d ago
For the people saying resolution doesn't matter...then what is the point of next gen consoles if they don't play like next gen consoles?

I'm always ecstatic about how a game looks and plays. They go hand in hand.

I would serious expect a console that's supposedly more expensive to completely blow me away with visuals. If this is the best the XB1 can do, then I am not impressed at all.
mediate-this  +   584d ago
Not bad news at all, play the game not the res. such a troll thing to say. Unlike you i buy all three consoles and a gaming p.c.

Xb1 will have great games.
corvusmd  +   585d ago
Living in the past
Flutterby  +   584d ago
The only thing living in the past is the xbone res on games.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   584d ago
I havent played below 1080p since 2008 or something. Yes, Xbone is an outdated thing of the past.
n4gamingm  +   585d ago
No 1080p games at all you sure lol
pornflakes  +   585d ago
#3.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(31) | Report | Reply
Eonjay  +   585d ago
I think they should avoid 1080p if it causes things like screen tearing.


"I believe it's to do with memory bandwidth and not utilizing the ESram efficiently."

Okay we get it. Remember when Mark Cerny said he it would take years to fully unlock the potential of the PS4... well the same can be said of the ESRam.
#4 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(34) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   585d ago
The funny thing about this is that it's the complete opposite to his earlier claims.

Before -

"Suddenly, that Xbox One game that struggled at 720p will be able to reach fantastic performance at 1080p. For developers, this is a game changer."

Now -

"there are no 'definite' it'll depend on the developer."

Funny how things change from - "XBox One is the biggest beneficiary; it effectively gives every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one. "

That backtracking.
#4.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Eonjay  +   585d ago
Well that guy was a complete crackpot. There was just no reason to say those things when you have a clear (or just basic) understanding of how hardware works. The only way you would see that kind of improvement is if Microsoft had botched DX11 on Xbox One so badly that it cut the performance of the hardware in half...
IrishSt0ner  +   585d ago
It was BS and yes he's been backtracking ever since, 2x GPU... lol that's crazy talk.

ESRAM is a cheap alternative for high bandwidth, GDDR craps all over ESRAM/DDR for gaming. Sure, they'll get better at using ESRAM, but that's an irrelevancy.

I'm a X1 owner but there's no denying superior gaming hardware, DDR is much better for the dual OS, but who buys a console for OS capability.
Flutterby  +   584d ago
Bet you a billion $s that when this gen is about half way through and all these claims about secret sauce have gone the xbone fans will say that none of it even happened or no one believed it anyway and didn't get their hopes up, that seems to be the way they do it. Look at the cloud claims , every time MS says something about it the xbone fans go wild then MS says it isn't that big a deal and the fans all say they didn't hype it anyway.
DoubleM70  +   584d ago
It's the complete opposite now because Microsoft, AMD and Pentium slapped a muzzle on him. NDA's are in place until DX12 drops next year.
Kayant  +   584d ago

Righttttt...... Like last E3, Build, Developer conferences etc. Yh there is a never ending NDA in place stopping devs from using 2x powerful hardware just to deceive everyone into thinking PS4 is more powerful for a few years then to slap it when PC 2.0, Full HSA, etc is revealed /s.
GameConsolesForever  +   585d ago
I couldnt care less whether a game is 1080p or not. Seriously. This argument is so pointless, the argument between ps4 and xb1 owners over 1080p. If you care, get a ps4. if you dont, buy whatever system you want. Not that complicated.
Software_Lover  +   585d ago
no problem.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   584d ago
You've been Xbone'd.
snookiegamer  +   585d ago
I don't get the headline??

There are several Xbox One games running @1080p resolutions. I don't do lists, but there are several.


Either you're an idiot or prove there aren't several X1 games running 1080p.

#7 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Fluchtpunkt  +   585d ago
In the minds of sony-boys those 1080p-X1-Games don't count, because of....well....idk....just because.
snookiegamer  +   585d ago
But we must never attribute the trolling behaviour of a few twisted idiots to all PS fans, Xbox fans or Wii U fans.

We know there's a difference between 'fans' and 'fanboys'. I love gaming in general, I own PS4, Wii U (getting X1 in Sept), but there is a small sect of idiots trying to spoil everything.

It's easy to blame N4G & Each other, but let's not. It's not 'Gamers' at fault here, it's those insecure idiots that are to blame.
InTheLab  +   584d ago
this gamepur site has been pumping out some real trollbait articles these last few days...
Cherchez La Ghost  +   585d ago
So why is Battlefield: Hardline is 1080p/60 fps?! And haven't we heard this song played before about this?!
Flutterby  +   584d ago
It's gonna be upscaled if anything and even then hard line is tiny in map compared to bf4 from what I have seen on the beta.
HollywoodLA  +   585d ago
Yeah, but... [insert power of the cloud here]

The power of the cloud is going down in history as yet another failed attempt at hyping slow-selling hardware.

Reminds me of last generation, where PS3 struggled, and all you ever heard about was the 'potential' of the PS3 and how great it was going to be. Sony domination starts in 2008, 2009, 2010... and then it actually happened.

Guessing this won't be the same.
CervantesPR  +   585d ago
Old news but xbox fanboys will ignore it and still believe things are going to be different.
DrJones  +   584d ago
No they will simply understand that the headline is false by looking at the facts. Several 1080p games out there.
#10.1 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Akarogg  +   584d ago
Only a few. When games get more demanding you will see less and less of them. That goes for PS4 as well. Console gamers shouldn't cling to much to the 1080p straw. It won't last.
carlosjrix  +   585d ago
Original statement: I believe it's to do with memory bandwidth and not utilizing the ESram efficiently.
Title: No 1080p on Xbox One Due To Memory Bandwidth/ESRAM/RAM..

N4g loves to hate xbox one..
#11 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Fluchtpunkt  +   585d ago
this whole from india is 90 percent ps4. just random opinions copy-pasted from the net. so what u expect?
G20WLY  +   584d ago
Does it somehow offend you that it's "from India"? If not, why did you feel the need to mention it? Does it make an opinion less valid?

Like many sites, some articles are better than others. This one's controversial, but some see the value in it or they wouldn't click through.
MCTJim  +   585d ago
That sir is why people should value reading the article and not just the title and paragraph that follows. There have been many many articles like that here.
#11.2 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
IvxnX  +   585d ago
man! the statement is in GAMEPUR.COM not N4G :D stop justify the problems of xbone with fake theories of conspirations. Xbone is facing problems due to the eSRAM and GPU, thats it. DEAL WITH IT ;)
Gh05t  +   584d ago
1) It was added as an article by someone on N4G.

2) That is not the original article title (Why did they feel the need to change the title)

3) Its pure numbers, I am sure you believe the majority of console gamers are gaming on the PS4. I believe the sales show the same thing. Why wouldn't the majority of people on this site have a bias lean towards PS4? Its statistics man, not really a stretch.
#11.3.1 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
kingdom18  +   584d ago
@Gh05t the title remains effectively the same though.

Devs Not Hitting 1080p on Xbox One Due To Memory Bandwidth/ESRAM/RAM, No Definite on Resolution Benefit With DX12


No 1080p on Xbox One Due To Memory Bandwidth/ESRAM/RAM, No Definite To DX12 Resolution Benefit

Sounds pretty much the same to me, either way anyone can post any news story that they want as long as it follows the rules. If people don't want lame stories they should work to become a contributor to knock these headlines off the site, or ya know, go to a different site.
kevnb  +   585d ago
Terrible article, based on random twitter posts from people who almost certainly have no idea what they are talking about. That said so far ps4 games perform better, that's beyond argument.
Jdoki  +   585d ago

I bought a PS4 Day 1, and just after E3 got an XB1... Resolution has nothing to do with how much fun I have on each machine.

So far the best looking game I have played is inFamous. So far the game I have had the most fun with is Dead Rising 3.

The only reason to buy Console A over Console B (assuming you only have one choice) is for the 1st party / exclusive games you like the most. Everything else is secondary.

These articles are tired.
Tctczach  +   585d ago
Don't they have games in 1080p? I thought Destiny was confirmed for 1080p. Anyways I'm glad this pointless drivel is still on here. Good job trolls.
Fishy Fingers  +   585d ago
Is the purpose of this site to simply rebrand N4G's hottest articles from a fortnight ago?
kingPoS  +   585d ago
clickbait is clickbait... let em starve.

I'll say it this way, I'd rather have MS as rival to Sony & Nintendo than say... Amazon or Apple. So yeah... I hope MS does get most if not all of they're games that are slated for 2015 working in 1080p. What kind of person wants system to fail anyway? Didn't they ever hear that competition breeds excellence. (most of the time)


Who could ever be fanboy enough to want another Dreamcast scenario to happen...?

Gateway MT6706 2008
#16 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
pyramidshead  +   585d ago
Wasn't this the same dev who was singing absolute praise about it that cause the internet to set on in flames about how much DX12 was going to give the Xbone a completely new GPU. Plus all Xbone fanboys were all swallowing it whole because 'this dev had been using the DX12 dev kits'.

Top kek.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   585d ago
Old news I agree, but everybody wants to justify their purchase. Microsoft wants everybody to believe that cloud computing is the future and that eSRAM is better for gaming.

Andrew Goossen: We've chosen to let title developers make the trade-off of resolution vs. per-pixel quality in whatever way is most appropriate to their game content. A lower resolution generally means that there can be more quality per pixel. With a high-quality scaler and antialiasing and render resolutions such as 720p or '900p', some games look better with more GPU processing going to each pixel than to the number of pixels; others look better at 1080p with less GPU processing per pixel. We built Xbox One with a higher quality scaler than on Xbox 360.

Why not have best of the both worlds, rather than one or the other. The Xbox One will struggle throughout this generation as games become more complex. They should have listen to the devs, they wanted nothing to do with eRAM this gen. Games can't advance on tricks need solid hardware to make those tricks evolve.
baraka007  +   585d ago
in a MR.T voice: I pity the fool who derives self-esteem from mocking other people's consoles!!!
marijanFTW  +   585d ago
poor xbox fans. They must watch whole gen multiplats being superior on PS4
weirdo  +   585d ago
sad day for xbots
bumnut  +   585d ago
It seems people bitch and moan about games more than they play them these days.
jmac53  +   585d ago
It's funny because Microsoft and the fanboys were all crowing about 1080p and 60fps with the Master Chief collection when resolution doesn't matter, it's all about the gameplay.
bennissimo  +   584d ago
I'd pay $60 for 720p 60fps Halo 2 MP with dedicated servers. Good thing a lot of other stuff comes with it in the MCC come this November. :)

All fanboys are dipwads. No need to discriminate here.
Flames76  +   584d ago
There are more games on the Xbox One that are 1080p than PS4.Sorry you pathetic sony fanboy but you fail with another sad article.Damn i know sony is in trouble wiht going bankrupt and losing 1.2 billion ending march 31 this year but this is getting freakin sad
ziggurcat  +   584d ago
games @1080p for both systems:

PS4: 41
xbone: 18

Exclusive games at 1080p for both systems:

PS4: 14 (though technically 13 because KZ MP isn't true native 1080p)
xbone: 4 (really 3 because they have not confirmed the halo 5 resolution, only frame rate)

so... it's not even close. you need a better source other than misterx.
#24.1 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   584d ago
I love the N4G title. Its poor grammar at best and crammed full with as many key/buzz words as possible but I guess that's journalism these days.
sungin  +   584d ago
so console gamers concentrate about graphics mmmm

Related image(s)
thecowsaysmoo  +   584d ago
meh, the difference between xbox one and ps4 resolution is 900p vs 1080p and 720p vs 900p now days. The difference between multiplat games aren't that much that is why video game reviewers are giving out the same score for both versions.
RosweeSon  +   584d ago
But if your paying for Next Gen surely you want the games and systems to be getting pushed sure we don't want the console maxed out on day one as otherwise where's the progression, but if it's just doing what your old console does but worse why pay to go NEXT GEN, retro or backwards. It's not all about the graphics but when your consoles being Billed as the best thing since sliced bread surely you have to at least match the competition?
RosweeSon  +   584d ago
People bought xbox 360's because they didn't want the original wii and all it's party rubbish and dancing yet now they seem happy to buy an xbox one and basically be left with the same stuff oh but there's a remake of all the old halos and a quick launch sequal of forza. Dead rising 3 average at best and only good for a run around and a laugh where's all the games with a bit of substance, but at least xbox gets free games now, and a couple of games released on the quiet, failing the the fact that those games were available on ps4 months ago for free!!! Oh but you need ps+ to play online and have to keep it up to get those games, so basically the same as xbox have been doing for years, yet not free games until a few months ago, xbox 360 was great while it worked, but nah I'll sit this new revolutionary xbox out for a year or 2, not like any other new consoles are coming on in the next year or 2 even Wii Z won't be out for another 2-3 years might see it at e3 2016 earliest.
turdburgler1080  +   584d ago
What a click bait article. Obviously the headline is misleading since everyone knows xb1 has 1080p 60fps games. This site is either making these false headlines to try to get clicks on their ads or they are another wing of the hardline Sony faithful. They must sit in their house smoking cigarettes not speaking and wearing all white like the cult in the HBO series the leftovers lol.
Gamer777  +   584d ago
The system already has 1080p games. There is being such a strong emphasis on 1080; that I fear some games are going to sacrifice frame rate, textures,lighting, models etc to achieve it.
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