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Beyond: Two Souls listed for Playstation 4

Playstation 3's most loved game, Beyond: Two Souls is listed for Playstation 4 on 2 German retailers. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3, PS4)

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sinncross  +   507d ago | Well said
IF true, it should be bundled with Heavy Rain imho.
that would be a cool bundle.
abzdiine  +   507d ago
i would prefer Heavy Rain, one of the best last gen games.
mep69  +   507d ago
Ye, heavy rain was a much better game.
Nitrowolf2  +   507d ago
I liked beyond, but tbh i think the reason ehy i like heavy rain more is the story structure and how choices had more outcomes.

If beyond came out for ps4, i would only replay it if they fixed the story sequence. It just seem out of place at times
Sevir  +   507d ago
Im pretty sure this remaster is legit. The game was running on a modified PS4 engine that was tweaked for the PS3 which was why it sometimes appeared to look like a first gen PS4 game in certain parts.

Then ofcourse the Dualschock 4 popped up in on LinkedIn profile for a developer working on the game...

And then of course, The Founder of QD said that the studio has "PROJECTS" in development for the PS4 in association with SCE. My Guess, They'll Announce Beyond 2 Souls on PS4 at GC2014 for a Fall Launch 2014. and they'll unveil their new PS4 IP.. Similarly to how ND showed off 2 Trailers, one for The Last Of US:Remastered and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End at E3.

The game was profitable it Sold 1.5 million units last year in the midst of a ravenous launch of 2 next gen consoles, and multiple blockbuster title releases... COD, AC, BF, GTA5, KZ. This game did pretty well against those incredible odds. I say bring it. Since this year doesn't have a lot of strong titles for either platforms as far as exclusives go, so its makes sense
G20WLY  +   507d ago
^Sevir, I agree. Also, when Sony brought out the Move controller, Quantic Dream reworked Heavy Rain's controls and released the Move Edition. They clearly embrace new technology, so I can imagine them working in new DS4 features.

Here's hoping they do!
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SpinalRemains138  +   507d ago
Right on. Heavy Rain was excellent. 2 Souls was the worst story ever. Rushed.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   507d ago
The graphics and presentation look great on PS3 just imagine what it'll look like on PS4.
GameSpawn  +   507d ago
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls were both spectacular games visually. However, I'm inclined to agree with everyone else that Heavy Rain had a much better story (even if a couple of the characters were "broken").

Beyond Two Souls story squandered its potential very early on. It was promising for about 3-4 chapters, but once you get beyond (no pun intended) that point the story begins to fall apart and looses TONS of momentum. If you "abridged" the story to the best parts (while keeping some sort of continuity) the game would be about 1/3rd the length.

Heavy Rain on the other hand kept you in all the way to the bitter end. Ethan and Norman felt like the weakest characters to me and I lost interest in them very quickly. Madison and Shelby definitely had more to them and were far more favorable than the other two.
Pixel_Enemy  +   507d ago
Both were awesome games but the way the stories are, they don't have much replay value (Knowing who the origami killer is etc.) This is a really cool thing for 360 gamers who went with a PS4 this gen to experience but I won't be buying them again for PS4. I do plan to get TLOU on PS4 because that was one of my favorite games last gen and ND are amazing devs. I can't wait to see how TLOU looks on the PS4!
The_Hero  +   507d ago
Please no, it's not that good.
Release Until Dawn instead.
AceBlazer13  +   507d ago
I really hope this is true, I want all the PS3 exclusives that launched last year to come to ps4

Disgaea D2
Beyond 2 Souls

And some of the multiplats as well . reason being I was saving for NY ps4 last year so I had to skip a lot of those great games, thank God PS store sales helped me get a bit if them for cheap.
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B_Real  +   507d ago
Another remastered of a game not even a year old, ugh. Anyway, they better price it correctly. It can be bought for 30 bucks new on amazon for PS3. This should be priced at 40 bucks max if you ask me.
BitbyDeath  +   507d ago
B2S would have been a lot lot better if the story didn't keep flip-flopping between time periods.
UltraNova  +   507d ago
Well that's great I didn't get the chance to play it on my ps3! Also a heavy rain-Beyond 2 souls collection would be awesome!

Off topic: Any signs/whispers on a Bioshock remaster collection?
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vishmarx  +   507d ago
i can understand the GOTY TLOU getting one but this is rather getting out of hand.
BEYOND was garbage and the graphics definitely werent one of the the many problems it had,
It still looks fantastic and i dunno how gfx and fps improvements would prove game changers in such a slow paced game,
we dont want games for the heck of it.
id rather have these HD-ifying teams make their own games or assist in others
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snookiegamer  +   507d ago

'BEYOND was garbage and the graphics definitely werent one of the the many problems it had...'

Your opinion. But you don't speak for the rest of us. I'm glad you have no influence on what games do/do not get released.
JetsFool3500  +   507d ago
Would you rather have a remastered fps twitch shooter... oh wait
B_Real  +   507d ago

"'BEYOND was garbage and the graphics definitely werent one of the the many problems it had...'

Your opinion. But you don't speak for the rest of us. I'm glad you have no influence on what games do/do not get released."

Actually, the general opinion of the game when it came out was that it was mediocre. Never played it myself, so I can't judge. But I think his opinion is valid. Remastered versions of games should be for widely regarded titles and not just anything. This remastered game stinks of just petty money-grabbing.
Yahdaree  +   507d ago
I don't understand people that get mad about these games coming to current gen systems. If you aren't interested just don't buy it. Why complain or get pissy?
killer4fun53  +   507d ago
DeadlyOreo  +   507d ago
Oh god, I knew it'd come to this.

Rob_Ko  +   507d ago
great idea, that would be awesome bundle
Magicite  +   507d ago
Completed both recently, great games, amazing graphics, must have.
BallsEye  +   507d ago
if this is another remaster then WHA TH F. Game was crap IMO. Heavy Rain better.
showtimefolks  +   507d ago
I am a huge QD fan, Indigo prophecy and heavy rain are awesome games but B2S disappointed the crap out of me. What's frustrating is that David Cage doesn't want to learn from his past failures

he should have seen what worked in Heavy rain and should have made the proper improvements, but instead we got an interactive movie. Heavy rain atleat had a lot of gameplay while in B2S you don't have to do anything for long periods of time


I would buy heavy rain on ps4 in an instant
BillmadeAGate  +   507d ago
If true I definitely must have.. Ellen Page Naked on PS4 ;) AWESOMENESS!!!
Spinal  +   507d ago
Ewww pedo. she looks like a 10 year old.
BillmadeAGate  +   507d ago
Hahaha how ? She almost 30 XD
thehobbyist  +   507d ago
Yeah that's nice. Go back to your photoshopping and never bring that up ever again.
hollabox  +   507d ago
I think he's referring to her body. She's pretty flat front and back, plus she's short on top of that. Pretty and mature in the face but yeah her body looks like the girls I use to see in 6th grade.



GarrusVakarian  +   507d ago
"Playstation 3's most loved game, Beyond: Two Souls"

UnmaskYourDesire  +   507d ago
One of these.

Google Translate can drool.
DigitalRaptor  +   507d ago

Heavy Rain would be much more welcome on PS4 in my opinion. I enjoyed Beyond, but it didn't turn out nearly as well in my opinion.

Heavy Rain would be another day one. Beyond wouldn't be.
Mr Marvel  +   506d ago
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

I didn't even buy it on PS3 because it didn't sound very good according to... well, everyone.
GarrusVakarian  +   506d ago
I enjoyed the game, don't get me wrong....but PS3's most loved game?

_LarZen_  +   507d ago
I would buy it again. I hope Heavy Rain comes also. Would be fun to play that again on the PS4.
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Volkama  +   507d ago
I really liked Heavy Rain, but I finished it up and would not buy it again.

I really intended to play Beyond, but never got round to it so I would buy this one.

I never finished TLOU, so I would buy this.

But generally with all these remakes, it would have been nice if they had stated their intent to release a PS4 version before releasing the PS3 games. It would hurt the short term sales for that platform as I am surely not the only one that would choose to wait for the definitive visual experience, but that doesn't really justify hiding the choice imo.
isa_scout  +   507d ago
I rather enjoyed Beyond Two Souls, but I wish they'd announce Kara instead. I want/need to know that game is in development. The tech trailer was to good to do nothing with it.
OculusRift  +   507d ago
I don't know* if you read the same/watched* the same video as I did years ago, but Kara was a tech demo.
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isa_scout  +   507d ago
That's why I called it a tech trailer.
OculusRift  +   507d ago
OculusRift  +   507d ago

NVM, he pm'd me.

He was just confused and thought it was so good it should be its own game.

No biggie, happens to me all the time.
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OculusRift  +   507d ago
Here, these are some links:


https://www.youtube.com/wat... (first five seconds in)
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isa_scout  +   507d ago
I called it a tech trailer because that is what it was. A tech demo actually showcases the tech with running gameplay of some sort. Sort of like the tech demo for Gears of War 2 they showed years back showcasing how water would look in the game. Kara was a trailer showcasing a new graphics engine. Thus a tech trailer.
URNightmare  +   507d ago
That Kara tech trailer/demo whatever, is awesome in so many levels! Same as the one for The Casting.
BobBelcher  +   507d ago
Because it was a console seller for the PS3?
OculusRift  +   507d ago
Damn it, Bob!
Kavorklestein  +   507d ago
Why the hell didn't they just wait to release it on PS4 and PS3 Simultaneously, and then they could have fooled TWICE as many people into thinking it was worth their time and money... Now tho, Most of us know better than to buy this... What a wasted opportunity.

But in all honesty, the ONLY reason I will forgive Remasters of YEAR old games is because it give the devs some familiarity with the new consoles before making THE BIG-NEW-EXCITING-RISKY-AND-HOP EFULLY-GOOD! new IP's.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   506d ago
WRONG! A man platinumed and still has his steelbook edition. It's a fun romp and highly replayable with Willem Dafoe giving his best performance that it brought a man to tears near the end.
snookiegamer  +   507d ago
I'd support this remaster/remake...

I'm a big fan of David Cage and actor Ellen Paige' work. Games like this deserve commercial success. I'll always support good risks.

I believe Beyond Two Souls had a budget of around 27 Million, and sold approx. 1.3 Million copies. Sony are great at green lighting risky projects. Yu even said 4/10 PS games do not make money. But, the alternative is more oversaturated Shooters/Sports titles. That's safe & boring IMO ;/
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snookiegamer  +   507d ago

Yu stated only 4/10 PS Games make money.

My bad ;/
Sevir  +   507d ago
Shuhei*/Shu* LOL not Yu
Fishy Fingers  +   507d ago
Not sure how it would benefit from the PS4 treatment. For what I played/heard the graphics were the one part that didn't need improving.

Last Of Us I understand as it was one of the best games last gen and many 360 to PS4 owners might want to experience it, this on the other hand, not so many, if any.
vishmarx  +   507d ago
because fanboy logic>>actual logic
whats sad is that i wanna games on my ps4 that i havent already played on the ps3.

i said the exact thing and was bombed with disagrees and butthurt fanboys/
the game failed and its quite out there,dunno why people think making it look even better would make the game better.all i said was id rather have all these resources put in new games.

/for anyone about to call me an xbox fanboy and a troll ,im more than capable of proving im not
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Darkstares  +   507d ago
Not surprised if this comes to the PS4. I imagine it was a fairly expensive game to make, don't know how well it sold on the PS3, it can fill some holes in the PS4 line-up as many wait for big AAA games, lots of new Playstation fans who never owned a PS3 can now try it.
markyboy2181  +   507d ago
oy developers what about next gen new ips instead of rehased crap from last gen FS!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScottyHoss  +   507d ago
Get used to it bud, they'll stop making them when people stop buying them, just like Cod.
Endless_X  +   507d ago
Well, one of those retailers has listings for Agnis Philosophy ( http://www.alcom.ch/index.p... Resident Evil 7 ( http://www.alcom.ch/index.p... etc.

So I guess is not very reliable.
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URNightmare  +   507d ago
If it looks next gen on PS3, imagine how it would look on PS4!!!
blackout  +   507d ago
It is looking like Sony is in trouble. DriveClub was delayed for what, and now Sony seem to focusing on remastering old sh! as well as this massive Indie push. Not saying there is anything wrong with the indie push but it seems to be toooooooo much. I'm just saying WATCH THE TREND GOING ON AT SONY, Doesn't look to bright. GRAPHIC'S GRAPHIC's GRAPHIC"S. Games are built on more than just a visual.
kenshiro100  +   507d ago
How is Beyond and TLOU old?
DigitalRaptor  +   507d ago
Desperate fanboy is desperate.

Just gonna break down your comment for you cause it's a freakin hot mess.

"DriveClub was delayed for what"

Better gameplay, better graphics, online social integration and a more polished overall product that fares well in the eyes of gamers and those that have played it in recent weeks.

"and now Sony seem to focusing on remastering old sh!"

If you think that games less than 12-months-old are old, well... you might need a little bit of perspective.

"Not saying there is anything wrong with the indie push but it seems to be toooooooo much"

You're right, there's nothing wrong with having a plethora of unique, creative and fun games to compliment the larger games coming out. Still, can't say it's too much if Sony didn't have larger, more ambitious indie games on their roster like No Man's Sky, SOMA, ABZU, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, RiME, The Witness, Shadow of the Beast as well as the smaller titles like Hotline Miami 2, Titan Souls and Broforce.

Diversity is king.


"I'm just saying WATCH THE TREND GOING ON AT SONY, Doesn't look to bright. GRAPHIC'S GRAPHIC's GRAPHIC"S. Games are built on more than just a visual."

Yeah, you're right. Games ARE built on more than visuals. Otherwise we would not have controllers to interact with their gameplay. But hang on a sec, i thought you were complaining about indies, where the focus is gameplay over graphics, but you're complaining about Sony's first party developers setting standards for visuals yet again?

Make up your damn mind.
MegaRay  +   507d ago
And yet they sold 9mil PS4 (or 8+)
Imagine if Sony start making games lol
Adolph Fitler  +   507d ago
"i can understand the GOTY TLOU getting one but this is rather getting out of hand."

Thank GOD, I thought I was the ONLY one that thinks this PS3 extra, ultra, HD-ing up is a f^cking joke.... Just make a better version of TLOU, & forget ALL the rest, we've got enough of the old stuff, & when some of the turds of last gen (like this one) start making there way across, it starts to get on my nerves...
I still think Indigo Prophecy is there best work, by far, but Heavy Rain was certainly an excellent next step, BUT FFS, Beyond was ordinary in every aspect (except voice talents)... That aside, even if there best game yet, MOVE THE F$CK ON, & make us something BETTER again, built from the ground up, for our PS4's...

Who would've bothered upgrading to a PS4 or XBone, if the majority of games in the immediate future were remakes, & not even 3 or 4 gen old remakes, BUT FRESH, only just played last gen titles.

Would I have preferred Sucker Punch to throw a redone Infamous 1 & 2 compilation at me, ready on launch day, or Infamous:2nd Son, A BRAND NEW STORY, with PS4 worthy attributes.... F^cking not even a fair question, as any sane fool, would prefer a BRAND NEW GAME, TO COMPLIMENT, A BRAND NEW CONSOLE.....It's a no brainer.... Currently, when I hear about ALL these overkill of LAZINESS on developers parts, by throwing 2nd attempts at sales of old games on new hardware, I feel as though I am being slapped in the face with my NEXT GEN CONSOLE. These developers are sticking there d^cks in my mouth, after just only had, having it in my anus hole. They are trying to feed me there d#cksh@t sandwich.

WHATS SO F%CKING HARD ABOUT GIVING US NEW GAMES...If these developers were working like mother^ckers to pump out to us, new IP's, or complete new games in familiar IP's, then we would have a f%ckload more games to be excited about... Imagine, instead of the time & money being wasted on the Tomb Raider PS3/360 to PS4/XBone port, that effort went into the new sequels to the isometric Guardians PSN/XBL title, & the follow up to Tomb Raider. We'd be playing AT LEAST ONE of them RIGHT NOW, that is what you'd not have to imagine. Too much time, money & clout is being invested in OLD shite. Give us gamers credit. The ones like me, who bought a PS4 on launch, but still bought plenty JUST BEFORE current gen released, as well as after... I have probably bought 6-10 PS3 & 360 games since I bought my PS4 (not including downloadable titles, as triple that number otherwise). So, what I'm saying is, these remakes won't sell significantly better, unless a TLOU, or GTA5, but EVERYTHING else is a waste of space on my PS4 NEW RELEASE SHELVES & schedules. What's the point of labeling them a NEW RELEASE, if they are your older brothers sloppy seconds?
CervantesPR  +   507d ago
The point of these remasters is to have games to play asap. Quantic dream are working on a new ps4 ip but if they can split the team and can make this in 3 months why not? Not everyone played this game including myself
ado908  +   507d ago
Where does it say its being made in 3 months?
Hanuman  +   507d ago
Adolf Fitler? Are you for real? The resemblance in the way you rant is kinda scary. - bub for you, sir.
viper3512  +   507d ago
Wait... From what I read, Beyond was less a game and more a slightly interactive life story... Why did this get so many rewards and deserve an upgrade?
pornflakes  +   507d ago
The game was fun to play, Heavy Rain even more but its enough with the remastared games, bring finally some new exclusives instead of the old PS3 ones.
CervantesPR  +   507d ago
Id buy, didnt buy it on ps3 so this would be great.
WeAreLegion  +   507d ago
I loved it on PS3, but I doubt it would sell that well, given the cold reception it got. :/
Acquiescence  +   507d ago
Beyond was average...
Would've rather had Heavy Rain instead. Now that was an ace game that I'd happily play again.
shivvy24  +   507d ago
I was patient and waited for tlou, gta5 and beyond 2 souls, if this is true then waiting has payed off :D cant wait to experience tlou for the first time
osborn2009  +   507d ago
Most loved game? What? I mean I really enjoyed it but it was not the most loved game by any means. Also, PlayStation has a capital S.
ocelot07  +   507d ago
Beyond was good imo. I enjoyed it. How ever it is not a game I would pay another £40 for just to play it on my PS4. Games like Uncharted and Last of Us and Heavy Rain and GTA sure but this no.
G20WLY  +   507d ago
Sure, but this is good for those that didn't have a PS3 when the game launched.
ocelot07  +   507d ago
I suppose but I would definitely like it if they include Heavy Rain as that was a much better story imo.
marcindpol  +   507d ago
I got beyond two souls for my ps3 but never got to play it at all, once I got my ps4 I sold ps3 along with the game. I will buy it again for ps4 but this time round I am going to play and finish the game for sure. Hope the news is true!
OWWO  +   507d ago
fxa5209  +   507d ago
Sony needs to stop the remastered crap and start showing some new games. I played TLOU and Beyond on my PS3. I bought the PS4 for new games, not crap remastered games.

Sony should change #for the Gamers to #milking the Gamers. I dont see a point for those remasters beyond being greedy and selling those games near full price keeping in mind that it may costed Sony only 1/4th the cost of making those games on PS3
G20WLY  +   507d ago
The great news is you don't have to buy ANY remastered games!

Also; there are other gamers in the world - other than you - that would like to play these on PS4. Some people never got the chance to play these last gen. Some had X360 and/or were saving cash for the PS4.
ado908  +   507d ago
Wow G3OWLY you really don't get it do you? Why is everyones excuse "you dont have to get it" listen, us gamers bought the playstation 4 given the success of the past playstation consoles and their libraey of games. We bought a new gen console to play new. Remember the articles saying naughty dog hard at work for tlou remaster? This doesn't go just for them it goes for every developer making remasters. We don't want to have to wait for devs to make and announce new games because you know why? They take some of their time and resources redoing a remaster. What console in history did you see them focus on remasters of old games early into their release period? So why are there like 9 different remakes for ps4 coming out while the exclusives for both xbone and ps4 have been fading and a no show. Sure takes a long time, you say that but we found out that its easier for developers to build new games for next gen console than it was building it for ps3. Sony knows what to do so whats taking them? Why are they so heavily focused on rebuilding old games? What the hell did we get ps4 for? People may as well stick to their ps3 because this is not how you fund to our enjoyment. While you can keep suckinh up to these companies cash grab.
G20WLY  +   507d ago
You seem upset and surprised... Remember PS3?

Ratchet HD, ICO HD, Shadow of the Colossus HD, Beyond Good and Evil HD, God of Wars HD, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD, and that's just off the top of my head - there were LOADS!

People change platforms and this caters for them, while at the same time plugging holes in release schedules. Some of them were released late in the PS2 lifecycle and so less people bought them, despite the install-base. This is what is happening right now in this gen...the same cycle, like it or loathe it, it ain't new.

I agree that I would prefer that all resources were put towards new experiences, but I also understand the logic behind what Sony and MS are doing.

How anyone can be surprised (unless you are newish to gaming, I guess) is beyond me, as everyone else saw this coming a mile off. It'll pass and remakes will become less frequent, as the development/release cycle balances, just like it always does.

It's for this reason that many people have chosen to wait before diving in to next gen like an excited child. Others are just content that there will be an imbalance at first between remakes and new games. You make your choice and stand by it, I guess.
ado908  +   507d ago
Reread what I wrote I said early in the consoles release when did u see remakes not later after god of war collection. Yeah you are right I should have waited when release games are cheaper and newer games are out.
kenshiro100  +   507d ago
Just because there's remakes of games, doesn't mean that there won't be new games coming up.
ado908  +   507d ago
Nobody said that but it has been taking them longer than usual
kenshiro100  +   507d ago
Um...the PS4 is still a new system. What did you expect?
ado908  +   507d ago
Yet I got more bang for my buck buying other systems on release. Ps1, and ps2 and ps3. Ps4 nope. So far out of all 3 consoles, the wii u has the best launch titles
Dlacy13g  +   507d ago
I am starting to get the feeling that HD remakes are the new rage and an easier cash grab for these big publishers than having them make actual new games. HD Remakes and the rise of the Indies... "Welcome to the next gen".
viper3512  +   505d ago
You're not wrong yet, but i hope the future proves us wrong. The gaming community overall is already getting worse, lets prove that new IP's, not remakes and sequels, can rule the day.

On a side note, I don't think B2S or heavy rain are actually games
Mr_Danski  +   507d ago
I agree with all the heavy rain comments. should come as a bundle. Although i have not played beyond, so im looking forward to it all the same.
HumanatPlay  +   507d ago
I love how I just can't say no to this.
JimCom95  +   507d ago
I loved beyond two souls. TBH I thought the game was highly underrated, and thats a shame in my opinion
feraldrgn  +   507d ago
Good news, but I'd rather they get working on a full game based on the Dark Sorcerer tech demo.
PickAShoe  +   507d ago
Don't forget Kara demo fapfapfap
feraldrgn  +   506d ago
It was pretty accurate:
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