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Don't Expect Machinarium 2 Any Time Soon

Grab It conducted an interview with Amanita Design in it's latest episode and it has posted an interesting quote about the future of Machinarium 2. (Android, Botanicula, iPad, iPhone, Machinarium, Machinarium 2, Machinarium Pocket Edition, PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

SlappingOysters  +   323d ago
Excellent developer; glad to see that Machinarium sequel is on the way at some point.
CoyoteHunter  +   323d ago
For sure. Such a charming game that really nailed what makes a point and click adventure so enjoyable
gfois90  +   323d ago
love the art style!
shipnabottle  +   323d ago
Botanicula is a trip. Are games art? My answer is Botanicula
darren_poolies  +   323d ago
Botanicula is spectacula
Venox2008  +   322d ago
Dont forget Samorost games and Osada :)
MasterCornholio  +   323d ago
I loved that game. I want another.

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