21 Characters That Should Totally Be in Hyrule Warriors

Andres Ruiz:
"Let’s get real. Now that Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has joined the Hyrule Warriors roster, it’s more than evident that anything goes for this upcoming title. With the mix of Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors coming into play, there is a wealth of information, lore, and characters to borrow and use and bring all the Zelda timelines together into one action game you would have never expected to see. It’s such a rare opportunity, so I can’t help but want to speculate on what the developers will take advantage of."

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crusf1354d ago

Playable Skull Kid with end game Moon attack! Do it Nintendo!

Dehnus1354d ago

4 links in different colours for four player coop as in Four Swords :). Darn it allow me and 3 friends to have some fun:D!