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Submitted by JamieReleases 584d ago | news

Bethesda know they "need to prove ourselves all over again" with Doom 4

Given the success of Machine Games' reboot of Wolfenstein, you might forgive publisher Bethesda for feeling pretty confident that forthcoming Doom 4 will be an automatic hit.

In a recent print interview with MCV, however, the company's head of PR Pete Hines said the team knows they have to "prove ourselves all over again". (Doom 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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SirDjss  +   584d ago
No shit, you dont say !. But to be honest, its different times now so we chould cut them some slack :)
PeaSFor  +   584d ago
meh, they need to proove us that Fallout4 is on its way first.
dcj0524  +   584d ago
Seriously, everyone needs to stfu about fallout 4 on every Bethesda article. They aren't DEVELOPING wolfenstein,The Evil Within or Doom they PUBLISH it. They (Bethesda) working on (hopefully)Fallout 4 and/or a new ip.
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paidadvertiser  +   583d ago

Someone should've told you, this is actually a site for people who know nothing about video games and want to appear as though they do.
slasaru01  +   584d ago
As of now, only one their recent game was unsuccessful, and it was TES Online, which is horrible according to reviews. So I'm quite relaxed about the quality of the next game as long as it provides Next-Gen graphics.
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Summons75  +   584d ago
ESO is great, it actually got great reviews and a lot of butthurt poor gamers who don't understand how a real MMO works. ESO is still going and has a great community so looks like a success to me.

As for ID Doom3 was great and Quake 4 was awesome, the only slip up they had was Rage. Doom4 should be great as long as modern shooters don't ruin it
dcj0524  +   584d ago
QUAKE 4 was so much fun.

It was no where near as revolutionary as Quake 3 but I had a great time with it. Plus the single player was enjoyable but I obviously I mostly played Multiplayer.
KinjoTakemura  +   584d ago
Wolfenstein isn't successful?
King_of_Nothing  +   584d ago
Wolfenstein is great! I think he was speaking more to the dudebro shooters.
KinjoTakemura  +   584d ago
My original comment was for Slasaru01 and his comment;

"As of now, only one their recent game was unsuccessful, and it was TES Online, which is horrible according to reviews."

Elder Scrolls Online may suck, but Wolfenstein is a very well made and enjoyable game.
Tsar4ever  +   584d ago
HAH!! Good luck with that! Especially without the original id staff doing it.
mixelon  +   584d ago
Considering much of the original id team made Doom3.. I don't think it too much of a stretch to think a different team could do it as well, if not better.

Not saying it's likely, but it is possible.
Tsar4ever  +   584d ago
Well, Other than John & Adrian Carmack, Kevin C and Tim Willits, I don't know who else were involved with Doom3, But very key devs from classic Doom like levels designers, John Romero, Sandy Peterson, John Anderson & Gregor Punchatz that help with graphic palette, weapons & monsters design all left or were fired from id ways back. Without them classic Doom with the latest graphics engine, ain't never coming back. Doom3 proved this to me, though D3 did not suck. It didn't bring THAT magic back.

But on a brighter note, I feel that we already have a blueprint to what Doom4 could espire to be like. A little crazy mod called BRUTAL doom comes to mind. If you just put aside the silly "Go fuck yourself!" liners and the crazy "Rip & tare" moves. BRUTAL DOOM should make a strong blueprint where id needs to take D4,but I'm sure that won't ever happen. But as far as I view it Brutal DOOM is Doom4, at least as close to it we'll ever see on a features & design aspect.
n4rc  +   584d ago
Did they make a bad doom game or something?

Doom and doom2 were my introduction to multiplayer gaming back in the day.. Doom3 was fun..

The franchise is in good standing with me
tee_bag242  +   584d ago
I agree. Although I hope Doom 4 is more badass shotgun gibbing action like 1 & 2 than the suspense of number 3.
R-A-S-0  +   584d ago
I wouldn't hate seeing a hybrid of both. It might keep the game feeling fresh, like the balance between stealth and action in Wolfenstein: TNO
CorndogBurglar  +   584d ago
I dont get the hate for Doom 3. It was a great game. Sure it was a bit different than Doom-Final Doom, but it was still a quality game.
etownone  +   584d ago
Doom 3 was awesome.

I remember playing it on my pc in the dark and bought a surround sound set up just for that game. Made me jump plenty of times. Graphics were ahead of its time and sound was perfect.

Only thing with Doom 3 is that it came out around the same time as Far Cry and Half Life 2.... Which were both much better games.
R-A-S-0  +   584d ago
Totally agree. Personally, its my favourite in the series, although i understand why some people want a more action-oriented experience.
baraka007  +   583d ago
it was good but reviews said it was just ok so people that don't buy games that get 9.5 or higher say it was bad like they played it... lol at least that's my tin foil hate theory
Activemessiah  +   584d ago
Pete Hines is an a**hole, he had a role is sh*tting all over human Head studios regarding Prey 2.
Mokastro  +   584d ago
If wolfenstein is any indication. It might turn out well this time round.
ninjahunter  +   584d ago
Sheesh, ID is the developer and Bethesda is the publisher. At the very worst it will be a very competent game, just like every game released under this duo.
AgentSmithPS4  +   584d ago
"personally I hate the tedious jump-scare-a-thon Doom 3 with a passion"
Huh? I only remember jumping a bit one time, when I was looking at a computer in the game and a giant spider came down right next to me.

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