20 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments Ever

These titles come with a warning that you will probably end up wanting to snap the disc clean in half.

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bouzebbal1116d ago

how about the most unlucky Mario Kart player ever?

3-4-51116d ago

I actually feel bad for that person, but when it's that bad, it goes beyond frustration and just becomes too funny. lol

3-4-51116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

1.) Trying to beat Robocop 3 for SNES - way too difficult.

2.) Getting to Race #98 on Off-Road NES, only to have friend accidentally trip/kick the NES and reset the game.

3.) Same friend ^ still the NES, the game was Bart vs the World. Almost near end, had been playing for 8 hours trying to beat it......trips...kicks the NES, on accident, game reset! ( accident prone )

It's hilarious now, but we were furious.. Only like 8-9 at the time but still frustrating.

AnotherGamersOpinion1116d ago

I wanna be the guy levels from super meat boy. Insane. Took me many, many hours.

blackstrr4111116d ago

I broke my controller for that dude and still couldn't do it

matt1391116d ago

What about cod 4 mile high club on veteran :P

Dolf0451116d ago

Max Payne blood trail room. I can still hear that baby screaming....