The Many Characters We Hope To Play As In Hyrule Warriors

Game Informer picked one character from every Zelda game they'd like to see playable in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.

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BobBelcher1325d ago

I know I'm alone on this, but I'm not excited for this game. I love a good Dynasty Warriors game as much as the next person... but I don't think we need a Zelda themed version. I'm all about an Open-World Zelda game though.

Drithe1325d ago

I think you are wrong. I think we need all the different types of versions of Dynasty Warriors we can get. I LOVE the Gundam version and would love to play a Robotech(Macross) version of it. A Toukiden version of this, with 4 player multiplayer, would damn ROCK!!


End of line.

Lord_Sloth1325d ago

Still waiting for Dynasty Warriors Type Moon...

Spooney3231325d ago

Robotech macross .... Now that would be sick! Totally agree.

LightDiego1325d ago

Some strange picks like Malon and The Postman, but why not?
Skull Kid, Hero's Shade and Ravio would be cool, and please, i hope Link with Fierce Deity's Mask appears on the game.

BattleN1325d ago

Malo Mart kid is badass! He's a boss!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1325d ago

Hero's Shade would be great because his story is depressing, and I would love to see a happier change.

Navi would be fun.

JaggedCarpet1325d ago

I know, right? Sad to see the Hero of Time's story wasn't very happy in the end.