Mark Cerny Will Talk About PS4 at Develop Conference; Microsoft Will Explain the Power of The Cloud

Sony will host the develop conference opening keynote with Mark Cerny and Andrew House, while Microsoft will have a keynote and a panel about the power of the cloud.

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NextLevel1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Everytime I hear "Power Of The Cloud" I chuckle. Sony's coming to talk about their hardware and Microsoft is coming to talk about the secret sauce.


I never even questioned that for a minute.

Abriael1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Their own words. Not mine :D

@NextLevel: I know, it's just kinda strange to me that they use that catchphrase officially.

NextLevel1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Really that surprising?

"Unleash Cloud Power"

"Microsoft: Cloud makes Xbox One four times more powerful"

"Microsoft Claims that Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones, 32 Xbox 360s"

"Microsoft: Full power of Xbox One not yet realized"

"Microsoft: Xbox One's "infinite cloud power"

"Microsoft’s Phil Spencer claims Xbox One is 3x, 8x and 10x the power of Xbox 360"

Abriael1255d ago

Not surprising. Just strange.

bleedsoe9mm1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

the rhetoric hasn't changed since spencer took over which says they still have confidence it has tangible gaming benefits in the near future or they would have changed course with the marketing language at least .

Pogmathoin1255d ago Show
fr0sty1255d ago

"Cloud Gaming is an overloaded term which is used to refer to an assortment of game distribution and monetization models. In this talk Microsoft will suggest that by thinking more in terms of the cloud and gaming, we can settle on a set of use cases for cloud computing technologies in gaming that embraces creating new or enhanced user experiences to the SHIFT to GAMES-AS-A-SERVICE. In doing so we see more clearly how cloud will become a NECESSARY part of EVERY game"

They just came out and admitted what I suspected all along... that this cloud hype is just a ploy to shove always-on internet connection requirements back into the Xbox One.

1255d ago
alexkoepp1255d ago

"They just came out and admitted what I suspected all along... that this cloud hype is just a ploy to shove always-on internet connection requirements back into the Xbox One. "

I'm always online so if I have to have an always-on internet connection and it makes my games better, that sounds pretty f'n sweet. Sorry to all those 3rd world countries who don't have internet. Having a PS4/X1 without internet is like having a smartphone without a data plan, what is the point?

Prime1571255d ago

Hasn't Microsoft been pushing the cloud since Windows 7? "To the cloud"

Just an evolution of the marketing campaign...

andibandit1255d ago


It's just where software is headed in general, from being a product, to being a service, and it's not really confined to software.

Your theory about cloudgaming, is all wrong.

pyramidshead1255d ago

Standard ignorance from the Microsoft apologist that is alexkoepp.

fr0sty1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Games-as-a-service is definitely what the industry is evolving towards offering, as both this and PlayStation Now prove. However, only Microsoft so far have made it clear they intend on implementing this into being a required part of EVERY game in the quote I posted above. That is the main difference here.

Sony, Nintendo, and even PC games may require something like this one day, but so far nobody but MS have made any such intentions known. The others have remained committed to local gaming that doesn't require a connection.

Kingthrash3601254d ago

The power of the cloud tho.
I thought lessons were learned when Phil said it won't have I huge impact on x1. I just can't wait to see the results of this So they can stop preaching the cloud bs. Even x1 strongest fanboys stopped mentioning the cloud...why ms is deciding to bring it back up is beyond me. Them sales of the new SKU probably haven't matched sales predictions so its time to talk the cloud to hype sales...maybe...I dunno. But one things for sure all the cloud talk needs to stop until EARTH has a better internet connection. The cloud relies too much on internet connection and today's connection is as unstable as the Lakers right now.

The_Hero1254d ago

And everytime Microsoft talks about cloud it turns into this debate.

So Phil says the Xbox One is 3 times more powerful than the Xbox 360. Then corrects himself by saying it's 8x, and around 10x "more powerful than the 360" with the cloud.

Did the Cloud got downgraded yet again?
From 8 to 10, that only makes it 25% more powerful.

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corvusmd1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Just because you personally don't understand something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

Whenever MS or anyone mentions cloud computing it's met with "show me" "prove it". MS has stated since the beginning that this technology will take time to reach it's full potential, but it is already making a difference (just not in graphical fidelity). The tech IS real, it does work, there is no doubting that at all (except by those that are not paying attention).

It amazes me that people will dismiss the idea of Cloud Computing adding graphical enhancements to non-immediate aspects of games, but completely accept that PS Now can seamlessly stream full games without any issues at all. They work differently, but both have the same weak links. Yet only one gets laughed at as a joke around here....despite the fact that is has a less immediate/crucial impact on the game.

Cloud computing will only add enhancements on-top of games that exist now with little to no resources required from the home system. Games will look and run like they do today, but with extra enhancements on top of the game...if the net goes out, you lose those enhancements. If the net goes out, you lose PS Now. Latency issues will effect non-immediate issues of cloud-compute enhanced games...latency will effect controls in PS Now games...yet cloud compute is the only of the two that gets laughed at.

Will cloud compute be a game changer? Who knows? I don't have a magic crystal ball, it looks promising. There is no reason at all to believe that it won't hasn't failed at all yet and it shows promise. No one has lied about anything yet, MS has said several time that it's on the horizon and will take time to reach it's potential, anyone saying otherwise is lying to you. The only time "claim numbers" seem to change is when they are reported incorrectly (see Next-Level above has a "report about 4xs right above 3xs...and even IN the 4xs article it says 3xs). If we are willing to give PS Now a chance, Cloud Compute deserves a chance as well (it's already working beautifully in Forza and Titanfall). It could become a serious advantage to future gaming. It seems people shooting it down at this point are doing so more out of fear that it actually will succeed.

So laugh if you want, it's not actually a statement about Cloud Processing at all, it's a statement about you not understanding the situation.

reko1255d ago Show
extermin8or1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

See can assure you I understand it PERFECTLY and I'm yet to see it work in the wild and do anything special. You are right PS Now controls will be affected by latency and I remember people questioning that at the announcement. It's in beta atm and people have SEEN it working in the wild over sometimes unpredictable LAN. The data transfer for controls also is tiny as such latency is going to effect it less than something with a larger data footprint like cloud compute. I don't doubt that the tech works in principal what I doubt is that it will be useable in the way it's been marketed due to developers having to consider the fact that large portions of their user base will likely not have the internet require for it to work or that their internet speeds and latency will fluctuate unpredictably and the game needs to still run. This is most people's concerns, either they cut those people out often due to no fault of their own (some people live just far enough from broadband cabinets that there is nothing that they can do short of moving house... and never will be able to). This is the issue either people will be cut out and just unable to play games they want to play or play a worse version of it or developers will be using smoke and mirrors via the cloud or not at all. This has been what the majority of gamers I've seen have been concerned about or therefore skeptical of MS's claims. And for all of the reasons above it's HIGHLY unlikely cloud will be doing anything todo with graphics in th foreseeable future if ever...

one2thr1255d ago

Not disagreeing with you, but what if this "Power of the Cloud", method is some sort of MS ploy of activating the Xbox as cloud client, so that they can stream enhanced gamed off of high-end PC hardware, thus creating an illusion that cloud power has increased the systems performance and graphical capabilities?

-I cant possibly be the only person to think that

Volkama1255d ago

I agree with a lot of what you say, by not the stuff about cloud compute just adding layers into existing games. I do not think there will be many games that just lose enhancements when you are not connected.

It is possible to design that way, but makes far more sense to make a cloud enabled game require a connection to play. To design the core of the game with a connected/disconnected duality would be a nightmare, and would only limit what you can achieve.

There are enough connected gamers to sustain a game without caring about the offline minority. Connected gamers are far more lucrative anyway...

wlchrbandit1255d ago

I may not fully understand cloud computing, but someone like Mark Cerny surely does. Here's whet he has to say on the matter.

"It’s possible to do computing in the Cloud, PlayStation 4 can do computing in the Cloud. We do something today: Matchmaking is done in the Cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don’t work well… Trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won’t work well in the Cloud."

blackout1255d ago

Awesome comment. This site needs more of you. This is what happens when you have a level head.

DigitalRaptor1255d ago

Corvus, you've got egg on your face, wipe it.

You were saying the other week that Xbox fans would be having the last laugh about DirectX12 and "the cloud", and then Phil Spencer came along and proved your drivel to be exactly what it is. You are only now tempering your comments about the cloud because of that. Your comment history is so inconsistent with what you actually believe about the cloud that I'm surprised that you don't have an actual split personality.

It's only time until the cloud tech is proven to be exactly what it is.... nothing like what MS or their staunch fanboys are promoting it to be.

So you can pretend that you are part of an elite group that thinks they understand what the cloud can do for the games on their favourite console, but the truth will prevail when insincere marketing exposes fanboys and company's desperate enough to use it.

snoop_rogg1255d ago

What does cloud computing do for Forza and Titanfall, AI?

I played Titanfall on all systems and the AI is the weakest AI I have every played against in my life, I felt as they were just target dummies at a shooting range.

GearsOfWar1255d ago


"So you can pretend that you are part of an elite group that thinks they understand what the cloud can do for the games on their favourite console"

Egg on his face? Rofl. How ironic.

"So you can pretend that you are part of an elite group that thinks they understand what the cloud can do for the games on their least favourite console"

^That's you. XD

Nine_Thousaaandd1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


On one side of the fence we have Microsoft explaining the "power of the cloud" and Sony on the other side explaining "GPU computing"...and everybody (AMD, Sony, game devs) is leaning towards GPU computing for the future of gaming, not cloud computing.

Both Microsoft and Sony want to push things like AI, hair physics, clothing, particle effects, collision, world name it, to new heights! We're already seeing it in PS4, not so much from Xbox One...and inFAMOUS shows off the power of GPU computing in PS4 using huge amounts of particle effects, explosions, and other special effects not seen in other games.

Everything is leaning towards Sony and AMD on GPU compute. And if that Uncharted 4 unveil back at E3 is true, then GPU compute wins again!
The Order and Driveclub both are GPU compute heavy as well.

I'm just gonna say it, that Ryse may have been the highlight of Xbox One's graphics. I'm sure they will get better, but not much. And so far all I see is a Crackdown demo and possibly Quantum Break, which may take advantage of it with it's huge shattering effects and explosions. They talk about it so much, and all we've gotten so far is AI(Titanfall) and drivatars(Forza).

A lot of people have their doubts because they've shown nothing but AI and drivatars. And GPU computing is showing real world results.

Sucker Punch said it themselves that GPU compute is defined “Super awesome”...and it will lead this generation, I just don't see cloud computing taking off like Microsoft is claiming.

zerog1255d ago

Cloud compute and ps now work completly different. With ps now the server is doing ALL the work and only the image is streamed to you and the controle imputs streamed to it. I have the beta and other then it taking a little longer to start up then what a game would on disc it works pretty smooth. Cloud compute on the other hand requires actual data for whatevers being computed weather its graphics, ai or texturing to be uploaded, computed then sent back and all that needs to be done in real time and sync up with what the console at home is doing. The only way cloud compute will make any differance is if they are only using it for very small amounts of data or for things like weather and lighting that isn't very time sensitve to the users experiance.


Sorry it won't let me reply on my comment but exactly how is my comment immature when I made a factual statement and gave my opinion which was not anything within the realm of trolling etc but yet you let people call people leech, or comments like you got egg on your face blah blah bla!? Either the mods are a few brain cells short of normalcy or one too many FANBOYS got butt hurt and have too much control over what is said on this site and are allowed to act like children and make everything into some fanboy BS for whatever moronic reason... Bottom line , goes to show you can't be a realist on n4g... Bet I get banned for telling the truth and people can't handle it, sad and pathetic really.

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DougLord1255d ago

What will you do if Crackdown comes out and has a fully destructable city?

THC CELL1255d ago

Yes but you will have to always be connected to see that unless ms has a secret chip that beams satellite signals. Oh by the way people just something else not only u will be paying for a subscription to Xbox Live looks like u will be also paying for cloud compute to see the best of games enjoy renting gfx and physics unless cloud gaming is free

ThatOneRiggaNob1255d ago

lol he will find a way to downplay it just like he finds a way to downplay everything positive that's said about the Xbox One.

5eriously1255d ago

Buy an Xbox and Crackdown. But we all know it's good to dream. Also we all know that destruction in itself does not mean that you necessarily need processing power to do destruction as it can also be done brick by brick and a lot of time. So not much processing power is required unless it all happens in an instant with lots of particles flying. (wink)

MysticStrummer1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

"What will you do if Crackdown comes out and has a fully destructable city?"

I'll assume PS4 can do the same, since the internal processing of both XB1 and PS4 is much faster than what even the fastest internet connection can deliver.

MS can't afford to lean on Cloud Compute very much, because only a small percentage of the market would get the full effect. The more they emphasize Cloud Compute this generation, the fewer consoles they'll sell.

Volkama1255d ago

@thecell cloud compute for xbox games is covered by the cost of the good subscription. You would indeed need to be connected in order to use it though.

You have to be connected to play world of Warcraft too. And league of legends. And titanfall. There is no shortage of people that have a connection, and no reason to assume they all hate single player games or anything whacky like that...

I reckon MS will recommend for optimal crackdowning you need 4mb download, with 100ms latency to your nearest azure data centre.

I don't think it will quite match up to the tech demo though.

Flutterby1255d ago

What will you do if crackdown comes out and shows nothing that can't and hasn't already been done on other games? I can bet we will move on to the next thing.

marlinfan101255d ago

@thc cell

"but you will have to always be connected"

okay? games are already starting to force online anyways so whats the difference? oh wait, you're reaching for any excuse you could think of, my bad. and where are you getting that we'll have to pay for the cloud support?youre literally the first person ive ever seen mention that.

sinspirit1255d ago

What if PS4 comes out with Crackdown and it has a fully destructible city?

Do you see the arguing power of this "what if" situation? The X1 cloud needs to be built up of good graphics cards to have even a few physics or lighting applications streamed to your console. But, it doesn't even have that.

The Azure cloud has no graphically oriented hardware whatsoever. It is made up of a bunch of standard server hardware, and there are many variations of specs so it's not ideal because 1. No graphics hardware capabilities. 2. The server has many different server set ups of different tiers of hardware. 3. Internet connections typically aren't going to be suited for 1:1 physics, and if they don't do 1:1 then it would be laggy and that won't do. Just listen to the PSNow feedback. It is far more established for heavy computing because the hardware consists of all around game systems. The Azure cloud being specifically variations of common CPU only servers means physics would require tons of servers for one console. When even just 30,000 users bought a cloud computed game that require a generous 3 servers for decent physics computing that makes 90,000, out of around 300,000 servers unavailable.

Now, with "Cloudgine" if this becomes a thing for Microsoft to use then they would have graphics oriented hardware, but that still isn't very feasible for almost anyones locations and internet connection. Even some people on PSNow have terrible experiences just because the servers are too far from them and it causes latency issues.

sinspirit1255d ago


Except WoW has a far smaller costing server, with a monthly $15 subscription, where it easily makes profit.

In order for there to be real results Microsoft needs newer servers that are made for graphics and physics and spread out over many locations. But, this costs a lot more because this isn't one MMO server. This is trying to dedicate resources to individual people on separate worlds, and you are talking about calculating physics/graphics for those individuals, not simply being online like a MMO world. This server hardware would cost millions. For any of these games that would come out with cloud features on this scale it would take years for the Live subscription to pay for it. Many many years, and by then the server hardware would be outdated to calculate any physics/graphics that would be good at the time.

Microsoft is just acting like a kid in a card game that gets a good card that everyone already has and he rubs it in to their faces. Dedicated servers have been done years and years ago. Their competition has featured it in many first party titles with far more player count than theirs. PC games have been doing it for forever and also let people host their own dedicated servers. Now they get it and try to say it's the future just because they bought it and want others to buy into it too. Now that they have been disproven and exposed for their PR hype campaign they are trying to tone it down and show closed door, perfect condition, and extremely limited demos to try and not look like fools.

Master-H1255d ago

I pull the Ethernet cable of a fellow xboner just to mess with him, then make a funny joke about cloud power lel.

ramiuk11255d ago

it cant have it by power of cloud thoug hcan it.
not everyone hasgood internet,or interent at all.

they cant sell the game as having that if its dependant on a service someone else provides(virginmedia,comcast etc)

if your streaming a game and it crashes thats onething,but start the game and you limted because of loud or the game cant run without internet isnt acceptable.

some people i know struggle with 720p on youtube etc and have to buffer for ages so they cant use power of cloud.

Prime1571255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

@marlinfan10, "okay? games are already starting to force online anyways so whats the difference?"

The difference is FORCING single player games to connect TO BE ABLE to play AT ALL. Remember the SIM city debacle? That killed all nostalgia I had for the series.

Look, I believe in "the help of the cloud" FOR CERTAIN ASPECTS of gaming, but I still don't see it doing anything good for us as consumers.

Cloud for multiplayer = realistic, arguably good, and should have been their focus, but not "every Xbox will be 3x more powerful with the cloud" jargon.

There are acceptable forms of DRM, and the cloud is not one of them for single player on a console or personal computer.

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SpinalRemains1381255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Haha me too.

Of all the absurd phrases, marketing gimmicks and slogans of fortune, "The Power of The Cloud" has to be up there with the most ludicrous ever.

It sounds like something from a kids movie like The NeverEnding Story.
- Or, how I describe my bulldog's gaseous emissions after he finds and eats human food.

lfc_4eva1255d ago

Odd that. Every time I read one of your posts I chuckle. Funny stuff. ;-)

Dukemz1255d ago

Methinks Liverpool lacks bite upfront !

Magicite1255d ago

so mystery behind cloud will be finally revealed and we will understand why X1 shows true next-gen capabilities? /s.

stuna11255d ago

The thing is the destructable building supposedly in Crackdown, was shown on a PC during the demo! A mighty powerful PC at that. How people believe that level of destruction will transfer over to the Xbox1 to that degree baffles me! If that was the case, the demo would have been shown running on the Xbox1 to begin with. It's pretty obvious people don't understand what slight of hand is.

TheTwelve1255d ago

The "power of the cloud" makes me smirk.

When will we see this power?

blackout1255d ago

And every time i hear a game like DRIVECLUB with the power of the PS4 has no features i CHUCKLE as well. A whole year wait and that's what what you get. WOW those devs at Sony really know how to make a racing game don't they. Forza 5 will be a year old when this game comes out and it MURDERS it by a long shot. Have your visuals, ill take my gameplay. Enjoy those beautiful trees DRIVECLUB fans.

SniperControl1255d ago

I see you must be in a secret beta for Driveclub that nobody else has, because you seem to know alot about it to compare it to Forza 5.

DigitalRaptor1255d ago

Your comment above:

"Awesome comment. This site needs more of you. This is what happens when you have a level head."

Such level-headedness in that comment you just wrote. O_o

Luckily DRIVECLUB has both graphics and gameplay.

DRIVECLUB has the features and content expected from an arcade racer.

Forza 5 doesn't have what is expected from an established sim racer, and it charges you $50 more than full price to get the content that should've been in the game.

DRIVECLUB was upgraded from its early previews.

Forza 5 received a huge downgrade that people weren't even informed about until they bought the game.

pyramidshead1255d ago

Tell us all about that 'gameplay'?

spacecat50501255d ago

The "power of the cell" was just as funny as you sony fanboys tried justify that as well.

You so called gamers should really be hoping that this cloud compute works. Imagine the amazing typw of games that can come out of this if successful.

imagine what sony and ND could do if they start to incorporate it in their games. But instead of hoping for the improvement of a gaming experience you all rather crap on it because its from a company you dont like.


SniperControl1255d ago

Because of the "power of Cell" we have amazing GOTY games such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.

Flutterby1255d ago

It probably will work in 2030 or something but at the mo it's got no chance.

Sm00thNinja1255d ago

Games like Uncharted and the Last of Us came out later in the PS3s life cycle. The Xbox One has been out for less than a year! Double standard much?

marlinfan101255d ago


lol you guys are about as hypocritical as it gets.

spacecat50501255d ago

This is why I laugh so hard at most of the ps3 fanboys. Uncharted and TLoU had nothing to do with the cell. If you think those games could not be made on any other console you are sadly mistaken.

but please keep on trolling any and all xbox articles. It just goes to show how truly scared you all are of any real or true innovation that might occur if MS pulls this off.

ramiuk11255d ago

look at the games that was multiplat.
compare those to games like

god of war
last of us
heavy rain

there is nothing on the xbox360 that comes close.
cell was a real pyhsical thing but the last gen was let down by other bottlenecks.

lfc_4eva1255d ago

And don't forget the power of the Emotion engine in the PS2. It was supposed to herald Toy Story like graphics on a home console. Its safe to say that was total BS.

pyramidshead1255d ago

Tell us all how you know for sure that cloud compute will 'improve the gaming experience'? Sounds to me like a nuisance to save face on weak hardware. I'm sure ND will come into the world of cloud computing when there's a fundamental need for it in general game design, which isn't now. Not to mention half an install base is said to be offline, despite the connected world we live in today, so they wouldn't even experience it. Hell maybe they're unable to from the get go?(bad lines and slow BB).

spacecat50501254d ago


tell me what did any of those games do different? What did the cell chip do to those games that anyone else couldn't have done. There has been many clones of all the games you listed. None of those games did anything special because of the cell.

@ pyramid
of course when ND comes in I am positive that the sony fanboys will celebrate the coming of a new god. Its just how it is with this site. MS has it, dont want to believe, sony is doing it, can't wait!

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OsirisBlack1255d ago

They will more than likely show their version of a "Cloud" based gaming service along the lines of PS now. That is the only thing I can see actually working for the masses.

larrysdirtydrawss1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

might as well replace that with the word voodoo

SniperControl + 1h ago

Because of the "power of Cell" we have amazing GOTY games such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.

cell is an actual real thing that's literally part of the hardware,not false hopes and dreams

hkgamer1255d ago

wow equal agrees and disagrees. kinda rare to see that.

anyways, dev conferences is the only place ms can talk about this.

devs will want to hear about this and how they could implement it. its a new concept in a sense and just random things like drivatars are not the way to go.

i really do wish for this tech to be of good use and would be very very interesting to see what happens in 5 or so years.

AnotherGamersOpinion1255d ago

I understand the hatred of the idea of the cloud, and real-life tests will be the only way to prove its usefullness, but why do you post something negative on every Xb1 article? We are all gamers and all have the same interest, and why do you feel the need to lessen people's choice console? Im certain its not to reinforce your purchase, as the ps4 is an amazing product. The only reason would be to voice your displeasure over ms and their policies. While i would agree with you, in fact, join in a year ago, the times have changed, The xb1 is as much apart of the gaming community as the ps4.

sAVAge_bEaST1255d ago

"monetization models" & "the shift to Games-as-a-Service"

-That's all I needed to know, thanks M$.-

We see where your future is headed.

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Eonjay1255d ago

Mark Cerny! If I remember correctly, he said that in about two years we should begin to see better utilization of compute. I hope he talks more about its potential.

hkgamer1255d ago

i feel that in 3-4 years, we will see exclusive devs like naughty dog pretty much push the console to its limits.

EverydayGuy1255d ago

I you look at what Naughty Dog is doing with Uncharted, I feel he maybe right. Uncharted is pushing 1080P at 60FPS which is outstanding as most game can only achieve 30FPS while looking worse.

Artista 1255d ago

Another article to make jest of Microsoft ..shocking :)

Abriael1255d ago

I am very, very interested to know where the article would "make jest" of Microsoft.