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Submitted by Abriael 586d ago | news

PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Won’t use the PS4 Camera; Lack of Performance Customization Explained, More

Driveclub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky answered today quite a few questions from the fans, sharing more information about the upcoming PS4 driving game. (Driveclub, PS4)

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nicksetzer1  +   586d ago | Well said
Wow no car customizations? I feel like this game is missing a lot for such a long delay. Only 50 cars and no weather at launch either. I am sure the game would be great, but those are features I like a lot.

@imt did you read my comment? I said "at launch." (And a year delay, mind you) Also, I wouldn't consider paid DLC (instead of a larger lineup) a plus....

Also, realize what you said, PS2. I am not saying any of those are required, but when the direct competition (the crew, project cars and forza horizon 2) offer more cars, full customization, etc. You kinda get bummed seeing it missing is all.
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imt558  +   586d ago
Let's say that You have Pagani Huayra in real-life. Perfect supercar. You want to tune this car? I see no need or any reason for tuning powerful cars in game.

@Bonkerz :

barely any customization in a CAR RACING GAME, the disappointment in this title will be very strong.

And? Did your ever play Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. CAR RACING GAME and no car tuning. And game is quite good.
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nicksetzer1  +   586d ago
Yes, I like to tune my cars for drifting, drag racing, circuit races, etc. Not to mention creating amazing paintjobs. If you don't fine, but don't try to fool yourself into thinking a missing feature is better than having it.... options > no options.

Also, let's be clear real life != a video game.

EDIT: @Zueanimals project cars, forza horizon 2, forza 5, nfs rivals and the crew all have car customization put that in perspective, every announced and released current-gen racing game (of any genre) has had/will have car customization to some extent, other than driveclub.

Again, though, I am not saying it is REQUIRED it is however, disappointing to see it missing.
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system22  +   586d ago
That's part of realistic racing. You adjust your ride height, tire pressure, downforce etc depending on the track, weather, surface etc. that's like choosing players for your football team. Part of the strategy. That's why sims are so much more engaging and interesting to me. Also why I was getting disappointed about this game. Too arcade.
zeuanimals  +   586d ago
@Nick and system:

It's an arcade racer, only sims allow you to tune the cars. Some arcade racers allow you to upgrade cars with generic all-encompassing parts, but most just give you a stock car with its own specs and that's it.
Sitdown  +   586d ago
Haha.... That has to be the best spin I have seen in a while. Could just be me...but when I think of clubs and driving, I typically think of tuning.
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Future_2015  +   586d ago
''Let's say that You have Pagani Huayra in real-life. Perfect supercar. You want to tune this car? I see no need or any reason for tuning powerful cars in game''

biggest damage control line i have heard for a racing game
No_Limit  +   586d ago

LOL, I remember you posting this.
imt558 + 67d ago
P-CARS are also 1080p/30fps on PS4/XO, confirmed last week. much visual fidelity, so much stuff going on @rock solid 30 fps... I'm fine with that. At least this game has NO DOWNGRADES!"

You are right, it has no downgrade, it just didn't upgrade to match what should be standard in racing games now a Performance Customization.
NextLevel  +   586d ago
Yeah, cause Forza 5 is such a sim, compared to Driveclub.

PS, The GT6 one is a glitch, but still absolutely ridiculous.
zeuanimals  +   586d ago
@Nick:This game is channeling Project Gotham Racing, one of Xbox's most beloved arcade racers. Those games didn't have any customization beyond paint jobs and you know what? They were still amazing. Hell, people are demanding for a new one and most people who want a new one don't want customization because they want it to keep true to the franchise. Well, Driveclub is the closest thing to Project Gotham Racing we're gonna get.
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Destrania  +   586d ago
Trolls... Trolls EVERYWHERE!

People who have no interest in Driveclub should stay off Driveclub related articles instead of pointless bashing on a game that will no doubt be visually superior than any other racer this year, and more importantly, be an exciting and fun experience. Car customization =/= gameplay. There are other racers coming this year and next that will have a focus on that sort of thing. Does that mean that the actual racing will be better? Heck no. All the off-base hate is just a sign of jealousy imo.
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liquidhalos  +   586d ago
@imt let's say in real life you have a pagani that you use on the race track for, well you know, racing. Would you want to increase performance through tuning?
No_Limit  +   586d ago | Well said

LOL, it sounds so ironic and comical coming from you.

You sure didn't think twice when you trolled on Forza Horizon 2 (on a Drive Club article, at no less).
Destrania + 25d ago
"Except Forza Horizon 2 looks like poop in comparison and probably handles as such. Dat cross-gen amazement /s. Want a next-gen arcade open-world racing game, Ubisoft has you covered with The Crew. At least Driveclub is different, astonishingly beautiful and with intense and exciting racing, which is really what matters most. PGR fans should be very excited"

Please, the old saying, if you can't take it don't dish it out. smh
Destrania  +   586d ago

I think your key words there are 'in a Driveclub article'. At the very least I don't go out of my way to bring people down who are excited about another game. Sometimes I don't respond in kind to trolls who are on PlayStation related articles, and for that I am sorry. I just get sick of it every once in a while, and don't always keep a cool head when hateful people make blatantly wrong, wholly biased, and often dillusional statements.

Now, if you don't mind, back to Resogun.
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Giul_Xainx  +   586d ago
When it comes to new racing franchises everyone thinks. OH! I CAN FJNALLY PUT A HALO KITTY ON MY CAR!

Grow up kids. It is a brand new game. Car customization is patented by an older racing game found on the Nintendo 64.

Not even midnight club or need for speed had any good customized paint job settings.

Grand Theft Auto doesn't have customizable paint jobs either. And when it comes to the amount of actual customizatikns in any racing game they never have anything that I like anyway. Nothing looks as cool as the real life custom rides you see at car shows.

PS. Wipeout doesn't have customization options either.

All I see is a little kid who wants to drive an anti aerodynamic flintsy flossy bright neon pumped shiny engine block down a race track.

I don't.

And if they do add customization in the game, force the player to choose between tune ups for their car versus cosmetic changes. Weigh them out so it emulates real life pricing indexs and prize money.
marlinfan10  +   586d ago

when most of us talk about customization we aren't talking about the paint job. were talking about building the cars. go look at how detailed forzas car customization is, its sad they couldn't be bothered to put anything in DC. especially after a year delay and only 55 cars
ovnipc  +   586d ago
Sheep. This is a game. And in a racing game I want options. The thing I like the most on a racing game its to customise the car. Different engines, adding a turbo, making a car twin turbo when is single. Tuning up a civic that can match a Ferrari. Don't bee blind. Forza and grand tourismo offers that options.
ALLWRONG  +   586d ago
"People who have no interest in Driveclub should stay off Driveclub related"

You mean like how you make comments in Xbox related news? hypocrite.
JackBNimble  +   585d ago
well I was interested in this game until now!

It could have been a hit , but I think I will be a big miss. Pro sony over here, but Drive Club will never be in my library until they fix this.

@Giul_Xainx... you can paint your car in GTA V, you can even modify your car. I don't know what you are talking about, but there is customization in GTA V.
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bigbic  +   585d ago
Honestly, as someone who has been excited for this game, I don't understand this. This game has been delayed for so long and they don't have even basic customization? The social aspect of this game better be revolutionary, because that's where the resources are going...
LonDonE  +   585d ago
EXACTLY!! the damage controlling of some fan boys is laughable.
the more i hear about this game the more i think WTF?? Forza Horizon is going to destroy drive club when it comes to content! seriously just what have they been doing? its not even open world like forza horizon its nearest competitor and still its 30fps? yes forza is 30fps but being open world its understandable, but for a non open world racing game? LOL

I am not a hater i play and own all platforms but come on man Sony is blatantly repacking this playstation plus game as a full retail release! its obvious it was supposed to be a psn plus downloadable and now Sony is trying to charge full price for it! Forza horizon is going to be awesome and drive club is going to look stupid going up against it!
marcofdeath  +   585d ago
It's shit Do to you SONY FAN BOYS saying it was in the same class as FMS5 or FH2, we now know that it's not even close. FMS5 was a downgrade/ or ran out of time , it's still doing 2x the work of DC with the 2D clouds. 30 VS 60fps. DC is great looking cake until you take a bite and it's cardboard on the inside.... So how's that PS4 50% power looking now. ..
Kingthrash360  +   585d ago
I'm no racing gamer...but even I'm disappointed in this lack of tuning your car..IMO its like half the fun...bad move Sony.
Xsilver  +   585d ago
all you guys attacking DriveClub about Tuning have clearly never been interested in DriveClub because Since Last Year Evolution Said they would be No tuning in all those article about DC :/ so did you guys get amnesia or are you guys looking for reason to bash DriveClub I wonder.
corvusmd  +   585d ago
Nice goalpost move...
Forn  +   585d ago
People realize that a long time ago this was confirmed right? This isn't new information, I'm not sure what people expected. I agree it's kind of a bummer, customization is always fun. That doesn't mean they can't add it later, and it also doesn't mean the driving gameplay suffers in any way. Is there something wrong with a pick up and go type of racer? No, not imo.
otherZinc  +   585d ago
Now see...more "downgrades".

This is getting ridiculous. They were hyping this game for a
long-time, now what?

With all these omissions, cutbacks, & changes why is Drive Club not 1080p 60fps?

Wow at some of the excuses around here...
I'm glad some SONY boys are being honest about these Drive Club omissions, cutbacks, & changes.
TAURUS-555  +   586d ago
who cares about the camera ? only xbox fans care about such childish things
IHassounah  +   586d ago
Xbox fanboys* fixed
timotim  +   585d ago
Why bring Xbox into this? I think the more important thing is that at last year's E3, the camera was in fact used on the show floor to take pictures of the players to put in the game. That picture would pop up during the seems as if that feature was removed...

And yes, I care about Kinect on X1. If Kinect Sports Rivals removed the ability to use Kinect to scan yourself into the game, I would have been pissed. Luckily, they didn't.
testerg35  +   585d ago
I thought the PS4 cameras were sold out and hard to find? Obviously Sony fans care for their cameras too.
zerog  +   586d ago
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but did want to point out that this is the same devs that gave us motor storm. It didn' t have any customizations either outside of picking your paint job but it was an awesome racing game and I bet the core game play in drive club will be just as good. The customization options are nice to have but I've always had the feeling in the back of my mind playing games that have them that I'm spending too much time doing that then racing so it don't really bother me too much. It being an online social game the option to give your car its own unique look would be the only thing to really matter to me in customization.
You said 50 cars? Seriously? 50 cars? Thats it!?!? Why?
strifeblade  +   585d ago
Oh that's because they want to sell u dlc.horizon 2 has over 200 cars.
elninels  +   585d ago
Be patient, Gran tourismo will be hear some day. Just wait.
Alsybub  +   585d ago
Some day.
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
"Wow no car customizations?"

I thought we knew this for awhile. Maybe not. People still seem surprised that it's not a sim too.

"when the direct competition (the crew, project cars and forza horizon 2) offer more cars, full customization, etc. You kinda get bummed seeing it missing is all"

I'm not sure I'd call those "direct competition" since they're all a bit different from DC. Open world and/or more sim oriented. I guess maybe you mean when they're released.

Either way, DC will at least get a lot of people to try it out because of the PS+ edition. If it's fun, people will probably buy it, though maybe not right away. I'm not all that into sims, though I usually feel compelled to buy at least one Grand Turismo per generation, and the open world racing thing doesn't appeal to me so I'll check out DC and maybe get Project Cars later.

As for the number of cars, I'm actually more interested in the number of tracks. Between 55 tracks and the weather/time variations I think I'll have a lot of fun with DC.
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showtimefolks  +   585d ago
This game is a love child of Evolution studios along with developers who made Project Gotham Racing. Last time i checked PGR didn't have a lot of these options yet it was an amazing series

I personally can't wait to play Drive Club, i think we will see many updates after release to add a lot of stuff.
masterfox  +   585d ago
You can try it for free first if you have plus, if you like it upgrade to a full version if you don't simple don't buy it.
Knushwood Butt  +   585d ago
It was never announced as being in the game previously, so why throw your toys out of the pram now?

Wait, this game isn't a sim??!! Well, I'd rather eat my hat than put down my hard earned cash on this abomination.
bennissimo  +   585d ago
This game had a lot of promise at reveal...

Now? Not so much.
frostypants  +   585d ago
I like the idea of no car performance customizations. Makes the game more about who the best driver is than who's the best at digging up car setups all day on Google. Also, it makes sense if their fundamental design philosophy is to get you into a race ASAP. Hopefully this means that they've got the inter-race load screens to a minimum as well. That's what always kills me about some racing titles...the eternity between races.
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DoctorXpro  +   585d ago
50 cars compared to over 200.
12 person car clubs compared to 1000 person clubs
No dynamic weather at launch, compared to fully Dynamic Weather, lighting in FH2
No damage or ability to tune your car in DC, full ability to do both in FH2.
BallsEye  +   585d ago
I bet it's all just to meet today fanboys standards which is 1080p at atleast stable 30 fps. Wish they would polish the gameplay more, add depth etc not just push graphics graphics graphics. Turn 10 is about to release their SECOND big next-gen racer with huge open world, dynamic lighting, dynamic weather, 200+ fully customizable cars, 700+ events, seamless online, drivatars and much more. Driveclub got delayed like twice, it has very few tracks, 50 cars. no dynamic stuff and now we hear no customization. How does that even compare? DELAYED TWICE FOR WHAT? 1 milion trees in the background??
truefan1  +   585d ago
We have been able to customize cars for several generations now, I can't even call Driveclub a last gen game. No car customization just sounds weird with racing games we have played for 10 years now. At least ps+ gamers get a majority of the game free, because it definitely doesn't sound like a game worth $60.
BallsEye  +   585d ago
Since when gameplay and depth matters? 1080p is what makes a game/s
imt558  +   586d ago
Did you read the article :

"...there will be “plenty” more cars and tracks coming after release..."

I remember when i played NFS Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2. There is no car tuning in that game. You just drive super cars as they are in real-life and i enjoyed the game.
The_Infected  +   586d ago

Did you read the article :

"...there will be “plenty” more cars and tracks coming after release..."

Yea it's not like the game was delayed nearly a year.
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Bonkerz  +   586d ago
I know they seem to forget that this game was supposed to be a launch title. They still seem to try and defend it over and over again, why cant we just understand that Driveclub honestly should of just been canned. The game is launching half done, no weather, barely any customization in a CAR RACING GAME, the disappointment in this title will be very strong.
IVanSpinal  +   586d ago
Even on BF4 you can tuning your car
darksky  +   586d ago
"...there will be “plenty” more cars and tracks coming after release..."

Will the cars/tracks be free though?
DigitalRaptor  +   586d ago
Forza 5 is a racing sim and only launched with only 200 cars.

Pathetic, right? Probably.

DriveClub has the standard number of expected cars and tracks for an arcade racer (like Xbox exclusive Project Gotham) and doesn't charge an extra $50 to get the rest of the cars that should've been in there from that start.

The disappointment was strong when people first got their hands on it last year. Unfortunately for you, the recent previews have been solid and people are very, very happy with how it's come along.

"Will the cars/tracks be free though?"

That would be nice, but why should they be free? It's not like DriveClub lacks content by the standards of most arcade racing games.
tuglu_pati  +   585d ago

"Did you read the article :

"...there will be “plenty” more cars and tracks coming after release..."

so you mean to say that you are ok with buying an incomplete game even after a year delay. There is no excuse, this news are a little disappointing.
#2.1.5 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
"the disappointment in this title will be very strong."

I doubt that, but we shall see.

It wasn't ready at launch, and Sony honestly had no reason to force it out there earlier this year, given PS4's sales. After seeing the results I'm glad it was delayed and look forward to playing it. What we've been shown looks amazing, so the test will be how it handles.
Multiplatguy  +   586d ago
And will those "plenty" more cars cost us to get or will they be free DLC?
GodGinrai  +   586d ago
"You just drive super cars as they are in real-life and i enjoyed the game."

You do realise people tune super cars in real life too, right?
Gamer666  +   586d ago
Microtransactions confirmed!
LamerTamer  +   585d ago
So basically they sell you half a game on disc, then expect you to run to the internet to download the rest. That is pretty lame especially since you can't back up game patches. This is getting out of hand. Can you imagine if you replace your HDD or have to delete stuff for space how long it will take to re-download all of these stupid patches again (providing they are still available)?

This reliance on internet downloads to fix/complete games is ruining gaming. Remember when you bought a game and got the whole thing right then and it worked? Those were the days.
jay2  +   586d ago
Pathetic stuff! a year delay for a 1/4 done game? NO
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RichardDawkins  +   586d ago
You're driving top performance cars.. Why would you want to customize them?
Majin-vegeta  +   586d ago
What but I want neon lights on my lambo xD
Dewitt  +   586d ago
Is this a serious response because customization is the only thing that differentiates people's creations online. So basically it is just going to be copies of the same vehicle online. So boring..
RichardDawkins  +   586d ago
I didn't have that problem when I played Burnout Revenge.
frostypants  +   585d ago
No PERFORMANCE customization. They didn't say no visual customization.
hkgamer  +   586d ago
a lot of people dont mod supercars is because it deprecciates the value of the car. however if you see rich people who dont care about that then you would see some crazy mods.

go to abu dhabi or other places and you will be amazed.
doolin_dalton  +   586d ago
If I drove a top performance car, I probably wouldn't drive it in the rain or snow either, but many here think it's a sin to exclude bad weather racing from certain games.
Illusive_Man   586d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   586d ago
If most ppl can enjoy playing a racing game with no customization in it,
then they'll enjoy driveclub. I sure will! every racing game don't always have to be about open world and car customization in order to be called a good game.

Edit: uh-oh! X1 fanboys stealthily hitting that disagree button. OMFG! they are so stupid! if you really think that racing games are better with open world,
then your very one track minded fools. LMFAO
#6 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   586d ago
@Death Hey as long as you and your friends are having fun with the game then that's all that counts.

X1 fanboys are stealth disagreeing its total truth there's no excuses they might stealth disagree with me IDC. But I agree with you because your stating your preference and what you like.
#6.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
liquidhalos  +   586d ago
Most people disagree, most people want customization. Calling people Xbox fanboys because they want customisation in this game is just pure damage control trolling. I'm not a Xbox fan, I only have a ps4 (console gaming) I am getting drive club but I would prefer a richer game. As a ps4 fan I can honestly say that I'm jealous of what Xbox gamers are getting with forza horizon compared to drive club. Live with it. People have opinions and they are free to share them without petty name calling
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   586d ago
FH2, yeah it is awesome, but it's another open world racer, just like the crew. right now, this is what i'm interested in. What you need to understand is some ppl don't like freeroaming racing and customization, some do like it, very few likes both! everybody has their own tastes when it comes to racing games man. Although i do like my freeroaming racers, but i also like my closed circuit racers to, so playing driveclub is like like my break from those types of games. It's like a rest stop on the highway after a long drive. And yeah you are right though, ppl do have there opinions,
but still fail to realize that everyone don't like open world racers.
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
"If most ppl can enjoy playing a racing game with no customization in it,
then they'll enjoy driveclub"

Yeah I usually buy one Grand Turismo per generation, but I'm not into all the tuning business myself and I usually lose interest when it gets to a point where I need to tweak the parts to win races. I wouldn't mind customizing paint jobs though.

Ridge Racer and Grand Turismo managed to co-exist very well, so I don't see why DC can't do well for itself. At the very least people will try the PS+ version, and if they like it they'll eventually buy it.
Mega24  +   585d ago
I'm disappointed with the no customization though, I would have liked to do my own paint job and body kits.

Guess I will make my judgments when the PS+ version comes out.
toddybad  +   586d ago
personally pleased that this isn't a sim game - really don't have time to be messing about with tyre pressures etc like I have a clue what difference they'll make. Just get in a car and drive.Seems good to me. Can't wait for Driveclub.
marlinfan10  +   586d ago
you don't have time to upgrade your engine? add some personalization to your car? the games probably gonna come down to 10 or so cars that everyone uses and they'll all be identical copies of each other..exciting. /s

i spend hours customizing on forza, it adds so much depth to the game.
TKCMuzzer  +   586d ago
Surely it's the racing that should make a driving game exciting, not how a car looks.

Sometimes I miss the days of games like Ridge Racer, which was just a pick up and play. It seems we get so obsessed in adding more we forget what the original aim was, to make an exciting driving game.

GT3 Aspec, was my most played driving game, never customized one single car,I used only a small selection of cars and it was brilliant.
#7.1.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report
marlinfan10  +   586d ago
being able to build up your cars definitely adds to a racing game IMO i love being able to start from scratch and turning it into a beast. i could care less about the looks i just meant personalization because not every cars the same once you start building them up
#7.1.2 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report
frostypants  +   585d ago
@marlinfan10, god forbid that everyone races in similar cars so we actually know who's the best at actually racing. Performance customization can be irritating...go play class C in Forza 4 and watch half the players driving like slobs but still winning in Honda Civics because they all use the same exploitative setup.

I want a game where winning doesn't necessitate spending hours screwing around with upgrades and tuning. We have Forza and GT and I'd imagine Project Cars for that. That is what this game is: jump in and race. Think Halo or CoD, but with racing.
#7.1.3 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
toddybad  +   585d ago
If only 10 cars are used that means there's a much better chance of finding out who the best driver is rather than who has the best car.
I'm sick of playing racers against players that buy to win (on some games) or who have set ups etc that are unbeatable. I want a fair level playing field so if I lose I've lost to a better driver.
It's called a racing game, not a build-a-car game.
TKCMuzzer  +   586d ago
You said it, not every driving game needs to offer the same things, especially with Project Cars on the horizon. It will be nice to play a racing game on which everyone can drive the same cars with the same abilities. Just load up and have some fun, like you time is not always available, so this game is right up my street..
GodGinrai  +   586d ago
"Project Cars on the horizon"

Haha! such a great pun!
Software_Lover  +   586d ago
Ever since Need For Speed Underground, these types of games need customization (IMHO). Man, that was a good time for street racing games. I still love Tokyo Extreme Racer.
no_more_heroes  +   586d ago
NFS Underground was the last NFS game I played and I enjoyed it immensely. Haven't gone anywhere near the franchise since. Just felt no desire to.
frostypants  +   585d ago
Some games are more about tuning, some are more about actual racing. This is the latter.
typittt69  +   586d ago
So much for fanboys calling Forza 5 a half baked game last year.
mcstorm  +   586d ago
I was just thinking the same thing. The more I read about driverclub the less I am getting excited about it. At this moment in time Driverclub was my excuse for picking up a ps4 but I am now unsure. For me I think Forza Horizon 2 and Project Cars are the two games that will fill my racing needs the latter end of this year. I am going to wait and see what driverclub is like before parting money for the ps4.
typittt69  +   586d ago
I have both consoles and i love my PS4 as much as my xbox but this game is just unattractive to me. Bring on Gran Turismo 7 please
mcstorm  +   586d ago
typittt69 I have a wiiu and Xbox one. For me at this moment in time none of the exclusives on the ps4 have me wanting them. I was unsure on a Xbox one or PS4 when they were announced as driver club really stood out for me but once it was put back it was all about KI and Forza 5 for me.

Going forward I am looking forward to seeing what PD do with GT7. I felt let down by GT5 due to the hype it was given and the amount of bugs it had and the FPS drop really lots my love for the game. I have heard that GT6 was alot better than gt5 and that it is what gt5 should of been but due moving to next gen and getting read of my ps3 I missed out on it.

I am expecting big things from gt7 and I really hope the online side is worked on a lot or if possible they look at a drivertar system like in Forza 5 as for me this has really changed racing Ai for the better.
Mkai28  +   585d ago
To be honest DC is looking to be a long demo. The graphics are superb but the content isn't there.. 50 cars, no customizations, didn't read how many tracks it was.. Maybe DC was meant to show off the power of the console, just like Ryse or Killzone?
#9.1.3 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   586d ago
Compared to Forza was

Driveclub has nothing under it's belt...yet

Forza had something to live up to, it's previous release, DriveClub doesn't have that
typittt69  +   586d ago
Not my point. All the bashing on Forza and praises for the Driveclub delay, everyone saying that it's a good thing because that will give the studio time to add so much more. And then this news.
DigitalRaptor  +   586d ago
Your point makes no sense.

This is a new IP. All foundations started this gen on new hardware. Do you think Project Gotham Racing received this much scrutiny as an arcade racer compared to a sim racer? Probably not.

Forza is an established franchise with a reputation and existing standards. It's also a sim racer. DriveClub lives up to the standards of what it is... an arcade racer. It has also received massive upgrade.

Forza 5 received a massive downgrade both in terms of content compared to Forza 4 and visually. Not only did you have to pay $50 for the content that should have been in there from the start, but the visuals were largely downgraded from pre-release material.

These things are not comparable, in the slightest.
marcofdeath  +   585d ago

1. It's a launch game!!

"DriveClub lives up to the standards of what it is... an arcade racer. It has also received massive upgrade."

Now that you SONY FAN BOYS see that it will not be as good as FMS or FH2 you pull this $hit "it's a sim game. V.S. arcade game."

I told you that 6 mouths ago PS4 dose not have the power to do FMS5 or FH2. Now that the beat down is complete Just wait when you see FMS6. As far as it looks well that's just NEO GAF bull. Most of the FX in FMS5 like Subsurface Scattering on textures is not done in DC the good looking cake made of cardboard.
#9.2.3 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(11) | Report
CernaML  +   585d ago
"I told you that 6 mouths ago PS4 dose not have the power to do FMS5 or FH2."


The polygons on the cars in Fm5 can poke your eyes out! God you are delusional.
pyramidshead  +   585d ago
lol marcofdeath one of the long term misterx hyper xbone fanboy theorists still lives and breathes. How you have 5 bubbles if beyond me. I guess this is a last bastion for you since you get banned from most tech forums for peddling MisterCteam's nonsense in blind fanboy rage.

Hilarious. lol @ 'beatdown'. Keep going.

The downgrade 'FMS5' had from it's E3 build shows that not even your treasured Xbone has enough power to do 'FMS5'. ;)
#9.2.5 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
horndog  +   586d ago
Like I said. This game gets worse and worse the longer it gets delayed.
incredibleMULK  +   586d ago
Well said young grasshopper. The more his game gets delayed the shittier it gets and the more enraged I get. This will be another PS+ freebie I end up deleting.
TKCMuzzer  +   586d ago
Maybe you should wait and play it before making a statement like that.

So many people judging before playing, it's amazing how many gamers I hear these days going on about how it's how a game plays that the end of the day, game play is low down on many gamers lists.
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
@MULK - I don't know if it's intentional but after reading a few of your comments I wouldn't be surprised to find out you don't have a PS4 at all.
Speak_da_Truth  +   586d ago
Ppl Devs have different visions of how they want the game they are creating to turn out and just because other racing games have tuning doesn't mean Driveclub is incomplete for not having it. Driveclub has its own unique stuff not found in other games too. Are those other games incomplete???
typittt69  +   586d ago
What unique stuff are we talking about here?
Team_Litt  +   586d ago
1 million trees per track and sprinkler systems that go off at specific times of days. Oh and butterflies and moths that know and work in realtime.
You know, next gen gameplay defining important things.
marlinfan10  +   586d ago
yeah those trees are gonna make the driving so much better
Team_Litt  +   586d ago
Nobody caught my sarcasm there?
aragon  +   585d ago
Basically how I see this gen going is if it looks really pretty and has lots of polygons it's a good game, which is a sad logic
Software_Lover  +   586d ago
.........Like what?
blackout  +   586d ago
Where was this statement when Microsoft had there vision for there system (Xbox One). What you said makes all the scene in the world, a vision and know one has the same one. Instead Playstation fans mocked and talked all the shit in the world. Xbox fans tried to fight back but we all know where the POWER was. But it seems power can only get you so far. A year later and look. What the hell was the wait for? I wonder what Bloodborne will bring (The beauty with trash gameplay). We will See. I'm ranting please don't hate me.
DigitalRaptor  +   586d ago
"A year later and look. What the hell was the wait for?"

I dunno. perhaps a game that meets the standards of a next-gen arcade racer! The Xbox fanboys are truly getting vile now. I could understand them going crazy if there was no online multiplayer, but complaining about a lack of features that were never expected in the first place? Jesus H Christ.


"I wonder what Bloodborne will bring (The beauty with trash gameplay)."

Okay shut up now,,, you're not a gamer.
#11.3.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report
spacecat5050  +   585d ago

I am in awe of your super defense of a game that is being delayed for this long and still wont have the basics found in every other racer. Regardless of it being a new ip we have seen nothing but downgrades for this titles.

the fact that you sony fanboys are ok with it being 30fps is truly a kick to the face. Because lord knows if this was a MS title you would be celebrating in the street trying to downplay this game.

but nope, here you are desperatly apologizing and defending this game when you should be mad for what it lacks.

this "it's OK Sony♥" attitude is getting out of control.
MrVodka69  +   586d ago
The_Infected  +   586d ago

"So much for fanboys calling Forza 5 a half baked game last year."

Just got Forza 5 and it's great. It was a launch game and it had it's fair share of visual downgrades for sure but it plays great.

Hey at least Xbox One fans had an exclusive racing game at launch. By the time Driveclub launches their second exclusive Forza Horzion 2 will be out which will have dynamic weather, 200 cars, 700 events, car meet ups, and car customization at launch without delay and it's open world.
#12 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
typittt69  +   586d ago
Been playing it since november 22nd 2013. Never got bored of it. Great racing game. Can't wait for FH2
blackout  +   586d ago
Keep it going. I see some people downing FH2 but look at everything it has to offer (Then Some). Looks like graphic's will be costly in this game. No features just visual's.
AnEwGuY  +   585d ago
"Looks like graphic's will be costly in this game. No features just visual's."

That's a recurring theme with Sony exclusives, even on PS3: sacrifice gameplay for graphical fidelity, just so you can claim your hardware is "superior". 'Heavy Rain' was one of the best looking, but most boring piece of sh*t games I played all last gen. I've had more of a challenge programming a new TV remote...and more input from me was actually required as well.
#12.2.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   586d ago
Wow man for such a beautiful game it deserves customization and more cars. I'm less hyped for this game, what was the delay for ? Forza Horizon 2 it is for me then. I'll just try the PS+ version for this and if it impresses me maybe I'll consider buying it. Sony should've just made a new Motorstorm and left the racing sim to Polhyphony with GT.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   586d ago
Why are people bigging up Forza horizon 2? If you want customisation get The Crew, horizon looks no different than the first game and visually doesn't even hold upnto the last NFS title. Driveclub will be good but I don't expect it to be 10/10 game but at least the level of detail of the cars is astheticly pleasing.
lifeisgamesok  +   586d ago
Driveclub looks good and so does Forza Horizon 2

But it looks like Horizon will be much more fun and offer a lot more replay value
pyramidshead  +   585d ago
Driveclub looks good and so does Forza Horizon 2

But it looks like Driveclub will be much more fun and offer a lot more replay value
marlinfan10  +   586d ago
"why are people bringing up forza horizon 2" uhhhh idk, why are you bringing it up? oh wait, to trash it, lol what else would i expect from you guys.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   585d ago
Why are people bringing it up? Try reading the damn comments you fool some of you people are deluded. Xbots talk so shit their wyes are brown, The last Horizon was a Test Drive cloan which did nothing new other than have shinier cars. Project cars and the crew both look far better. Most Wanted was better than Horizon by miles. Pun intended.
#14.2.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
blackout  +   586d ago
This is the power of graphic's my friends. What was the delay for, just to make it look better. This is a major screw up. There is know way in hell this is acceptable. One year and it seems all this game is striving for is the visuals. Looks like a lot got cut out of the game just to make it look good. This is why i prefer gameplay over graphic's. Now i really can't wait for FH2 and The Crew. 200+ cars in FH2 full customization. Good thing there is a FREE version. This is the bullsHit.
Team_Litt  +   586d ago
Backstreet Boys put it so beautifully
Ryan741  +   586d ago
This should of been f2p. Strange they took the camera function out, they had it in the year old build.
uncharted56  +   586d ago
The more I hear the more disappointed I get. Seems to be missing features at launch. Either this game had a really short development time or due to other issues the development has not been upto speed as it should had been because it is missing a lot compared to other racers. Honestly I would rather delay the game again so it can be better when it launches. This year seems to be lacking in terms of exclusives on both sides while next year is packed along with multis. Biggest issue is that its not 60 fps. Oh at least we get Batman....oh right it got delayed too. Guess cod and bf will rule this holiday season.
one2thr  +   586d ago
Well there is PlanetSide 2 even though its free to play,and hopefully it doesnt get delayed.
uncharted56  +   585d ago
hopefully. I also hope they announce a ps4 version for h1Z1 game looks interesting. Anyways waiting for AC Unity might be the only game worth getting besides maybe Destiny.
MysticStrummer  +   585d ago
I have a feeling Sony is going to time Planetside 2 to release close to The Master Chief Collection.

Run something like this as a commercial…

…and at the end the words "Free Download on PS4"

Say what you want about the game, that would sell some systems.
Masterh0ppa  +   585d ago
planetside 2 uh?? Like that is intresting?
tigertron  +   586d ago
This has disappointed me. I may just cancel my pre-order and stick to the PS Plus edition.
one2thr  +   586d ago
Im not going to lie, my expectations for this game was through the roof...

Now they're just sitting on the kitchen table...

Well Im still going to get it day one, hopefully Sony has made a music app by then, where I can listen to my own custom sound track(s)...
#20 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DunDee910  +   586d ago
If this game doesn't rate at least a 9, i'm going to just wait for The Crew in protest for the injustice.
MrVodka69  +   586d ago
its about what you like. its gonna be a good game regardless. they already stated it was gonna be an arcade type racer nothing wrong with that its just easy too pick up and play. its the same thing as battlefield and call of duty. you can do more in bf than you can in cod but both games still sell just like this will and forza and any other racer. come on good ppl get it together
lemoncake  +   586d ago
Last year they might have got away with such omissions, this year there is a lot of competition.
iceman06  +   586d ago
All of this so-called "disappointment" over an announcement that was pretty much always a given has me confused. Evolution has NEVER said or even HINTED at the idea of customization. They have firmly stood by their idea of a quick access, pick up and play arcade racer with physics tuned a bit toward the sim side...but not too much to impede the fun of the experience. The delay was to get things ironed out, especially on the UI side, to provide a smooth experience. I look at it as a more focused Motostorm. It's focuses solely on cars and keeping the cars on the track.
There's either a crap load of false indignation or a bunch of people that haven't been paying attention to what the game is SUPPOSED to be, as opposed to what they WANTED the game to be.
MrVodka69  +   586d ago
well said. I tried to tell em
marlinfan10  +   586d ago
its still ridiculous to think that with only 55 cars, theres absolutely no customization. this games literally just going after graphics. this is the kind of thing that happens after people act like graphics are the most important thing in gaming. they take away from gameplay to please the fanboys. after all the great racing games on PS last gen, i would've though the first title of the new gen would've looked A LOT more interesting
Majin-vegeta  +   586d ago
They're exotic cars.Not your everyday cars.Seriously why would I want a 100 differenet versions of a Honda?
#24.2.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report
iceman06  +   586d ago
It's not ridiculous at all...if that's how the game was billed. I can FULLY understand if Evolution promised something different. But, this is NOT the case. What IS ridiculous is heaping all of these expectations on a game that is in its first iterations, meaning there are NO preexisting assets to share with a new game. Or, in most cases, comparing it to yet another set of games that are not out. Right now, we are in wait and see mode. Yet, many have condemned this game to be a complete failure because of the lack of something that it NEVER was supposed to have and/or be.
memots  +   586d ago
there is no disappointment.

All i see is troll talking about only 55cars .. and delay and such. Most of these so call fan dont even plan on getting the game. that were this "this so-called "disappointment" is coming from.

How many cars did Project Gotham racing have? ( it had more and i never noticed or cared about the ammount it had )
How much did Project gotham racing had for customization ? ( none )
How many FPS had Project gotham Racing had ? (30)

Btw this looks more and more like the next gen PGR and it was one of my favorite x360 game.
#24.3 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
uncharted56  +   585d ago
nope ur just in sony defense mode. Compared to other games on the market this game is not only missing features but the biggest reason my hype for this game dropped was that it is not 60 fps. That is not my expectation of a AAA racing game this gen especially if it is coming from SONY's world wide studios. I have played Motor Storm games and they were great, it was apart from the other racing crowd games but there is absolutely nothing shown so far for this game that sets it apart from other racers. I honestly believe in my heart that Evolution Studios needs more time and SOny is not giving them that because they had already missed a date and are in dire needs of a few exclusives this hardcore gaming season so they are just pushing for it to get released hence the post launch weather patch.
memots  +   585d ago
At uncharted56

"I have played Motor Storm games and they were great"

"the biggest reason my hype for this game dropped was that it is not 60 fps"

You know that Motorstorm was 30fps right ? Why the new standard ? stop listening to everyone else
timotim  +   585d ago
I couldn't disagree more with you. First off...the last PGR came out 7 YEARS AGO! A lot has changed since then and we expect more from our racers in today's game. PGR4 was a classic, no doubt, but the hallmarks of the series has always been things DC are lacking as well! Racing in real world track, in actual real cities is what PGR was all about, something DC does not do. Also PGR invented the Kudos System that rewarded the player for driving stylish...again, something else DC lacks. These two features alone is what separated PGR from the others...DC doesn't seem to do anything that separates it from other racers...let alone PGR4. If anything Horizon 2 is way more like PGR4 than DC is. It actually has a system implemented similar to the Kudos System, called the Skill System which acts very much the same way.
aragon  +   585d ago
I think people expected a little customizations seeing as it's a social racer so when u r in ur club u can show off to ur club pals

Also this won't break the game either but it seems they took the time to add millions of beautiful foliage and insects when a lot more could have been added to the social aspect of the game it would be cool to use the camera feature from previous build, that being said it's a very beautiful game and I hope I get to play it some day, I really hope it has good sounds because my surround is waiting for a good driving game to rev the house down
#24.3.4 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Master-H  +   586d ago
The majority of them aren't real disappointments, it's just xbox trolls that finally found some kind of ammo to use lol just visit their previous comments.

Then they play the victim and go cry about how "teh sony fanboyz" are the worst, and how they're in every xbox article.
memots  +   586d ago
yup , all you need to do is check the amount of disagree vs agree for people who say customization is not a big deal.
WeAreLegion   586d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
InTheLab  +   586d ago
Even the diehards have to admit this game is looking more and more like a pass. Can you imagine how this game would have been if they'd not delayed it? Delayed damn near a year and this is it? 50 cars and probably dlc milking?

Sony really slept on 2014. This reminds me of 2007 on the PS3.
Spotie  +   585d ago

A bunch of Xbox fanboys who don't give a shit about the game anyway are running around complaining about something we already knew months ago like it's just been announced.

Were this a sim, that'd be one thing. But it's not.

What Drive Club IS: a gorgeous racer that people have been very positive about as of late.

This is just more spin, particularly because they now have their own arcade racer to promote. And while they were all too eager to defend every downgrade in Forza, they won't forgive things that haven't changed for Drive Club since it was announced.

An entire article full of trolling, and no one will catch hell for it.
#26.1 (Edited 585d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   585d ago
Of course this isn't news, it doesn't paint a Sony game in a good light. Please N4G, do not submit any bad stories about Sony or any of it's games.

"A bunch of Xbox fanboys who don't give a shit about the game..."

Lol, just like you a sony fanboy running around Xbox article "trying" to put people in their place as you yourself said was the reason you closed your account and created a new one right? Sad troll.

When you were Hicken you were one of the main sony trolls who was posting in every Forza 5 article saying how the game was incomplete and should have had more content. Now you and others are willing to turn a blind eye to Drive Club which has been delayed for a year and still doesn't include the very basics everyone was looking forward too. Even going as far as to blame Xbox fanboys!

The complete lunacy in every goal post you move and backtracked statement is becoming legendary.
InTheLab  +   585d ago
Dude really? Lack of customization, tuning, and a small car count is just sad. And weather coming after a patch at some point has to make you wonder why they delayed this game in the first place.

Think about it. The game should have launched LAST November and here we are in July with 3 more months to go. That's an 11 month delay and for what?

11 month delay for...

50 cars
no tuning
no customization
no weather

Buy this game if you like. I swear people love mediocrity.
EvilWay  +   585d ago
This game is getting passed on. no customization, only 50 cars, all supercars are huge no-no's for a racing game. I like driving normal cars that I could afford in real life and fixing them up for drifting, circuit, drag, etc. I like making my cars my own not a car that everyone else has to and it looks the same with the same stupid decals that I don't want on it. Also I am not a fan of non sim racers, if you are that is fine this is only my opinion

This game is going to flop hardcore
XabiDaChosenOne  +   585d ago
So you are mad that this game is not a sim? When was it EVER hinted that it would be?
timotim  +   585d ago
In all fairness...who said Arcade racers cant have tuning? FH2 is an arcade/sim too, but it has complete tuning and customizations...
XabiDaChosenOne  +   585d ago
Nobody said they can't but my question is evolution never said there would be customization in the game. Why are people upset about it now?
timotim  +   585d ago
Because the game has since been delayed by a YEAR! It was suppose to be a launch title'd figure delaying it by a year would give you enough time to ADD content to a game...
XabiDaChosenOne  +   585d ago
They delayed the game for performance reasons not to add on features this was well understood. If you were expecting more features than you have no one to blame but yourself for your expectations.
EvilWay  +   585d ago
I was disappointed with this game from the beginning. I was hoping it would have tuning atleast idk this game is a definite pass now. Another game that is all glamor but will lack joy
XabiDaChosenOne  +   585d ago
@Evilway Have you played the game yet? I heard the same kind of murmurs about Destiny. Every one was saying "Its not original" or "its just a cross between Halo and Borderlands" than after the alpha came out everyone change their tune. Want to know why? Because it has GREAT GAMEPLAY! I never played a bad Evolution racing game and this probably won't be any different.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   585d ago
Lol what is the problem? I thought it was common knowledge that this game was pick up and play? When has evolution even hinted otherwise?
ion666  +   585d ago
Meh driveways,wtf . I'll wait for the next iteration of motorstorm, Thank god I got I will get free version. Who would pay for that.
dragonyght  +   585d ago
motorstorm didnt have performance customization either you fake nice stealth troll
ion666  +   578d ago
ever heard of motorstorm apocalypse. Your argument is invalid ,stealth troll counter.
dragonyght  +   578d ago
yes i have heard of motorstorm apocalypse. in fact i have it and drop about 100 hours plus in. and sitll play the game from from time to time. and no it doesn't have performance customization only visuals and perks system which doesn't count. My argument still stand, reverse stealth troll counter
condemmedman  +   585d ago
Greatness awaits....... again!
gapecanpie  +   585d ago
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