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Are Remastered Re-Releases Getting Out of Hand?

gamrReview's Stephen C Barrett: "There is often a sense of gratification when a game that you loved gets released later in an even better form. Whether it be enhanced graphics or improved control mechanics, there is something to be said about one of your favorite titles taking advantage of more modern technology. However, there are two sides to this coin, with the other being that you’ve already played the game before and are expecting companies to provide new experiences today." (Dev, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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jamsam360  +   388d ago
I still want a Xbox One version of Skyrim!
Timesplitter14  +   388d ago
I think it's pointless to complain about it. Remastered releases will get out of hand when people won't buy them anymore, and when that happens, remastered releases will stop being made.

The problem will take care of itself once it becomes a problem
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abzdiine  +   388d ago
nobody is threatened with a knife under the throat to buy remasters.
you don't wanna buy them get something else.
i'm more than looking forward to playing TLoU remaster, and so do all those who never owned PS3 before.
ScottyHoss  +   388d ago
I agree, the writer acts like supply and demand doesn't exist.
iiwii  +   388d ago
Agreed. And there are people like me who never got around to playing TLOU on the PS3, but now I may well purchase the PS4 version and give it a run through.

But yeah, when the market is not there, they will know and it will stop.
DarthZoolu  +   388d ago
Yes they are.
jholden3249  +   388d ago
Problem is, even when a large chunk of people stop buying them they'll probably still continue to be made, due to the relative low cost of porting. So they're still making a profit either way. Only now the other 90% of gamers have to give up a potential new release to accommodate that small segment of gamers who insist on replaying the same games every 12 months.

I'm all for re-releases when they're actually dated games that can be brought into the current age. But GTA5? TLoU? Tomb Raider? Come on. If you just played the game a year ago why would you wanna give up a new 8th gen release just to play 7th gen games with slightly better resolution a year later?

In generations past, we all waved goodbye to the great games of that generation, turned around and never looked back. Nowadays, nobody waves goodbye. Everybody starts herding recent releases like cattle> you, you and you, you're gonna be in a trilogy re-release. You and you, you're getting upres'd and released as an ultimate version. You and you, we're selling you as a 8th gen port.
Azzanation  +   388d ago
However you don't understand, Remasters take away development time and money and are filling in spots that should be proper AAA titles. ND could be working on there next big game instead there making Uncharted 4 while wasting resources on TLOU Remastered.. same with 343 with Halo. That's the point. I would rather another game then games iv already played.
Majin-vegeta  +   388d ago
Ewww that bug ridden POS game??No thanks
3-4-5  +   388d ago
Remasters & Re-releases are ok, but it takes people to make those things happen.

Those people could otherwise be working on new games but are STILL working on the same game.
N311V  +   388d ago
Possible but very few staff are needed during the first year or so of game development. That's partly why developers like DLC, keep those staff that aren't needed for the new game yet working. It's probably only those people that work on remastered editions so I don't agree that there's a delay on new games.

Also the profit margin is likely a lot higher on re-releases and the risk a lot lower which will give developers more monetary resources to put into new games.

Win win.
BitbyDeath  +   388d ago
On the flip side they don't take long to make and can help devs get a better idea of the hardware works before moving onto a new game.
Alex_Boro  +   388d ago
We dont need another $60 pc port for the xbox one
MysticStrummer  +   388d ago
"I still want a Xbox One version of Skyrim!"

Not me, but a new Elder Scrolls game (not ESO)… that's another story.

OT - Remasters are released because people buy them. No one is forced to buy them. That is all.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   388d ago
how about both? it'll take a small team some time to make a remaster but not a huge amount of time and it can be done by a third party (Sanzaru with Sly) and give that third party a chance to get their foot in the door (Sanzaru made a man's favorite Sly after the HD trilogy).
MysticStrummer  +   388d ago
Fine by me. I just don't want the next installment to be delayed because of a remaster. I'd rather have another Elder Scrolls than another Fallout, but I know many people like Fallout so I'll allow it. ; )
LamerTamer  +   388d ago
Not me either, I would want a PS4 version of Skyrim.
PassiveAttack  +   388d ago
Simply put, no.

There are more than a few remasters I would love to see and pay for. Dead Space series which Ive played and a Mass Effect series remaster which I have not played.

People are mostly upset about remasters because they feel it takes away from other game development which may or may not be true.

Either way your never forced to buy a game. Keep remastering classics I say.
ginsunuva  +   388d ago
I want a remastered Shadow Fall. That game was a gem. Does anyone else remember back in the day?
elhebbo16  +   388d ago
Why? just get the PC version, its more 'next-gen' then if they made next gen port. one word, mods.
Jp3885  +   388d ago
So you want a version of skyrim that looks the same than the xbox 360 version and definitely worse than the pc version? There aren't many games that even run at 1080p if any on xbox one. It's not a HD remaster if there are no visual upgrades at all. Go buy a 150$ 750ti and slap it in your pc and try running skyrim and be amazed if u want an upgrade and to save money on your energy bill.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   388d ago
Just get it for PC.
It's what I did; no regrets.
WPX  +   387d ago
Yeap and with the ENB mods, and Graphics Overhaul mods(and female armor mods too lol) the game can look better than anything out there right now.
And I still have a modest spec PC.
About those CTDs, well hmmm...
assdan  +   387d ago
I don't get it. If you don't want it, don't buy it! TLOU remastered is simply a GOTY edition on a new console.
iamnsuperman  +   388d ago
I think it is perfectly acceptable to re-release games that came out in 2013. We were at the end of a generation and so re-releasing them on the new generation systems makes perfect sense. It is also not a new occurrence.

I think it is too soon to start re-releasing 2012 or younger games (even as a collection). They need to be much older
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InTheLab  +   388d ago
I think of TLoU and Tomb Raider as enhanced ports kinda like GTA on PC.

Also don't have a problem with the Master Chief collections as cramming all of those games in one bundle is really cool although I see no point in adding Halo 4.

The real issue is why people care. No one is forcing you to buy them...
ThatOneRiggaNob  +   388d ago
It's called the Master Chief Collection for a reason... Halo 4 was apart of his direct saga so why wouldn't they add it is the real question.
Summons75  +   388d ago
It's Halo 1-4 because those are the stories of Master Chief. Halo 5 is clearly going to be a different main character who is searching for chief, hence why Arbiter (in the trailer) said "In order to find him you must know learn every detail"
admiralvic  +   388d ago
"Also don't have a problem with the Master Chief collections as cramming all of those games in one bundle is really cool although I see no point in adding Halo 4. "

Are you really questioning why they're including more content for theoretically the same price? I mean, they could include Dead or Alive 4 HD simply because it has a spartan and wouldn't object if the game still cost $59.99.
marlinfan10  +   388d ago
its too soon to re release games from 2012 but 2013 games are fair game? that makes sense. i don't have a problem with them re releasing some of the best games from last gen, but they need to leave it at that. if we start getting remakes of mediocre games just for the sake of remaking it i think thats when it'll be time to put a stop to them. HMCC and TLOU are a few of the biggest games from last gen (and some even from the gen before that) so i really don't see a problem with it.


why wouldnt they add halo 4?
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Kamikaze135  +   388d ago
I think things are fine as is. Clearly there are people out there who want to play their favorite games enhanced for modern consoles, or else there wouldn't be so many enhanced games coming out. Also, I'm sure studios don't just drop what they're doing to work on these enhanced versions...they most likely have small teams working on it. So as long as it doesn't delay their upcoming titles by too much, I don't see why people against it really care.
truefan1  +   388d ago
I think announcing a remaster after 7 months after the original is a little much.
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Lawboy2  +   388d ago
I hate to say this but I agree....it only makes since because there are new systems out...but if it was still last generation they may rerelease but they would sell for cheaper and include all the DLC
Eonjay  +   388d ago
The topic is somewhat factious because apparently there is a market for it. There is a market because there are people who haven't played it or appreciate it so much they would gladly get this upgraded version.

Its really quite simple: if it was out of hand people wouldn't buy it. There are already more PS4's out there than copies of TLOU.
theDivision  +   388d ago
I disagree (in TLOU or any other exclusives case) There are lots of people who change sides at a new generation (such as myself) and didn't get to play critically acclaimed games of the last generation and would love to experience it now. I will be purchasing TLOU for the PS4 and get to enjoy it for the first time on the PS4 and it will for sure get plenty of play. I think it is a smart move in my opinion for exclusives, but for games like GTAV I agree it can be unnecessary.
Skylar  +   388d ago
"I disagree in TLOU"
"GTAV I agree it can be unnecessary"

Damn sony fanboys. As if you didn't look bad enough on this site.
beerzombie  +   387d ago
But people like me who did not buy gta5 because we bought the X-1. I thought they may upgrade it so I waited.
theDivision  +   387d ago
@Skylar, did you even read my post? I have not played TLOU and have already logged tons of hours in GTAV so I won't be purchasing it for that simple and easy reason. I know that since my comment had more than 10 words it may be hard for you to read in all one sitting but please go ahead and try. I am fine with the Halo remake as well, I haven't played all of those so I'd be willing to get it for a reasonable price to play those. How does that make me a fanboy and not a reasonable consumer who wants to enjoy the critically acclaimed titles that were missed from previous generations.


Exactly, then that makes sense, I was simply saying I won't be picking it up because I did play the game.
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Skylar  +   387d ago
Lol I was just messing with you. I know what you meant.
theDivision  +   387d ago
Oh, well in that case you got me haha. You can never really tell on this site.
ziggurcat  +   388d ago
Of course you would think that because it's a sony exclusive. Did you think that tomb raider was a bit much? Of course you didn't.

There are people who either haven't played the game on PS3 because they were anticipating a PS4 release or there are people who just owned an X360 last generation who bought a PS4 this time around.

And really, we all know you haven't played the game, nor do you own a PS3 or PS4, so you really don't need to concern yourself with the length of time it's been between the two releases.

Edit: @lawboy: your comment history suggests that you, in fact, did not "hate to say it."
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MasterCornholio  +   388d ago
Tomb Raider 2 was such a good game. I'm so happy that they released it for the PS4 since I never played it on the PS3. Same goes for The Last of Us. I can't wait to play the definitive version of that game for the very first time.
Lawboy2  +   388d ago
I actually did hate that they were re releasing tomb raider....also my comment history suggest no such thing....did u read the comments me Lukas had about the last of us.....he told me I should get it because I was going to hold off from getting it because there are so many games coming...I have it preordered right now actually.....

I said I hate to say this...because I know voicing ur opinion about anything negative that sony fans feel is a positive for ps4 will do nothing but start an argument ...so I try not to say anything unless it's positive and I try to stay away from conversations that are very opinionated
RichardDawkins  +   388d ago
It's something the fans requested. And what about those people who switched from 360 to Ps4, or people who never got around to play TLOU on ps3? It's not like this is a terrible game... It was Game of the Year for 2013.
skulz7  +   388d ago
Usually yes. But when that game is a masterpiece, it doesn't matter.
reko  +   388d ago
i think trolling every article is a little too much.
DeadlyOreo  +   388d ago
You can always count on truefan1 with his pathetic troll attempt. Don't fall for it guys, he has a fetish.

Can't wait for TLOU Remastered.
RIP_Cell  +   388d ago
1 game for $50 is out of hand, at least give us a collection.
ThatOneRiggaNob  +   388d ago
Tbh I think they should've went with a God of War or at least Uncharted collection but nope they decided to go with TLoU.
hugogs  +   388d ago
Lots of people asked for TLOU,GTA V and some other games to be on new consoles/PC, I think thats why those games are being remasterd
Spectator1  +   388d ago
Stuff like Ico & SotC Collection or the Halo 1 HD re-release is great because those games were released pre-HD, so remastering them in HD is great for fans.

The Last of Us and Tomb Raider on the other hand... simple cash grabs. Slight improvements in graphics and framerate that most people wouldn't notice unless they put the two versions side by side aren't enough.

But hey, if fans wanna buy them up, each to their own.
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deathtok  +   388d ago
Cash grabs? No.

Billing them as remastered is marketing. Lest we not forget in 1990 they would have been called ports... this is not a new trend.
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Subaruwrx  +   388d ago
30 fps to 60 fps is not a 'slight' improvement plus the Last Of Us Remastered includes all released DLC for $10.00 less than the original release price for the PS3 without the DLC. The phrase 'cash grab' implies that people are being ripped off. Please explain using logic how this is a rip off. Naughty Dog had to put a lot of work and money into remaking this game for the PS4 because porting a game from the PS3 which has a completely different architecture is not a simple process. Your comments are not well thought through.
DigitalRaptor  +   388d ago
1080p and 60fps?

Double the original resolution and frame rate. 60fps alone changes the feel of the gameplay. 1080p resolution accounts for seeing more highly-detailed textures, improved draw distances, lighting and shadows, as a much sharper overall image. If you think those are "slight improvements" go ahead.

Includes all DLC. Includes the entire campaign + online multiplayer code re-purposed for PS4. "Cash grab" is not fair when this is a port that was "hell" to develop and they are still working hard to make sure it's polished and runs at 60fps: http://www.polygon.com/2014...
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Spectator1  +   388d ago
I stand corrected, you've made me see the light. I shalln't dare criticise remasterings like this as being simple ports with minor graphical improvements and overpriced post-release DLC thrown in as a sweetener ever again.

I can now quite easily imagine that those improvements you detailed will completely change the game and it will be well worth double dipping. I was ignorant to have thought otherwise and will pre-order a copy post-haste.
343 did it with 4 games, just sayin. tlou remastered hype is way out of control. its a simple port, designed to make money. cant blame sony to try and make money, but it isnt the crafting of the gods. its 60fps, 1080p for a ps3 game.
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LamerTamer  +   387d ago
They can only "grab" cash if you give it to them. Just because a remake is done doesn't mean anyone is forced to buy it. If you played it and don't think it is worth it, don't buy, then there is no cash grabbed. If one thinks that more res and smoother framerate is worth buying again then that is their choice too.

I guess every single Blu-Ray movie that was previously released on VHS tape is a cash grab too then. It is the same movie with only better resolution and sound.
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Mr_Danski  +   388d ago
Titles like TLOU are very understandable. With the game launching very near to the end of the PS3 cycle and being such a masterpiece, it was always going to see a re-release. And so it should. Every ps4 owner who hasn't played this game should pick it up.
No_Limit  +   388d ago
I think collections like God of War and HALO is the way to do remastered games as it gives the sense of value to customers. I am getting TLOU in a few weeks on PS4 but I am only getting it because it is $40 at my local Best Buy. GTAV is another game I am looking into but I will only pay $40 for it as it is only been a year old and updated graphic games should be no more than $30-$40 because the money spent making them are peanuts compare to brand new games.
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MasterCornholio  +   388d ago
Well I'm buying it for 40 euros off amazon. People who pay more than that just want to.
Artista  +   388d ago
Metroid: trilogy makes sense, Halo:MCC makes sense. Basically remastering a collection of old games makes sense.

Especially those that could benefit from better hardware.

The Last of Us did really well on PS3, over 6 million. It makes sense to bring one of their best titles over. How soon tho'? Maybe they should have thrown in the first 3 uncharted games with it, now that would be a collection.

Bottom line is, remasters are optional. You don't have to buy them again.
HacSawJimThugin  +   388d ago
Remakes I would like to see.

Gears Collection
Viewtiful Joe Collection
beerzombie  +   387d ago
Alan Wake too.
Geekman  +   388d ago
Recent and coming remakes:

Windwaker HD

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

The Last of Us Remastered

Grand Theft Auto V remastered

I might of missed some, but that's only like 4 remakes of VERY popular games.

snookiegamer  +   388d ago
"Well Said"!
ExposingLames  +   388d ago
its amazing what kind of garbage articles get approved on this site. Sometimes I think random accounts shouldn't be able to approve things. geez.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   388d ago
Lol at people trying to throw shade at TLOUR. I guess they just can't stand that it's one of if not THE greatest games of all time. Day 1 for me and a million others.
beerzombie  +   387d ago
Not the even close, but have a cigar.
HexxedAvenger  +   388d ago
When people stop buying, I'm sure theyll change their strategy. As of right now people are loving it, IMO.
snookiegamer  +   388d ago
Articles like this, and others similar to it, are raising the question prematurely. Far as I'm aware, only a handful of titles have been announced for PS4/X1/Wii U respectively.

Why not revist the question when it does actually, 'get out of hand'? ...I would suggest the real question revolve around the value/pricing proposition.
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IIZANGETSUII  +   388d ago
NotAfanBoyy  +   388d ago
10+ years old games for more than $5 - YES!
JBSleek  +   388d ago
I think it's absurd that people actually pay again for games they have previous purchased. Absurd.
snookiegamer  +   388d ago
I think it's absurd that people are actually concerned with what other people choose to spend 'their' money on. Absurd.
JBSleek  +   388d ago
It's an opinion relax with the Strawman arguments.
DeadlyOreo  +   388d ago
People do that with Call of Duty all the time.
MRMagoo123  +   388d ago
I am definitely getting gta5 again on ps4 and I have it on the ps3 already, I bought it on PS3 twice actually because I traded it in after I beat it them bought it again when I felt like playing it again brand new.
#18.3 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
people could have not had a ps3 and switched to ps4. or people could have just never bought the game. i think tlou hype is a little too much, but remastered games are still worth buying. halo mcc? worth it. Windwaker hd? (if you enjoyed it) it would be worth it. Graphics can get outdated, but a good game is forever.
uth11  +   388d ago
Not at all, last time I looked remasters were less than 5% of all releases on the new gen consoles.

And there are many gamers who want to buy these.
SpinalRemains138  +   388d ago
If they do well, we will see many more.

They're much cheaper to produce, and producers LOOOOOVE that.

Halo and TLoU are such giant hitters that it isn't much of a deal, but for every other game its a cash grab, period. Not many games at all warrant a reproduction.
RosweeSon  +   388d ago
It's a pretty good game to be re releasing from what I've heard, never got round to playing it but I'll be buying this but there wasn't all this stink when the ps3/360 was just getting endless HD trilogy's and simple ports they weren't even spruced up half the time, this is a full Remaster/remake with all the DLC on the most powerful home console going, a console I bought on launch day, The Last of Us... Sold!! I'll even buy GTA5 even tho I played on ps3, that game was made for ps4 and it's share button gonna be a good chrimbo on ps4 ;)
HeWhoWalks  +   388d ago
No, but complaining about them has BEEN out of hand!
Relientk77  +   388d ago
nevin1  +   388d ago
" disagree (in TLOU or any other exclusives case) There are lots of people who change sides at a new generation (such as myself) and didn't get to play critically acclaimed games of the last generation and would love to experience it now. I will be purchasing TLOU for the PS4 and get to enjoy it for the first time on the PS4 and it will for sure get plenty of play."

I think articles like this are referring to people who already played these games before. And lets face it, a lot of you people are double dipping. I think this shows just how lackluster the library is for PS4/Xone.
#24 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   388d ago
Or it shows some people liked the said games enough to purchase them again as remakes/remasters. I am going it with GT5 , I did it with diablo 3 as well , I have it on pc,ps3 and soon to be PS4. Its not because I have no games to play on my ps4 its because I like to play the games and I also like to play my ps4, so why not get them for that.
KakashiHotake  +   388d ago
I understand a lot of people didn't get to play the Last Of U1s, but with all the time and resources I think Naughty Dog should have just made it a sequel. Granted I'm among the one's who never played it but still i'd rather them not made this at all and just amped up the development of Uncharted 4. The PS3 version was good enough and will also be available on PS Now. So to me this is a waste of time.
Subaruwrx  +   388d ago
Nothing wrong with companies like ND, Sony or MS with the Halo collection trying to maximize products. You need to make money to make more games and AAA video games aren't cheap to produce. I imagine ND will make a tidy profit on the Last Of Us Remastered because there is obviously a demand for it. The profit they make will help them develop resources for future games and the experience and research it took to develop the game for the PS4 will help them to improve on future efforts.
Outlaw1986  +   388d ago
Buying TLOU at the end of the month since I knew I was getting a ps4 so I skipped it last year. Good deal waiting because the cost is less and it comes with all the dlc! I also would buy an uncharted remastered trilogy if that ever comes out.
#27 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DeadlyOreo  +   388d ago
I didn't think about that, an Uncharted Trilogy remaster before Uncharted 4 comes out makes perfect sense. I'd be all over that.
Outlaw1986  +   388d ago
I'd like something similar to the Halo Master Chief collection with all the multiplayer maps mixed into one multiplayer. Also I think I only played uncharted 2 and golden abyss so it would be another day 1 for me! Can't wait for TLOU I wanted to buy that game so bad last gen. :)
quenomamen  +   388d ago
All about the money kids !
paddy95  +   388d ago
Mario 64 hd please!
jay2  +   388d ago
Absolutely I'm not buying HD ports of HD games, I haven't bought any of them on PS4 and I'm renting TLOU.
RosweeSon  +   388d ago
HD ports of high def games, thinks someone's missing the point. This is a remaster not just a port, the older games were hd remasters but weren't originally in HD just half of those games didn't deserve a re-release.
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