Final Fantasy 15: Why Development Hell Can be The Quietest

"In the history of game development, there probably hasn’t been a quieter and more contained cluster-frak of a project like Final Fantasy 15."

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AllAboutGaming1205d ago

After FF13 I don't plan on buying another Final Fantasy until I've played it first. SquareEnix has lost their way with this franchise.

Rob_Ko1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

FFXIV is actually really good mmorpg, much better than WoW curently.

but yeah single player FF sucks since FFXII.
My hopes for FFXV are pretty high though

maximus19851205d ago

thats how i feel too. i refuse to buy kingdom hearts 2.5 or ff7 gbike or agito or whatever other bs they want to sell us until they deliver ff15 or cancel its development already

Agent20091205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

You're so badass, maximus. I bet Square Enix are so broken because they've lost a client such as you.

zeroskie1205d ago


He's not the only one. I'm not angry at square or anything, but I have lost faith in the FF series recently. I know a lot of people that liked the XIII series but it just wasn't the direction that I wanted, and so I'll have to wait and see if they can deliver on their promises first.

sungin1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

release the dam ff9 to pc sqaure, you piece s^%it

EXVirtual1205d ago

I find it funny that people like you would rather have SE make a port of a game over a decade old to a platform that really doesn't sell JRPGS rather than work on new projects and then calls them and the industry in general crap.

Inception1205d ago

Buy it on PSN, it's only $9

Delsin221196d ago

dude just get the rom for it.

EXVirtual1205d ago

I don't think people realise that this game really didn't start development until 2009-2010. And that's the PS3 version I'm talking about. In mid-late 2011, the game was renamed XV and development started for the PS4 and XBO. So really, this game has only been in development for 3 years. I'm not excusing the lack of info, but the game isn't really in development hell.

One thing is for sure though. TGS better bring substantial info on the game.

maximus19851205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

in 2015 youll change those guys always do. in fact i can see it already " hey guys so what if they didnt show us ff15 in e32015 it really only started full development in early 2012 so really its like they need a little extra time for polish.

EXVirtual1205d ago

Again, I'm not excusing the lack of info.
If it isn't at E3 2015 (unless it releases before or a few dayso after E3), you won't hear me say anything. In fact, I will start recognising that the game really is in development hell, if TGS doesn't bring substantial info.

Elda1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@EXV..100% agreed!...I don't understand why you have the disagrees but S-E basically did a cgi trailer for FFvsXIII but never really started developing until years later,scraped that & started developing in late 2011 on better hardware/engine which will be ported to PS4/XBO,this is why it's taking so long,S-E & other developers should not start advertising new games until they are at least 75% complete & 100% sure they are going to release these games asap.

SkullBlade1691205d ago

I was thinking that this game is becoming the new Duke Nukem Forever...

thejigisup1205d ago

FFXV: Forever is the working title.

maximus19851205d ago

year 2020: square enix announces to start development for ff15 on ps5 but meanwhile presents ff7 surfing mobile

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