Old Game Plus: International Superstar Soccer and the beauty of complete nonsense

VideoGamer: "We look back at the precursor to PES, and its now-lost combination of authenticity and nonsense."

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Tiqila1561d ago

"They didn’t have to offer photo-realistic visuals"

we are also far away from photo-realism in sports games today, imo they all look like plastic figurines. Anyway, good read! And I loved the original ISS

pompombrum1561d ago

I'm pretty sure I read that the original ISS wasn't made by the development team that eventually went onto make PES. The football game they made was goalstorm. Not sure if it's true however there was another ISS game made on the PS1, that didn't feel anything like PES. The first game which really felt like the game we all came to love was ISS PRO 98.

Fyflin1561d ago

I loved ISS on the N64, the commentary was incredible.