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Destiny Beta Open to PlayStation Plus Asia, Limited to 5,000 Members

Destiny Beta Open to PlayStation Plus Asia, Limited to 5,000 Members and only open to "Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) members with a valid PlayStation®Plus subscription in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Taiwan during the beta registration period." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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knifefight  +   268d ago
Aw, no Japan yet? :(
Eonjay  +   268d ago
Details on the Japan Beta came yesterday:

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knifefight  +   268d ago
Ah, I hadn't heard. Gotta get ready to rock.
July 18, eh? Right before the beginning of summer vacation here.
Crazyglues  +   268d ago
But what do they mean 5000 members, is it just me or does that seem really small...

I mean Bungie does know how big this game is going to be right? It will easily have 2 million online on launch..

Saying the beta is only open to 5000 members is like saying your no-where near ready.. (should be more like 500,000 thou.

I hope we don't end up getting a launch like GTA V Online which was un-playable when Online launched because they were not ready for the numbers that signed on.

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LightningMokey  +   268d ago
500,000 thou is 500 million. Dont think the beta needs to be that big, maybe just 50-500 thou. 5 thousand seems really small.
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Wedge19  +   268d ago
Hmmm! Glad I got my pre-order in in NA. So excited to start up the beta on this one!

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