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Mighty No. 9 Gets A Second Crowdfunding Campaign

"Comcept have started a second crowdfunding campaign for Mighty No. 9, which they say is for bonus content that will be added to the game. " (3DS, Mighty No. 9, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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nope111  +   206d ago
What? Didn't he get $4,000,000? C'mon, man, don't bullshit us.
Agent Smith  +   206d ago
This crowdfunding could fail and nothing will change. The game itself will still be made. This is all just for extra stuff.
MrSwankSinatra  +   206d ago
English Voice Acting is extra stuff? It should have been part of the game from the beginning. I smell bullcrap....
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Agent Smith  +   206d ago
The last time they cheaped out on english voice acting.


Bimkoblerutso  +   206d ago
The thing is, their first campaign ended at over 400% of their target goal. It is hard to believe that they still require stretch goal funding for this kind of stuff when they got 4X what they were asking for.

I get a sneaky suspicion that a lot of this money will just be going toward their planned animated series, which I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever.
Gamer1982  +   206d ago
they got way more than they asked for in the first place so why cant that be used for extra stuff?? This is devs getting greedy because they got so much.. This is the bad side to crowdfunding.
Vitalogy  +   206d ago
And this is why I think that kickstarter and stuff like that shouldn't even exist.

I don't blame them for try, I instead blame those who give them money.

A quote from a song comes to mind "It's all about the benjamins", always was and always will be. People blame corporations but they fail to remember that a corporation once was a guy or two.

These guys left the big corporation (Capcom) just to become one with little to no effort using the good will of the gamers to their advantage.

Queen of hearts would have said: "Off with their heads!"
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thehobbyist  +   206d ago
Yes Sinatra, English Voice Acting is extra. Yakuza games are fantastic and I don't see a hint of Engrish in them.
There are people who want the original Japanese voice acting in their English release of a game. Because English voices are an unneeded extra(Also it isn't as good as Japanese).
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3-4-5  +   206d ago
Agent Smith.....those are so 80's awesome.
BlackWolf12  +   205d ago
We pushed the Kickstarter way over the finish line to get all the bonus stuff. What the hell is THIS one for?
randomass171  +   205d ago
I can understand why people are upset, but I think everyone should consider going back and looking at what the original crowdfunding campaign covered. A lot of features were included but voice acting was not one of them. This is all for additional content and if the fans want them. That seems pretty fair to me IMO.
Dmd  +   205d ago
Accordingly to some people in here (and I'm not sure if this is true or not), they've already got 400x of what they were initially expecting to make the game. So, what was the extra money for if they didn't needed to finish the main game? What you should consider is that they already have the funds to cover any bonus stuff that wasn't planned at a first moment. They seem to be preying on ingenuity, if you ask me.
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randomass171  +   205d ago
But look at the original stretch goals. The last stretch goal was right around the $4 million mark. So they don't have much, if any additional funding for any of these other features. And besides, I recently found out that this headline is misleading. This isn't a second campaign, they merely opened up a paypal donation service like what WayForward and Gears For Breakfast did after their Kickstarter campaigns ended.
ritsuka666  +   206d ago
Inafune are going to milk the Kickstarter cash cow dry. What idiot Inafune are....
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firelogic  +   206d ago
Inafune isn't the idiot. The people that keep giving him money are. I can't believe the game got funded in the first place. This isn't some kid coding games in his garage. This is Keiji Inafune. Do you honestly believe that he couldn't get investors? The only reason he went this route is so that he can take 100% of the profits with 0% risk.

If he got real investors, he'd have to share the profits with his backers, which he doesn't need to do with kickstarter. Good job making a rich guy richer while you get none of the proceeds. Bravo!
thehobbyist  +   206d ago
If he got real investors. He'd have to deal with them shutting down his games like Capcom. Capcom shut down 3 Megaman games at the same time. He's gone the indie route because he doesn't have to worry about his games being canned.
admiralvic  +   206d ago
Normally I would say you're being way too paranoid, but I could see Inafune doing it. Especially considering how he got Dead Rising and Lost Planet made.


"Fortunately for Inafune, budgets for development of game concepts and full games were separate. To transition from one category to the next required approval, so when two games, Dead Rising and Lost Planet, were not green lit to become full games, Inafune kept his teams working on the "concepts." Eventually, despite Rising and Planet running 400% over their prototype budget, Inafune was approved to finish work on the games, mostly because they were so far along anyway."

With that being said, I could see people not backing him because he pulled stuff like this and no one wanted to take the risk.
BlackWolf12  +   205d ago
None of the proceeds?

We get to play the game if/when it is finished.

Kickstarter is NOT, was never meant to be, and never will be, an investment platform.

ANYONE who thinks that it is, is just a moron.
DiscoKid  +   206d ago
Kickstarter campaigns always allow Paypal for extra funds after closure. Title is misleading; it's not a second campaign....
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ZeekQuattro  +   206d ago
I never knew that. Bubbles to you.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   206d ago
Was really hoping it would be 2D, instead of 3D =/. Games like this are made for 2D imo.
thehobbyist  +   206d ago
It's actually 2.5D. So everybody wins?
TheFutureIsBlue  +   206d ago
I know a lot of people who got turned off the game after the gameplay video came out just because of the art style. I expected the first picture they released.
masterfox  +   206d ago
yes !!! we need more millions to do a freaking 2d game!

lol bonus content, so the game is finish then ? right right ?
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blackbirdi  +   206d ago
let's milk some idiots :v
Sp1tfireXM  +   206d ago
if I remember right, we were all quite disappointed when the first screenshots posted, showing images that resembled nothing like everyone had paid to fund. So why should he get another cent to make this game when he recieved way over his target in the first place
contradictory  +   206d ago
alright, this is just plain bs now
Debaitable  +   206d ago
I just read another developer's tweet that said Kenji is a business man, not a creator.

But at the same time he doesn't work for a company anymore so he still needs steady income for his own startup. Not just for himself but his employees.
gantarat  +   206d ago
i think i know why capcom become greedy
SaintAlpha101  +   206d ago
It's not a second crowdfunding campaign, it's an additional Paypal account for people who still want to donate.
IIRC, Pencil Test Studios did it with Armikrog and Replay did it with Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, so it's nothing new in the world of crowdfunded games.

Calm your proverbial breasts, internet.
Blacklash93  +   206d ago
It's very similar the typical post-Kickstarter Paypal option, but this is an actual crowdfunding campaign effort nonetheless. It's exclusively aimed at bonus content and none of the money will be used for the existing content that has been promised, according to their page.

Essentially, it's an incentive for new potential backers that will benefit both the game itself and also the people who want to (basically) pre-order the game plus other bonuses.

It's not that bad, if you ask me. You can't blame them for offering.
nevin1  +   206d ago
Comcept? That's the name of the company? and is that a shot a Capcom?
No_Pantaloons  +   206d ago
I don't like this at all. You can say its not a 2nd campaign, their own site and video have titled it as such: "Mighty No. 9: New Funding Campaign Announcement." He even says its a new campaign in the video, so the intent is there.

I think they seem to be forgetting that kickstarter is not a handout, the people that pay that money are expecting something in return. There's no guarantees, but I think he owes the contributors. He has to deliver a product, first and foremost. In the video he talks about all the excitement and how they can expand beyond the game, but really hes getting ahead of himself. This might fly if it was his 3rd or 4th KSer game, but just comes off as greedy since he hasn't delivered on anything yet.
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lizard81288  +   206d ago
Eh~ I guess people didn't watch the Video. It seems he wants to expand the series outside of Video Games. I'm sure he will use the Money to help with the animated series, maybe even comic books, and some other cool stuff. It will still help the game too, but he said on other endeavors too.

A crossover game or a spin-off side would be awesome.


This would be awesome!

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