PS4 Media server? How to stream all videos from your local network to your PS4

The PS4 has a very limited support for local media files. Actually, last time I checked, local media files support was completely non-existent: The PS4 is compatible with apps such as Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, but does not have much support for local files.

There are however ways to stream video content from your PC to your PS4, and provided you have a reasonable PC and a decent local network, you’ll have no problem streaming locally 1080p movies to your PS4 as well. What this means is you can access your entire library of movies from your couch.

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user14394141619d ago

PS4 is amazing there is not much it cannot do. I am truly amazed at its excellence. :)

Eonjay1619d ago

Cant wait for native support for this

ScottyHoss1619d ago

And MP3 :D they gotta hurry that s*** up!

KwietStorm1619d ago

The entire point of the article is that this is a *workaround*. How can you say there is not much the PS4 cannot do? It's missing a handful of features such as this one.

TheDevKit1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The Sony Ponies on this site are delusional.

Rainstorm811619d ago

So are the Xbots and Nintendroids

Cant we just say all Fanboys are delusional??

CuddlyREDRUM1619d ago

How about playing media without crap workarounds like this?

PudgeStation1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Well we all know it's coming. Just a matter of time. To be honest I would rather have my next gen gaming machine play games at today's standard of resolutions and fps and a stable system then media features. Media features are a nice feature and are welcome but with all the other devices that people have for media now a days it's not necessary.

Godmars2901618d ago

Except play MP4 or Youtube apparently.

And the second is true at least until the update comes.

SpinalRemains1381618d ago


This article clearly shows what it cannot do, hence the article.

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joab7771619d ago

This article better hit at least 500 degrees b/c its the only feature from the ps3 that I really miss on my ps4. I still use the ps3 but it would be nice.

And id still like a media server app.

Godmars2901618d ago

Funny thing is that the best PS3 media server was an indie build. Not made or really supported by Sony.

gameforall1619d ago

You my God for just one day, nice info.

mixelon1619d ago

Plex is awesome. :) it sometimes has been a bit glitchy ui-wise in the ps4 browser, but seems good in the latest update. They clearly updated plex to behave better specifically on the ps4 too, which is good! At least you get on screen controls now in full screen mode.

Weirdly Plex runs best out of all the consoles on the WiiU, where you can have the video play on the TV, have a control bar at the top of the control pad and open up more tabs and continue to browse the Internet while its playing.. That was pretty epic.. When I think WiiU I don't tend to think multitasking. XD

BabyTownFrolics1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Can't wait for the coming plex app on the xb1

I hope the ps4 gets a plex app as well

sprinterboy1619d ago

Film streaming, it's 1080p excellence

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