Japan’s First Half of 2014 Sales Have PS4 & PS Vita Over 600k Each, Knack #1 on PS4

Famitsu has released their sales report for the first half of 2014 in Japan (December 30, 2013 – June 29, 2014), with hardware sales up 6.4% compared to this point last year and software down 3.8%, resulting in an overall market growth of 0.1%.

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Magicite1621d ago

Japan, the home of portables, handhelds, mobiles and other small and easy to move things.

UltimateMaster1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

So the PS4 is outselling the Wii U in Japan.

And they said the PS4 wasn't doing as well as the Wii U in Japan because of it's first 3 weeks.

People have to realize that the Wii U was launched during the holidays, the busiest season of the year for buying consoles.

While the PS4 sold few thousand less than the Wii U but months passed after the holiday. Do the math with those variants in mind.

UltimateMaster1621d ago

Anyway, I'm glad that PlayStation and Nintendo are doing well.

jcnba281621d ago

Why all the down votes? Nintendo clearly still dominates Japan.

Neonridr1621d ago

because it was an anti-Sony statement..

The_Hero1620d ago

How about it's just stupid fanboys.
Both sides.
Butthurt if you dislike.

RichardDawkins1622d ago

Good numbers for all of the platforms, 3DS and Vita especially.

C-H-E-F1622d ago

Wow, the vita outsold the ps4 now that is great news indeed. Also, Knack is number one on the Ps4 that's soooo great with that near 400k sold that means knack has def. made it's money back and some. I thought I remembered seeing rumors of it costing 10million tops to dev. Knack and it sold over a million copies at 60$ soooo that's 60 million made in total 50million in gross. Da*m you Mark Cerny you beasty dev. you.

Also, I loved and enjoyed knack despite the low reviews, taking it for what it was introduced as and nothing more (basic platformer designed for 1 time gamers or young children). My fiance' and I enjoyed the game much. I'd say 8/10 for Knack.

AceBlazer131621d ago Show
Darkfist1621d ago

lol and yet love mentioning Titanfall bundle

MysticStrummer1621d ago

@Darkfist - lol Exactly

Dat Knack domination, eh Axios?

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randomass1711621d ago

Not too surprising as handhelds are the in thing in Japan right now! PS4 will definitely go up as well when more Japanese-centric games come out. :)

Christopher1621d ago


Each sale of a game doesn't equate to all of it being profit. If they sold 1m copies, that's likely closer to $12m or so profit. If that much.

knifefight1621d ago

It should be noted that Knack came with all launch-edition PS4s for free.

The highest-selling PS4 game that wasn't a free throw-in was Yakuza Ishin.

Knushwood Butt1621d ago

True, but it was a download.

I'm assuming they arrived at this figure simply by counting how many launch-edition bundles were sold, but with zero insight into any other digital sales.

Christopher1621d ago

Yakuza Ishin needs to come west!

knifefight1620d ago

Amen. I've been playing the import and it's outstanding. Maybe the best samurai-era game I've ever played.

I don't know why Sega can't just slap some subtitles on there and call it good.

AnotherGamersOpinion1621d ago

I personally believe every next gen system will sell well by the end of the gen. Xb1 and ps4 sales speak for themselves, and that doesnt even include the more casual players. Wii U will (and is) picking up in sales after mk8, smash bros., and the 2014 holiday season. The 3ds will continue to sell with pokemon oras, and the vita.....well.......i cant see any game saving it. It has too little of an audience. Most people who would want it would rather purchase a xb1 or ps4

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