Mojang Developer Ponders 3DS Minecraft Potential

"Teases for Minecraft on Nintendo consoles have been increasing as of late. Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi teased Minecraft a few weeks ago when they thought it was a good fit for Nintendo platforms. In a recent Reddit AMA with Tommasso Checci of Mojang, he further teased Minecraft on the 3DS and pondered at the technical potential of the game" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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randomass1711621d ago

Nice to see Mojang are at least thinking about it. Although I think Wii U would be better for the game from a technological standpoint.

nope1111620d ago

Can the 3DS even handle Minecraft? Put it on the Wii U, the gamepad would be perfect.

hazelamy1620d ago

i've seen videos of homebrew versions of Minecraft on the DS, so i have no doubt the 3DS could do it.

1620d ago
Fireseed1620d ago

It just aint done printing money yet!

contradictory1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

from my point of perspective i only care about handheld version that's not also pocket version

and apparently Vita version will be that.
so i don't really see the appeal in 3DS version

but more people own 3DS so it'd make sense to make it from a business point of view
Wii U would be pretty cool for it too with the gamepad