5 Things We Discovered About Mortal Kombat X at E3 2014

Earlier this month NeatherRealm Studios announced that Mortal Kombat X is coming soon to current and old gen consoles. The game is a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2011 Mortal Kombat 9. During E3 2014, we had a chance to get our hands on the latest beat-em up and learned a few of the most important elements from the insanely fun, but incredibly brutal brawler.

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Frankskint1620d ago

I am so excited about the new Mortal Kombat X. The trailer from E3 was amazing.
Favorite character has to be Raiden.

Heisenburger1620d ago

I've always been a fan of Johnny Cage myself. No one can debate how badass Raiden is though. :)

I'm definitely looking forward to X.

patelsanjeed1620d ago

The MK Series has really come such a long way. I really like how the cut scenes from the demo shows damages and broken bones.

ArronNelson1620d ago

Pre-Ordered the moment I saw the E3 trailer. This is so going to be so epic.

_cyrax1620d ago

I really like how the x-rays are very awesome