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The Best XBOX (original console, circa 2001) Games Ever Released

XBOXHome: "One could easily argue that Microsoft’s original Xbox, circa 2001, was and is one of the absolute best video game consoles ever created or conceived of." (Xbox)

Bigpappy  +   423d ago
These games made me and Xbox fan:

Halo, Splintercell, Morrowind, DOA3, Project Gotham, Moto GP, NBA Drive, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6, Call of Duty, E.A Boxing games, RAW, Jade Empire, KOTOR, Bomberman, Mech Warrior, Brute Force, Fantasy Star, ...
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I wish I had played some of those games. I never had played Morrowind, Jade Empire, Kotor...Can I come over?
Angerfist  +   423d ago
NBA Drive ;)
Bigpappy  +   423d ago
Should have been Inside Drive. I was actually loving it over the 2K series at the time. It had player emotion, online play, custom player and custom teams long before 2K. 2K still hasn't implemented some of those features properly yet.
MrUnfamiler  +   423d ago
With all these remasters, nothing would be better than a HD remaster of Rainbow 6, without touching the engine at all of coarse.
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JasonBloodbourne  +   423d ago
Rainbow six was fantastic on xbox!
ramiuk1  +   423d ago
splinter cell,PGR and ghost recon,rainbow 6. amazing,look shit now though lol
kamakaz3md  +   423d ago
xbox was just the best, cant deny that!
Software_Lover  +   423d ago
We need Crimson Skies and Jade Empire to come back ASAP.
JasonBloodbourne  +   423d ago
Crimson skies was awesome!!
elhebbo16  +   423d ago
Splinter Cell definitely deserves #1. favorite stealth series of all time.
JasonBloodbourne  +   423d ago
Halo 2, PGR 2, Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell, Forza, Ghost Recon, Full Spectrum Warrior, Crimson Skies these were the games that me and my mates loved playing online back in the early noughties and for me online gaming has never come close to the fun i had back then with these games.
Deathdeliverer  +   423d ago
Morrowind, halo 1 & 2, splinter cell (all 3. God Pandora tomorrow and chaos theory online), Phantom Dust, Rainbow Six, Jade Empire, Kotor 1 & 2 (1 more than 2). Sure there's more games but these were on a regular rotation. Expecially Phantom Dust and Splinter Cell 2 and 3. Damn they ruined that series.
Catoplepas  +   422d ago
It's library in comparison to it's contemporaries was utterly woeful. Any argument for is being among the greatest consoles ever conceived is frankly laughable.

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